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An opulent town dominated by greenery and fine folk, Wellgrove is yet another rich community with a dark underbelly. Several chapters will bring you to Wellgrove, and all of them expose the seedy side of doing business in this otherwise pleasant town. Despite the pessimistic attitudes of Wellgrove's merchants - it appears this place is declining rapidly - there's plenty of use to be found here, so... shall we look around?

Wellgrove is located in the central Grasslands. Though you may come across it by heading north from Hinoeuma, you're more likely to head this direction from the east, where several characters begin their stories. Agnea in particular begins close to Wellgrove.


Wellgrove is one of the more convenient towns for gearing up, as its Provisioner, Armorer, Inn, and Tavern run in a straight line west from the entrance in the east. The stock in the stores is decent, but not amazing. Once you've completed Partitio's third chapter a Department Store will open in Wellgrove, and in addition to all of the usual services it will include a Record Shop and a Medicinal Herb Shop, both on the second floor. If you like to use Castti then the Medicinal Herb Shop will be a godsend.

Wellgrove is also home to the Dancers Guild. The guild is in the house on the right as you head north towards Alrond's Estate, in the northwest of Wellgrove. Speak to the Dancers Guild Master and she'll give you a Dancer License, as well as the opportunity to earn more by mastering Divine Skills.


  • East of Wellgrove is the Eastern Wellgrove Trail, which leads back to the rest of the Grasslands. You'll have to walk through this area to reach Wellgrove.
  • In the south is the Path to Mother's Garden. This leads to a dungeon that is part of Throné's third chapter.
  • In the west is an exit to the Secret Forest. You'll need to head this direction during the third chapter of Hikari's story.


  • There's a chest sitting in the front yard of the Dancers Guild. It contains a Soldier's Bow.
  • Head to Alrond's Estate, the area in the far north of Wellgrove. Check to the right of the bridge onto the grounds and you'll find a chest containing an Empowering Lychee (L). Run up to the front steps and look to your left to find another chest, this one containing a Nimble Mantle.

NPCs - Day

  • There's a Merchant standing right beside the entrance to Wellgrove. He's carrying an Inspiriting Plum Basket and an Invigorating Nut
  • There's another Merchant standing next to the Armorer's stall. She's carrying two Energizing Pomegranates (M)
  • A Shopkeeper sits in the Inn. He's carrying a Refreshing Jam, a Sharp Nut (L), and a Diffusing Serum. This guy knows of a hidden Empowering Lychee, at the bottom of the stairs to the north of the Tavern.
  • A Girl's Mother is standing between the Inn and the Tavern. She's carrying a Healing Grape, an Empowering Lychee (M), and a Vivid Jewel.
  • There's a Townsperson standing out front of the Tavern. He's carrying a Shadow Soulstone (M) and a Curious Antique. He can help you get a Discount at the Inn
  • There's a Brooding Girl in the southwest of Wellgrove who will give you a Side Story. She's holding a Stuffed Toy and a Raspberry.
  • Outside the large building to the north of the Inn and the Tavern is a Peddler. He's carrying a Leather Buckler, a Charm Robe, and a Knight's Helm. He knows of a hidden Falcon Coat inside the Inn, though he's a tough nut to crack if you want the info.
  • Next to the entrance to the Secret Forest is a Merchant. He's carrying a Wind Soulstone (M) and a Wind Soulstone (L). He knows of a hidden Wind Soulstone on the road leading to Alrond's Estate.
  • South of the Dancers Guild is a Girl's Stepfather. He's carrying a Heavy Coin Pouch, a Silver-Rimmed Monocle, and a Healing Grape Bunch. He knows of a hidden Strengthening Serum on the east side of Wellgrove, by an empty market stall.
  • There are three Apprentice Dancers inside the Dancers Guild. Between them they're carrying a Stimulating Necklace, a Hairbrush, a Wind Soulstone, a Silver Hairpiece, a Sprightly Necklace, a Gorgeous Sari, and a Thunder Soulstone. The girl on the left who's standing on the stage knows of a hidden Slippery Nut, to the north of the Inn.
  • West of the Dancers Guild is a house with two people out front, one of whom will give you a Side Story to complete. They're carrying an Herb of Revival, a Healing Grape (M), a Crystal Dagger, and an Herb of Clarity.
In addition to everything above you can also find the Elderly Guard from Throné's storyline in Wellgrove, right by the entrance, if you've completed her fourth chapter. The Elderly Guard carries a Dark Amulet, a Light Soulstone (M), and a Wind Soulstone (M)

You'll also find Alrond and Misha in Alrond's Estate if you've completed Partitio's final chapter. Misha is carrying a Silk Handkerchief, an Inspiriting Plum (M), and an Inspiriting Plum Basket, while Alrond is carrying Alrond's Promissory Note. It's not worth quite as much as the one you received during Partitio's chapter, though 100,000 leaves is nothing to sneeze at. 

