Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 7

The first of two segments that comprise the second chapter of Throné's story, Mother's Route is also the easier of the two in terms of the recommended level. It takes you right to a town with another new party member, and can be challenged shortly after completing Throné's starting chapter, making this a prime choice for an early-game foray into the second round of plot diversions. The fact that there are no battles in this chapter helps.

The map makes Mother's Route look much further away from Throné's starting point than it actually is. To reach Oresrush from New Delsta you'll need to travel to the Eastern New Delsta Highroad, then head north to the New Delsta Flats. Cross the sea at the New Delsta Harbor: Anchorage to Crackridge Harbor, then west, through the two Cropdale routes, and east, to Oresrush. You can also bounce off of Toto'hana and make your way to Oresrush from Canalbrine, but this route will take longer.

Upon arrival in Oresrush you'll be prompted to begin the chapter, assuming Throné is a part of your active party. If you decide to wait on starting the story you can trigger it by visiting the Tavern, in the northeast of Oresrush, and choosing 'Hear a Tale'.

Determined to free herself from a life of servitude, Throné is on the trail of the two leaders of the Blacksnakes, a gang that forces her to work as an assassin. Apparently Mother, one of the leaders, visits the saddlery in Oresrush to pick up new recruits. Said saddlery is between the Inn and the Provisioner, right near the entrance of Oresrush.

Entter the saddlery and you'll spot the owner speaking to a Shifty Man, who leaves for the Tavern. Follow him and you'll find him at one of the tables. Steal the Horse Coin from his belongings during the day, then present it to the Saddlery Owner. The owner, under considerable duress, will point Throné towards the town's Foundry. Apparently there's a thriving slave trade in Oresrush.

Head to the northwest in Oresrush and you'll find the Foundry. Throné will spot the tail that has been following her around, and she'll decide to get rid of them. Enter the small, ruined passage on the west side of the grounds surrounding the Foundry and Throné will corner the tail. Steal the Mask off of the Masked Boy's face and he'll run away.

Approach the Foundry, the huge building in the north of the area of the same name. Throné will find a group of gamblers playing games with the lives of slaves, and The Slaver, Mother's contact in town, is running the show. Throné will gamble for the information she needs, and it will pay off. (I chose the right glass and it was fine. I have a feeling it doesn't matter which one you choose.)

After the contest Throné will have a location for Mother's whereabouts: Wellgrove, a town in the Leaflands, west of Oresrush. If you've completed Temenos's second chapter this will also unlock his joint chapter with Throné, which takes place in Flamechurch.