Main Walkthrough

The largest kingdom of the Leaflands, Timberain is also your final destination when exploring the forests of Agnea's home region. Castti's story wraps up in Timberain, and there are a bunch of Side Stories and important items to complete and collect if you pay the city a visit. 

Timberain is located in the northwest of the Leaflands. The distance to Timberain from Cropdale and Wellgrove is roughly equal, regardless of where you start. Make your way to the Northern Wellgrove Trail, then continue west to reach Timberain.


  • In the south of Timberain is the exit to the Southern Timberain Trail, the route you used to reach the city in the first place. 
  • In the north of Timberain you'll find the entrance to Timberain Castle, a Danger Level 45 dungeon that serves as the setting for Castti's final chapter. To reenter Timberain Castle later you'll need to knock the Soldier out front unconscious.


Timberain offers the usual array of shops found in Octopath Traveler II's towns, with a Tavern in the east and an Armorer, Provisioner, and Inn in the west.


  • There's a ladder to the east of Timberain's courthouse, in the northeast of the city. At the bottom is a dock. Canoe to the next dock, a short distance away, to get at a chest containing a Protective Necklace.
  • To the left of the entrance to Timberain Castle, in the Town Square, is a chest containing a Wind Soulstone (L).
  • On the west side of the Town Square you'll find an Elderly Soldier guarding a door. If you can defeat the man you'll find him guarding a small storehouse. Check the right side of the storehouse to find a hidden passage leading far to the east. At the end of the passage is a chest containing the Rusty Polearm, one of the items needed to fully equip the Armsmaster Job.

NPCs - Day (Timberain)

  • An Aristocrat and her Boy stand near the entrance of Timberain. Between them they're carrying a Wind Soulstone (L), a Light Soulstone (L), an Inspiriting Plum (M), a Silver-Rimmed Monocle, and an Invigorating Nut (L). The Boy knows of a hidden Inspiriting Plum Basket out front of the Inn.
  • There's a gossipy Townsperson standing by the bridge at Timberain's entrance. She's carrying a Darkdelion, a Dreamy Flower, and a Dual Flower. Scrutinize her for Easier Inquiries.
  • Near Timberain's save point is a Teacher. He's carrying an Inspiriting Plum Basket and a Thick Tome. He also knows of a hidden Thick Tome outside the northeast courthouse.
  • South of the Tavern is a Remorseful Old Man who plays a part in a Side Story (and likely doesn't appear until you've started the Side Story). He's carrying a Bottle of Befuddling Dust and an Ice Soulstone (L).
  • Also near the Tavern is a Sanctum Knight. She's carrying a Couple's Pendant, a Crescent Saber, and Knight's Armor. The only way to get the Couple's Pendant is to Mug the Sanctum Knight during the night, when she moves a little ways east of the courthouse.
  • Standing by a table out front of the Tavern is a Tavern Assistant. He's carrying a Light Coin Pouch, and knows of a hidden Heavy Coin Pouch, secreted between some nearby barrels.
  • Standing out front of the courthouse in the northeast of Timberain are a Judge and a Scrivener. Between them they have an Aegis Mace, Blessed Vestments, Candy, an Empty Coin Pouch, Jerky, and Salted Seafood. The Scrivener can teach you about a hidden Light Nut in a flower box near the entrance to Timberain.
  • Once you complete the three Side Stories associated with Timberain's courthouse you'll find a Spectator, a Clerk, and a Court Reporter standing inside the front door. They're collectively carrying a Complex Tome, an Inspiriting Plum (M), an Inspiriting Plum Basket, a Blusterbloom, Candy, a Silver-Rimmed Monocle, and a Sticky Flower.
  • On the east side of the bridge near the courthouse you'll find a woman named Ruby, who plays a role in a Side Story. She's carrying a Glass Marble and a Vivid Jewel.
  • Also near the bridge is a Soldier. He's carrying a Hero's Axe and an Empoering Necklace. The Hero's Axe is quite powerful, and should not be missed.
  • Standing on Timberain's northern bridge is a Sickly Woman who plays a role in one of Timberain's court-related Side Stories. She's carrying two Enfeebling Flowers.
  • Standing next to the Inn is a Townsperson. She's carrying a Handkerchief and a Sharp Nut. She can get you a Discount at the Inn if scrutinized.
  • Inside the Provisioner's shop is an elderly Townsperson. He's carrying around an Herb of Awakening, a Pomegranate Leaf, and a Resistant Nut (M). He knows of a hidden Starlight Hat, inside a house a short walk from the Tavern.
  • Out front of the Provisioner's shop are a Soldier and a Townsperson. They're carrying two Wheat Breads, an Olive of Life (M), Refreshing Jam, a Grape Leaf, and a Raspberry. The Townsperson knows of a hidden Cleansing Leaf inside the northwestern-most house.
  • There's a Cleric standing on the southern bridge. She's carrying a Couple's Pendant (this one you can grab however you like), a Bottle of Blinding Dust, and a Bottle of Sleeping Dust.
  • If you walk beneath the southern bridge and then take a right you'll find a house with a Woman inside. She's carrying a Grand Cleaver, Slumber Sage, and an Energizing Pomegranate. She, ah... well, scrutinize her and you'll see that she has some issues to work out.
  • In the north is the exit to Timberain Castle: Town Square, and standing on either side of the gate is a Guard. Between them they're carrying around a Heavy Blade, a Plate Buckler, a Tough Nut, a Paladin's Lance, an Olive of Life, and a Resistant Nut. Scrutinize them for a silly little revelation.

