Part 18: Killing in the Rain - City of Rain Tormund

Main Walkthrough

After much discussion - and a close save on Lenne's part - the group, now two members larger, has decided to head to the Kindreld Monastery. It's located southeast of Tormund, and will yield important answers to some pressing questons. First, though, it's back into the Fiorwoods we go. You'll find the appropriate exit on the far east side of Tormund.


  • Alpha Wolf - Strong to Earth, weak to Wind - Drops Bad Luck Charm, Yak Grass Fiber
  • Forest Wyrm - Drops Dragon Spore
  • Gazer - Strong to Earth, weak to Water - Drops Gazing Eye, Hard Shell
  • Pookie - Drops Crystal Tear
  • Vin - Strong to Wind, weak to Earth - Drops Mane - Can steal Beast Pelt
  • Wolf - Strong to Earth, weak to Wind - Drops Bad Luck Charm, Yak Grass Fiber
Loot and Materials
  • Banana
  • Branch
  • Dahlia
  • Dragonfly
  • Garment
  • Metal Frog
  • Root
  • Simple Leaf
  • Spring
  • Yellow Snail

Northeastern Fiorwoods

At this point you've explored vast swaths of the Fiorwoods, but there are a still a few patches with undiscovered riches. Head east along the northern cliffs of this area to find a chest containing two Yak Grass Fibers, then use a dirt ledge to hop down to the lower level. There are a few things to find in this area:

  • First, there are two rock piles hiding caves. The first is right beside the dirt ledge and contains a Spear Master Crystal, while the other is to the east and contains 2,100a
  • In the northwest of this area you'll find two Vin, along with a new enemy known as a Pookie. Pookies are support enemies that will buff other foes, as well as heal everyone on the field, making them a fair nuisance - but not a big deal on their own.
  • In the southeast are some handholds that you can use to climb to a winding, westbound path. It leads to a chest containing two Long Feathers.
  • In the southwest you'll find a Gazer on its own. South of it is the exit from this area to the next. Before leaving, though, check along the right side of the path leading south. You'll find a hidden passage leading to a bridge, which in turn will take you to the central cluster of trees in this area. You can go through hidden passages in these trees to reach two red chests, one containing a Shaman's Robe and the other an Adventurer's Vest.

That's all for this region, so you'd best swing south.

Eastern Fiorwoods

This segment of the Fiorwoods leads south into Iden, and was blocked to you earlier. It will take you out of the Fiorwoods altogether if you head east. Let's look around a bit first, though.

  • Keep an eye on the walls of trees to your left as you head south. There's a secret passage in them that will lead you north and south. To the north you'll find a chest containing four Tin Ores, and to the south is a chest containing two Horns.
  • Go far enough south and you'll hit some crossroads. There's a sign for buried treasure here. Check the bushes south and a scooch to the right of the sign to find a hidden Counter Mag Up Crystal.
  • West of the crossroads is a path to one area over. Here you'll find a dead end, as well as a chest containing two Angel Wings.
  • East of the crossroads you'll run into three Vin and a Pookie. Just past them, along the south bank of the river running through the Fiorwoods, you'll find a bridge. Check on the west side of it to find a chest containing 560a. A short trip east of the bridge, back on the north side, you'll find a chest containing three Sages.

North of the bridge you'll find a narrow passage through the trees that will lead you out of the area. You'll be treated to another scene of Frederik scheming, and when that's done the party will have entered a new area: The Flower Fields of Perpetua.

Main Walkthrough