Part 16: Blue Dragon Shrine

Main Walkthrough

With the Blue Dragon Shrine conquered, the party can move on to locating the fourth and final dragon. Leave Lyton and head southeast. You'll find a rocky valley called the Tamur Pass, and you'll need to travel through here to advance.

Tamur Pass


  • Carapace Knight (end battle only) - 270 HP - Melee enemy
  • Dark Sorceror (end battle only) - 315 HP - Can Stone opponents - Weak to Sword, resists normal attacks, Fire, Ice, Thunder
  • Great Hornet - 212 HP - Can Poison targets
  • Ice Pup - 126 HP - Long range attacks, may run - Weak to Fire
  • Octo Plant - 246 HP - Can put targets to Sleep - Weak to Sword, Fire
  • Shrieker - 252 HP - Can Paralyze targets - Weak to Fire

This area is a bit twisty-turny, but not a big deal. On average the enemies are a bit weaker than those in the Blue Dragon Shrine. There's a crossroads right at the entrance to the pass, but heading south will bring you to a useless dead end, so travel east instead. Look south of the next road sign to find a chest containing a Star Light.

Follow the path east until you reach a crossroads. Ignore the southern path for a moment and wind your way to the northeast. The path will eventually bring you to a dead end with a chest containing an Angel's Tear. Backtrack a bit until you see a southern path, then head south until you see a chest on your right. It contains a Healing Nut

Head west until you find a signpost. Head northeast from here, through a clearing and beyond. There's another chest here containing a Dark Helmet. Return to the clearing and go southwest. This will eventually bring you to another crossroads at a clearing. Head southwest and you'll find a winding path that leads to a dead end, though along the way you'll find chests containing a Shira's Tail and a Wind Cane.

Head back to the previous clearing and go northeast. You'll run into a familiar face, and they will send two waves of Carapace Knights and Dark Sorcerors your way. These battles come from behind, so your back row characters will be exposed to danger. Either use your most powerful attacks to wipe your enemies out quickly or have your casters defend so they will run behind your frontliners. Wipe out both phases and a pair of mystery warriors will save the group before leaving. You'll run into them again soon enough.

With your foes out of the way your path west will be clear. Exit the Tamur Pass and you'll be funnelled straight into Tamur.


The town of Tamur is tiny, and aside from some local flavor you won't find a whole lot here besides the General Store in the southeast, the Weapons Shop in the east, and the Armor Shop in the northeast. Fully upgrading your team will cost you a pretty penny, so if you need to prioritize someone you should choose Alex. You'll see why when you try to leave Tamur, to the north...

... as Laike will show up. He advises Alex to visit a man named Myght, who lives in a tower to the north of Tamur, and offers to serve as a guide... though only to Alex. If you agree to join Laike the rest of the party will have to remain in Tamur. You'll have to accept Laike's offer, though if you turn him down initially he'll head to Tamur's pub and wait for you to change your mind. You can explore a bit in the lands to the north of Tamur, but you'll make no progress until you journey with Laike, sooo...

Part 18: Myght's Tower

Main Walkthrough