Part 17: Killing in the Rain - Fiorwoods

Main Walkthrough

After a lengthy, circuitous journey, the party has at last arrived in Tormund, home of near-perpetual rain. It's not a happy arrival, however, and Lenne's brother declares that war will continue - and Tormund will win, thanks to their possession of a superweapon. More scenes reveal that Frederik is a bit of a so-and-so, and the group will likely come to blows with the prince... though first, a bit of peaceful exploration.

Central Tormund

After the story is out of the way for a bit you'll be controlling Glenn, and he'll start out at the inn. Check the southern room (the one with a cat in it) for a Sacred Water and the northwestern room for 55a, then head downstairs. (Don't forget the Sacred Water. These things are important!)

You can now poke around Tormund. We'll start with the central area that serves as a hub for the rest of the city.

  • On the west side of this area is a house to enter. Inside, on a shelf, you'll find a Snack.
  • In the southwest of this area is another home. Check the fireplace for 77a.
  • On the west side of the red-capped homes in the southwest you'll find a red chest. It contains a Shimmering Garb.
  • In the southeast of Tormund is yet another home. Check the barrels in the kitchen to find a Meal.

So yeah, not a ton to see. Tormund Castle is closed off, which leaves the east and west sides of the city. We'll check to the east first.

Eastern Tormund / Tormund Underground

A short way into this area you'll find the entrance to a large, subterranean section of the city called the Tormund Underground. Here you can purchase a limited quantity of a large number of Materials, such as Ores, Fibers, Bones, and the like. There's also an anvil in here, and in the east you'll find weapons and armor shops. If your equipment needs upgrading, this is a good place to do it. There are also items to find:

  • Next to the anvil, near the entrance to these tunnels, you'll find 54a.
  • South of the anvil you'll find the entrance to a home. Inside is a woman who will call you out for acting like you're in an RPG. Leave her home through the western exit and you'll be back outside. Check to the west and you'll find a chest containing four Lozenges.
  • Continue south of the woman's home in the tunnels and you'll pop out again, this time on a thin walkway by the water. On your left is a chest containing 1,500a.
  • Cross the bridge to the east of the woman's home, then go south. Past a heap of supplies you'll find another exit leading outside. The chest on your left contains an Herbal Collar.
  • In roughly the center of this area is a large dining area. Check the bottom-left corner of the chamber for 32a. Head south of this dining area and you'll find a chest containing two Antidotes, sitting among some barrels and crates. North of the dining area you'll find another chest, this one containing three Alarm Clocks.

There's an outer section to the eastern portion of Tormund, but the only place worth visiting is the Adventurer's Guild, to the north of the Fast Travel Crystal. Speak to the Guild Leader and she'll accept the letter from the Guild Leader in Farnsport. This will induct you into the Adventurer's Guild, and members across Valandis will now speak to you. Any Unique Monsters that you defeat will earn you rewards from the Guild Leaders. You'll also gain access to additional merchants.

On your way back from the eastern portion of Tormund you'll run into Kylian. Glenn and Kylian will have a chat, and Kylian will reveal some rather dictatorial aspirations, the result of familial tragedy. Erm.

Western Tormund

The western section of Tormund is far less spacious or interesting than the east, though there are still a few things to check out in this quiet, forested section of the city:

  • In the northeast is a mansion belonging to a man named Radhat. He tells you to get out, though you can tell from the layout that this place will be important in the future.
  • In the northwest is what appears to be a church, with a graveyard out back. Check beside the graves for a red chest containing a Charm of the Learner. This accessory doubles the wearer's SP bonus after completing a battle, which makes it an invaluable charm for maxing out your Skills.
  • Right in the middle of this area is a small clearing with some benches, in the midst of the trees. There's also a red chest containing a Magician's Belt.

And that's Tormund. During your trip through the city you'll watch a cut scene between Lenne and Frederick, and when you jump back to Glenn he'll decide to check out the castle. Head north from the central district to enter.

Tormund Castle

What a cheery place. Tormund Castle is huge, but guards have most of the side areas blocked off, forcing you to go straight down the middle. Check out the library to the north of the entrance, if you like, then head to the second floor. You'll find Robb being chastised - looks good on him - and to the northwest you'll find Lenne's room. Check the red chest on your right for a Partisan, which, appropriately, should go to Lenne.

You'll find Lenne in the north of the room, and she'll share her melancholy with Glenn. This infuriates Frederik, listening nearby, and he'll scheme to have the whole team killed. How shocking. The scene then jumps back to the inn, where Sienna, Kylian, Glenn, and Victor meet up again. With Victor is Cameron, a friend and co-conspirator, and Ba'thraz, who it appears will be joining the party a little more permanently this time.

You'll have a chance to question Cameron about the Grand Grimoire, Tormund's new superweapon, and the group will settle on their next destination - only to be interrupted by a squad of City Guards. They're strong to Earth and weak to Fire, and shouldn't prove to be much more than a nuisance to the party.

Leave the inn and head north. More City Guards will attack. Continue east and a third squad will run out of the Tormund Underground to battle you. One more will attack you just south of the Adventurer's Guild. After this the party gets cornered, but Lenne and Robb will show up just in time to save the day. With the party reassembled you have a new destination: The Kindreld Monastery. Spend some time outfitting your party with new equipment, then head out.

Part 19: The Kindreld Monastery - Fiorwoods

Main Walkthrough