Part 18: Myght's Tower

Main Walkthrough

One smelly inventor later, the team have found the path to the Black Dragon... or so they suspect, anyway. Head east of Tamur and you'll find the Lost Woods, a forest that you could have visited earlier - though now that you have the Dragon Necklace from Tempest, you can get through to the other side. Time to make the trip.

Lost Woods


  • Ambush - 232 HP - Melee opponent
  • Killer Shroom - 250 HP - Can Poison targets - Weak to Fire
  • Monster Wasp - 198 HP - Can Poison targets - Weak to Wind 
  • Yeti - 351 HP - Can use a heavy ranged attack

The Lost Woods are, like the other tree-filled areas in this game, full of twisting, interconnected paths. Head south of the entrance and Kyle will take note of a potential campsite in a clearing. If you keep searching the paths to the south Kyle will find what he suspects is the way out, though there's no apparent exit. You'll need to head back north to the clearing and spend the night to get through. Before you do, however, there are a few treasure chests to collect:

  • West and northwest of the clearing is a Healing Nut
  • West and south of the clearing is a Silver Light
  • Southeast and west of the clearing is another Healing Nut
  • East and north of the clearing is a Chira's Tail
  • Far east of the clearing is a Holy Hairpin

Every time you return to the clearing the team will beg Alex to stop for the night, and if you return enough times (five, I think) they will force the issue. A few things will happen overnight, and the next day the group will be found by members of Tempest's tribe, who will carve a path out of the Lost Woods for you if you follow them to the southwest of the clearing.

The exit is to the south of the secret path. First, though, check the paths to your sides. Go west and you'll find a chest containing a Dark Shield, then go east to find a chest containing a Star Bracelet. That's it for the Lost Woods. When you head south you'll exit the woods, and if you continue south on the world map you'll find Pao, home of Tempest and his tribe.


Upon entering Pao you'll discover that these folks aren't doing so well. Something is making many of them horribly sick, and the normally-nomadic tribe is stuck where they are. There's a shop in the northeastern tent, but aside from that Pao is all conversation.

You need to visit the larger tent with the green-haired man out front, in the south of Pao. Before you do, however, ensure that Jessica and Mia don't have anything important in their inventories, as they will both leave the party for a while once you enter the tent and speak to Tempest. Removing the Flame Ring, Ice Pendant, and any Healing Rings from Jessica and Mia is advisable.

Tempest will storm off once everyone gets sick. Head north of his tent and speak to the elder inside the village's other large tent to receive permission to pursue Tempest, then head to the northeast to find the entrance to the next dungeon.

Part 20: Black Dragon Fortress

Main Walkthrough