Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 35

The third part of Partitio's story takes place in Wellgrove, a well-to-do town in the Leaflands. You've got a long way to walk if you're heading to Wellgrove from Clockbank, the location of Partitio's second chapter, so you may want to jump back to Oresrush instead. Travel east into the Leaflands until you reach the Northern Wellgrove Trail, then head south, to the Eastern Wellgrove Trail. The entrance to Wellgrove is on the west side of the trail.

Upon arrival you'll be prompted to begin Partitio's third chapter immediately. Turn this down and you can instead trigger the chapter by heading west of the entrance, to the Tavern. Speak to the Tavern Keeper and choose Hear a Tale. You may also want to look around Wellgrove before you get started, as there's plenty to see and collect in this town.

Having promised no less than eighty billion leaves to the greedy Roque in exchange for his revolutionary steam engine, Partitio travels to Wellgrove in search of funding. A man named Alrond is said to live here, and he may be interested in funding Partitio's hare-brained idea. Partitio notices that Wellgrove is not exactly the commercial hub he'd heard, however, and if you check the square north of the entrance you'll see a merchant trying to scam a customer.

The grateful Young Man will buy Partitio a drink, and the two will discuss Alrond. The Young Man is adamant that Alrond won't meet with Partitio unless he can show off some of his business acumen. In order to settle this requirement you'll need to complete one of three Scent of Commerce quests with Partitio:

  • Partitio can learn of a manuscript in Sai.
  • Partitio can buy a boat in Tropu'hopu.
  • Partitio can help sell a weird gramophone in Winterbloom.

Any of them will do. If you're in a hurry, however, you should travel to Sai. You can complete the quest just running around that one town, whereas buying the boat costs 100,000 leaves, and dealing with the gramophone will have you traveling to multiple locations to acquire musicians.

Speak to the Young Man back in the Tavern once you've picked up at least one major accomplishment as Partitio. Impressed, the Young Man will tell Partitio to trek up to Alrond's estate, up the northwestern stairs in Wellgrove. Alrond's Estate is in the north of Wellgrove, and it's hard to miss. Alrond is indeed inside, and he agrees to fund Partitio's proposal... if Partitio can revitalize Wellgrove. The town has fallen on some hard times.

(At this point you're going to scrape together some money. If you don't want to abandon the chapter partway through, you should have 12,100 leaves in your purse.)

Head back into the town. Partitio will, after some charismatic selling, decide to set up a marketplace for some concentrated commerce. He decides that the big, abandoned building in the middle of Wellgrove will do. All he needs are some Merchants to staff the place. You can Hire the following three Merchants if you explore Wellgrove at night:

  • There's a Reformed Merchant north of the entrance to Wellgrove who will join Partitio for 1,000 leaves
  • A Cheerful Merchant inside the Tavern will join for 2,400 leaves
  • The Enthusiastic Merchant whose rugs Partitio helped sell will join you for 1,600 leaves

Partitio and his cadre of Merchants will set up shop in their new-fangled 'department store', and before long it's ready for business. One problem, though: They're lacking products to sell. Partitio decides to remedy this by wandering the map and picking up some choice items at several different locations.

  • First is Tropu'Hopu, on the east side of the island of Toto'haha. You can Purchase some Coffee Beans from the Merchant who's standing north of the save point for 1,200 leaves. (I have a feeling that this visit varies based on the Scent of Commerce quest that Partitio shared with the Young Man. Just look for the Merchant with the green word bubble over their head and buy whatever they're selling.)
  • Second is Clockbank, which will be a return trip for Partitio. Speak to the Guard standing by the stairs to the Industrial District and Purchase his Pocket Watch for 2,500 leaves.
  • Last is back home to Oresrush. Papp will agree to sell Partitio some Silverwork for 3,400 leaves.

This will complete the Department Store. Head back to Alrond's Estate to share the good news. It appears that not all is well, alas, as the estate is suddenly surrounded in a fog. Save your game, then rush inside. Partitio will arrive in time to save Alrond... though he'll be facing down a mystery foe in the process.