NPCs - Night (Timberain)

  • A pair of Soldiers stand watch together near the save point at night. They're carrying an Aegis Sword, Knight's Armor, an Olive of Life, a Healing Grape, and a Steel Bow. The Soldier on the right knows of a hidden Conscious Stone, secreted outside the courthouse.
  • There's another Soldier outside a house in the southeast at night. He's carrying a Piercing Dagger, a Bottle of Befuddling Dust, and a Silver-Filled Pouch. Scrutinize him to reveal his true identity, as well as learn some Thieving Tips & Tricks.
  • There are a Royal Guard and a Soldier sitting together in the Tavern at night. They're collectively carrying Platinum Mail, a Healing Grape (M), a Great Helm, and a Critical Necklace. The Royal Guard - who appears to be a criminal-in-progress - knows of a hidden Herb of Clamor by the entrance to Timberain.
  • You'll find a Soldier inside the Armorer's shop at night. He's carrying a Paladin's Lance, a Knight's Helm, and a Heavy Greatshield. Scrutinize him to unlock some New Equipment for Sale.

NPCs - Day (Timberain Castle: Town Square)
  • Timberain's Princess is standing on the stairs leading into this area. She's carrying a Bewitching Perfume and a Vivid Jewel. Just north of her is the Royal Gardener, who's carrying around an Herb-of-Grace Bud, a Crimson Rose, and a Handmade Bouquet. These two clearly have a story in the making if you scrutinize them, and visit them at night.
  • Next to the fountain in the middle of the area you'll find a Merchant and a Girl. They're holding a Silk Handkerchief, Dazzling Artwork, a Handkercief, an Antique Coin, and a Stuffed Toy. The Merchant knows of a hidden Curious Antique in a planter box to the west, while the Girl knows of a hidden Magic Nut (M) down the stairs to the east.
  • Next to the fountain is Roland, a famed flower artisan who plays a role in a Side Story. He's carrying a Lily of the Night, a Darkdelion, and a Diffusing Serum.
  • Looking over a balcony in the east is Tiffany, who will trigger a Side Story if you speak to her. Tiffany is carrying a Bewitching Perfume and an Ancient Circlet.
  • In the far east of the area is an Elderly Man, standing in a picturesque spot overlooking the water. He's carrying Wheat Bread and a Critical Nut (L). He knows of a hidden Gold Nugget, attached to a stack of crates in the northeast of the area, next to a small barracks.
  • Inside the aforementioned barracks, in the northeast of the Town Square, is an Officer. He's carrying a Battle Bow and a Thunder Soulstone (M)
  • Guarding the entrance to Timberain Castle is a Gatekeeper, assuming you've completed Castti's storyline. He's carrying a Platinum Hatchet, an Aegis Shield, and an Empowering Lychee (M). You'll need to beat this guy up if you want to reenter Timberain Castle.
  • On the west side of the grounds, staring over a balcony, is a Scholar who appears to be lost. He's carrying a Thick Tome and an Inspiriting Plum (M).
  • In the far west of the Town Square, down some stairs and guarding a door, is an Elderly Soldier. He's carrying an Exorcising Bow and a Sprightly Necklace. To enter the door you'll need to knock him out, through combat, or... other means.

NPCS - Night (Timberain Castle: Town Square)
  • There's a Soldier standing watch on the west side of the Town Square at night. He's carrying a Bottle of Poison Dust and a Shadow Soulstone (L). Scrutinize him to learn of a hiden Great Blade inside the barracks to the northeast, as well as his rather lofty ambitions.
  • Inside the Barracks you'll find a new Soldier. He's carrying an Expert's Bow, a Pirate's Axe, and a Heavy Coin Pouch.

  • In the northeast of Timberain is a courthouse. Standing out front is a guard named Meylan, who will start you along a string of three related Side Stories: Proof of Innocence, Proof of Guilt, and Proof of Justice.
  • In the northeast of Timberain Castle: Town Square is a girl named Tiffany who complains about her upcoming marriage. She'll give you the A Forced Hand Side Story.