Main Walkthrough

One of three main questlines in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the Path of Legends Treasure Hunt will set you on a collision course with enormous, legendary Pokémon of great strength. You'll receive this questline during your first visit to the Academy in Mesagoza, and completing it will require you to scour the entirety of Paldea.

The Path of Legends Treasure Hunt has you aiding Arven, one of your fellow students, in tracking down special plants known as Herba Mystica. Each is guarded by a Titan, an oversized version of otherwise normal Pokémon, and you'll need to find the Titan and defeat it before you can claim the Herba Mystica. Each of the Titans is located in the wilds of Paldea, and you'll need to chase some of them around before you can properly fight them.

There are five Titans spread throughout Paldea, and you can find them by consulting your map. You can battle the Titans in any order you like, though some are more powerful than others, and there's a definite, predetermined order for fighting them. The Titans, by order of intended battle, are as follows:
Each Titan battle takes place over two phases. In the first phase you'll battle the Titan alone, and it's basically an oversized version of its Pokémon type. In the second Arven will jump in, and the two of you will need to battle the Titan again, powered-up, in a Double Battle. Arven is usually well-suited to fighting each Titan, though he often won't be enough to fight them on his own.

Whenever you defeat a Titan Arven will create sandwiches out of the Herba Mystica it was guarding, and your mount - either Koraidon or Miraidon, depending on your version of the game - will inevitably steal a piece. Eating the sandwich will power up your mount, improving its ability to explore Paldea by unlocking new abilities. You'll receive the following abilities by defeating these specific Titans:
  • Stony Cliff Titan: Dashing
  • Open Sky Titan: Swimming
  • Lurking Steel Titan: Improved jumping
  • Quaking Earth Titan: Gliding
  • False Dragon Titan: Climbing vertical surfaces
Every ability besides dashing unlocks new sections of Paldea, making it a good idea to go back and explore areas you've already visited. There are a lot of secrets hidden in the harder-to-reach sections of the provinces that only your mount can find.

Once you defeat all five Titans you'll receive a call from your game's Professor, who will ask Arven to unlock the lighthouse on Poco Path, where you first met him. You'll need to follow Arven there to complete the Path of Legends Treasure Hunt, and you should proceed with a full combat team. Arven isn't messing around.

Pokémon Trainer Arven
  • Greedent, level 58
  • Cloyster, level 59
  • Scovillain, level 60
  • Toedscruel, level 61
  • Garganacl, level 62
  • Mabosstiff, level 63
Reward: 12,600 P

Significantly stronger than the first time you fought him on Poco Path, Arven can be quite challenging if your team isn't level 60 of higher on average. All of them are Pokémon that ided you during the Titan hunt, though they've been upgraded substantially and are ready to fight.
  • Greedent is a Normal-type Pokémon that knows Bullet Seed, Psychic Fangs, Body Slam, and Earthquake. Greedent has significant bulk and a good Attack and Defense to back it up, though its Special Defense is only so-so and its Speed is pitiful. A strong Fighting-type attack (preferably one that draws on Special Attack) will put it down fast.
  • Cloyster is a Water- and Ice-type Pokémon that knows Rock Blast, Liquidation, Iceicle Spear, and Liquidation. Its Defense is through the roof, and its Attack / Special Attack allow it to do some damage, but its Special Defense is pretty poor. Electric-, Fighting-, Rock-, and Grass-type moves will all take it down without much trouble, so long as your moves draw on Special Attack.
  • Scovillain is a Grass- and Fire-type Pokémon that knows Energy Ball, Fire Blast, Zen Headbutt, and Crunch. Its offensive capabilities are high and its moves powerful, but Scovillain's defenses are low and it isn't that fast. A swift Flying-, Poison-, or Rock-type Pokémon can put it down without much trouble.
  • Toedscruel is a Ground- and Grass-type Pokémon that knows Power Whip, Earth Power, Sludge Bomb, and Spore. Though fast and quite durable against Special Attack moves, Toesdcruel doesn't have a ton of hitting power. Ice-type physical moves are best, though Flying-, Bug-, and Fire-type moves work nicely as well.
  • Garganacl is a Rock-type Pokémon that knows Stone Edge, Earthquake, Body Press, and Stealth Rock. Garganacl has a ton of hitting power and high defenses in general, along with lots of HP, though it's slow as anything. Fighting-, Ground-, Steel-, Water-, and Grass-type moves all work well against it, though stick to special attack moves if you can. Note that Garganacl's Ability, Purifying Salt, prevents status ailments from working, so don't bother.
  • Mabosstiff is a Dark-type Pokémon that knows Crunch, Psychic Fangs, Play Rough, and Fire Fang. (Should you really be fighting this thing? After... all that? Oh well...) Average all around on all stats besides Attack, which is quite high, Mabosstiff is a threat - but nothing special, even after it Terastallizes. Fighting-, Bug-, and Fairy-type moves will take it down without a ton of fuss. Fairy-types are safest against Mabosstiff's moves.

Defeat Arven and you'll be given a new task: Heading to the Area Zero gate. In order to take on this final section of the game, however, you'll first need to complete the Victory Road and Starfall Street Treasure Hunts, neither of which is a cake walk.