Enemy in the Mist

Shields: 4 (Enemy in the Mist) / 7 (Steam Engine) / 9 (Neo Steam Engine)


  • Sword, Axe, Bow, Wind, Ice (Enemy in the Mist)
  • Spear, Dagger, Fire, Lightning (Steam Engine)
  • Sword, Staff, Wind, Dark (Neo Steam Engine)
Drop: Olive of Life (L)
Steal: Olive of Life (L)

Oooo, a mystery figure. The Enemy in the Mist and their Steam Engine are more troublesome opponents than they appear, and despite a slow start the pair can put you on the ropes quickly if you aren't good at breaking through shields. The Enemy in the Mist will use the following attacks:
  • Expel Vapor (Steam Engine), an attack against one target
  • Hot Air (Steam Engine), which hits one target for Fire damage
  • Heat Blast (Steam Engine), which hits the whole party for Fire damage
  • Cloudy Fog (Steam Engine), which can Blind the whole party
  • Throw Wrench, a randomly-targeted series of physical attacks
  • Modify, which buffs the offenses of the Steam Engine
  • Reinforce, which buffs the defenses of the Steam Engine
  • Flammable Oil, which reduces one character's magic defense
  • Emergency Maintenance, which repairs any Breaks suffered by the Steam Engine
  • Repairs, which brings the Steam Engine back after it has been destroyed
  • New and Improved, which brings in a Neo Steam Engine with more shields and new weaknesses
  • Add Fuel, which gives the Neo Steam Engine an extra turn per round
  • Swept Away (Neo Steam Engine), which kicks two party members out of the fight temporarily
  • Compressed Steam Shot (Neo Steam Engine), a charged attack that badly damages one character

The Enemy in the Mist will begin the battle shrouded in steam, which keeps you from targeting or damaging them, period. This also locks away their weaknesses. The only way to reveal the Enemy in the Mist is to destroy the Steam Engine they brought along. The Steam Engine does most of the attacking, though the Enemy in the Mist will occasionally use Throw Wrench to damage your party.

Destroy the Steam Engine and the Enemy will be revealed. (We'll keep in a secret here, but it's not that difficult to puzzle out.) The Enemy will continue to attack your party with Throw Wrench, then will eventually use Repairs to bring the Steam Engine back and mask themselves again. Once you've gotten the Enemy in the Mist down to green health they will bring in a New and Improved Steam Engine, which uses the same attacks as before - though they hit harder, and will strike multiple characters rather than just one. 

This fight starts out deceptively easy and becomes quite difficult later on. At first all you need to do is Break the Steam Engine, healing as needed. Conserve your BP for the destruction of the Steam Engine, which will allow you to target the Enemy in the Mist. Keep this up until the Enemy brings out the Neo Steam Engine, making the battle much more difficult. At this point you'll want to use your BP to rapidly Break the Neo Steam Engine, tasking one character with healing and restoring BP to your characters. Since Castti can restore everyone with items and heal Blind using her Concoctions, she's a good candidate for healer, especially if you make her the Cleric as well.

This fight is deceptive in that it seems as though your goal is to defeat the Enemy in the Mist. In truth, however, you should focus all your efforts on destroying the Neo Steam Engines he keeps repairing, then use the turn where he's vulnerable to restore your team and build up BP. Once you've destroyed the Neo Steam Engine enough times (I believe I did it three times) the Enemy's next attempt at a repair job will blow up in his face, ending the battle.

Partitio will offer the Enemy in the Mist a job after the battle - he's the forgiving type - and when the department store proves to be a success, Alrond will agree to hand over eighty billion leaves. (Or, ah, a check for eighty billion leaves.) News comes swiftly that Roque has an announcement to make regarding his steam engine, however, so Partitio doesn't have time to gloat over his success. Chapter complete!

Main Walkthrough