Part 17: Tamur Pass and Tamur

Main Walkthrough

Leaving the majority of the party behind, Alex and Nall opt to join Laike on a try to Myght's Tower, home to a brilliant - but grumpily eccentric - inventor. Alex can only use Dragon Healing to restore health while Laike has no healing abilities, so you may want to pick up a few Healing Nuts in Tamur before you enter the tower. (Don't worry too much, though. Laike will make this next dungeon pretty easy.)

Head north of Tamur to find Myght's Tower. If you look east of Tamur you'll find the Lost Woods, which is the next area you'll need to traverse after the tower. You can collect items from chests here, if you wish, though you won't be able to pass through the entirety of the area until you finish up in Myght's Tower.

Myght's Tower


  • Magic Hat - 54 HP - Evades normal attacks
  • Mecha Star - 150 HP - Melee enemy
  • Plasma Prism - 136 HP - Melee enemy
  • Tormentor - 153 HP - Can use ranged attacks

Enter the tower and speak to the attendant to enter the dungeon. In the next room you'll find a small room with four doors in the north, south, east, and west, each with a symbol in front of it. There are four such rooms, and you need to go through the doors in the proper order to advance. The order is:

  • Planet (south)
  • Star (west)
  • Sun (east)
  • Moon (north)

Complete the puzzle and you'll emerge on a series of metal walkways. This area has an elevator on either side, and it will take you up to a twisting collection of pipes filled with enemies. Alex can damage these foes readily enough with his skills, but you'll find things go by much more quickly if you just make Alex defend and let Laike do all the work. He can OHKO every enemy, and will kill three per round. The only exception is the Magic Hat, which Alex will need to defeat with a quick Sword Dance.

The eastern elevator is unusable from here, so hop on the western lift. It will take you up a level, and if you wait on it long enough the elevator will move you up another floor. The pipes connect the two sides of the main room, so going up on one side will allow you to access the other side. You'll find the following here:
  • Go up to the second floor on the west side. Run east through the pipes and go down the first set of stairs on the right, ignoring the easter-most stairs. Enter the next pipe on your left and head west to find a chest containing a Silver Light. Backtrack east and you'll be standing beside the lift that will take you back to the ground floor.
  • Ignore the third floor and go up to the top floor. The next pipe has two exits. Go west and you'll wind up in a pipe with a chest containing a Healing Nut. At the east end you'll find entrances to two other pipes. The left-most pipe leads to a chest containing a Crystal Sword. Head back east to the three pipes and use the elevator to return to the lowest floor.
  • Travel up to the third floor. Despite how it looks you can walk west to find a pipe to enter. Head east to find a chest containing a Barrier Ring. Exit in the east, then head east in the main room to find another pipe. Go west through the pipe to find a chest containing 500 silver. At the end of this pipe you'll find an exit to another pipe...

... and the pipe leads to Myght's laboratory. The inventor is a weird old guy - and apparently quite pungent - but he grudgingly agrees to build an airship for the party, thanks to Laike. Alex and Nall will be left to fend for themselves as Laike leaves the party. Use the chute on the left side of Myght's lab to return to the ground floor of the tower.

Return to Tamur, heal Alex at the statue of Althena, and head to the pub. The rest of the party will rejoin Alex once you speak to them all (minus Nash, who runs in after the fact), and you'll be alerted to a disturbance in the town square. Head north with Alex ready to fight and, well, you'll get into a fight.


This is a 'boss' battle, but man is it easy. Tempest can't do much damage to Alex. Either use normal attacks or Red Dragon Anger to quickly wipe the warrior out.

Once the battle is over - which won't take long - Tempest will immediately get over his anger, and give you the Dragon Necklace. He and Fresca will take off, and the party decides to follow them, as they're the best hope for tracking down the Black Dragon. Next stop: The Lost Woods.

Main Walkthrough