NPCs - Night
  • There are two soldiers standing west of the entrance to Wellgrove at night. The Commander is carrying a Knight's Greatbow, a Horned Helm, and a Healing Grape (M), while the Soldier is carrying a Doombreaker, a Heavy Coin Pouch, and an Herb of Serenity. The Soldier will teach you Thieving Tips & Tricks.
  • A Diviner appears between the Inn and the Tavern at night. She carries Bottled Nightmares and a Void Amulet. Taking the Void Amulet by force is not easy, as the Diviner is quite powerful.
  • There's a Young Man standing next to a Merchant on the west side of Wellgrove. He's carrying a Glass Marble, a Light Soulstone (L), and a Shadow Soulstone (L). He knows of a hidden Glass Marble, outside the Tavern.
  • There's a Mysterious Merchant standing north of the Tavern at night. He's carrying a Nourishing Nut (M), a Resistant Nut (L), and a Magic Nut (L). He knows of a hidden Invigorating Nut (L), near the town's entrance in the east.
  • A Townsperson and an Apothecary are inside the house to the west of the Dancers Guild at night. They're carrying a Whimsical Leaf, a Fumbling Flower, an Olive of Life (M), a Fool's Leaf, a Warding Leaf, and a Strengthening Serum.

Wellgrove - Department Store

Once you've completed the third chapter of Partitio's story a Department Store will open in Wellgrove, to the north of the Inn and the Tavern. A bunch of new NPCs will move in here that you can plunder.

NPCs - Day (Department Store)
  • The Guard by the front is carrying a Fire Soulstone (M) and a Silver-Rimmed Monocle. He knows of New Weapons for Sale that will put some truly powerful arms up for purchase inside the Department Store.
  • A Customer standing in front of the Armor Shop is carrying two Herbs of Clamor and a Silver-Filled Pouch
  • The Customer and the Boy in front of the Provisioner carry a Healing Grape (M), an Olive of Life (L), a Light Coin Pouch, a Healing Grape, and a Rare Stone
  • A Merchant standing in front of the Weapon Shop has Jerky and Quality Jerky on his person. He knows of a hidden Rotten Meat, sitting in a cart a short walk to the south of his position.
  • There's a Townsperson and a Merchant standing in front of the Record Shop on the second floor of the Department Store during the day. They're carrying a Black Cap, Denim Work Clothes, an Old Cloth, a Hairbrush, a Light Soulstone, and a Slippery Nut (M). The Merchant knows of a hidden Heavy Bone Spear, sitting against a planter stand in the north of the second floor's central sitting area.
  • An Elderly Man standing in the central sitting area on the second floor carries Reinforcing Jam, a Light Soulstone, and a Fire Soulstone (L).
  • A Townsperson outside the Medicinal Herb Shop has a Platinum Hatchet, a Critical Ring, and a Mighty Leaf on her.
  • A Customer standing on the eastern stairs has an Inspiriting Plum Basket and a Handkerchief on her. She knows about a hidden Healing Grape Bunch inside the Medicinal Herb Shop.

NPCs - Night (Department Store)
  • There's a Merchant standing out from the Armor Shop. He's carrying a Sniper's Bow and a Sharp Nut (M). He knows about a hidden Enlightening Bracelet inside the Record Shop.
  • A Santcum Knight standing in front of the Provisioner is carrying a Paladin's Lance, a Knight's Helm, and a Heavy Greatshield. She's quite powerful, so getting her items through Entreat (Agnea) rather than Mug (Osvald) is recommended.
  • There are two Merchants standing in front of the pillar between the Provisioner and the Armor Shop. They're carrying a Quartz Robe, a Diamond Shield, a Wind Soulstone (L), a Soulsucker, a Bloodsucker, and a Fire Amulet.
  • A Customer standing in front of the Record Shop carries an Inspiriting Plum Basket, an Ice Soulstone (M) and a Thunder Soulstone (L).
  • A Merchant standing in the central sitting area on the second floor has a Healing Grape (M), a Tin Toy (which is a quest item), and a Crested Greatshield on him.
  • A pair of Customers standing in front of the Medicinal Herb Shop have a Sapphire Rod, a Gold Pocket Watch, an Energizing Pomegranate (L), a Slippery Nut, and a Silver-Rimmed Monocle between them. The Customer on the left knows of a hidden Platinum Helm at the bottom of the eastern staircase.

Side Stories

  • There's a Brooding Girl standing in the southwest of Wellgrove. Speak to her to receive the Through a Child's Eyes Side Story.
  • In the northwest of Wellgrove, just west of the Dancers Guild, you'll find a Considerate Youth. He'll give you the Useless Fruit Side Story.
  • Once you've completed Throné's storyline the Elderly Guard will appear near the entrance to Wellgrove. He'll give you the Mira and the Elderly Guard's Next Chapter Side Story.

Main Walkthrough