Part 15: Crossing Mountains - Sienna - Rockbottom

Main Walkthrough

Three harrowing adventures later, the gang is back together, safe and sound at the White Rose Inn. You'll regain control of Glenn, and you'll need to speak to everyone and see how they're feeling about the reunion. A creepy tale will follow, thanks to the innkeeper, and everyone will go to bed...

... only for Lenne to disappear the next morning. So much for the reunion. Before you leave the inn, check the lower-left room on the second floor for a red chest. It contains a Lava Gorget. Reequip your party members if you messed with their equipment during the three scenarios, then head west from the inn.

Southeastern Fiorwoods


  • Alpha Wolf - Strong to Earth, weak to Wind - Drops Bad Luck Charm, Yak Grass Fiber
  • Wolf - Strong to Earth, weak to Wind - Drops Bad Luck Charm, Yak Grass Fiber
Loot and Materials
  • Banana
  • Branch
  • Dahlia
  • Dragonfly
  • Garment
  • Metal Frog
  • Root
  • Simple Leaf
  • Spring
  • Yellow Snail

Head north into the Fiorwoods. Almost immediately you'll run into a group of two Wolves and one Alpha Wolf. The Alpha has more health and can heal its pack, so you may want to target it first. Beyond here things branch out a bit.

If you take the southern path that leads west out of the area you'll see arrows pointing to buried treasure. If you follow the path west you can find a Paralyze Hit Crystal hidden against the roots of a tree that makes up the 'corner' of the woods, just before you leave a screen and next to a smaller, free-standing tree and some bushes. Continuing west to the next screen will run you into a roadblock, though you can find a chest containing two Angel Wings before heading back.

Backtrack east and take the northern path. You'll see a faint pattern in the black space along the wall of trees to your left. You can travel through these trees to find a chest containing two Sweets. Follow the path north and you'll find another pack of Wolves. Northwest of them you'll run into a cloaked (?) figure who claims to have not seen Lenne. Not helpful, and ominous.

Keep following the northern path and it will bring you to the tiny village of Iden. A Fast Travel Crystal will activate shortly after you arrive. There are a few items to gather before you get down to business:

  • On the west side of the village are two houses, one with a red roof and the other with a blue roof. Walk between them to find a chest containing a Long Feather.
  • Near the Fast Travel Crystal is a tavern. The bartender is also a merchant, though the stuff he has to sell is nothing special. In the upper-left corner of the ground floor you'll find a chest containing two Weathered Bones. On the second floor you'll find 66a and Bolas, at the east end of the hall.
  • In the north of Iden is a home with two doors. Pop inside and check the bedroom for a Snack, then go through the eastern door. You'll find a mushroom field outside, and beyond them is a red chest containing a Black Tippet.
  • Inside the village's eastern-most home you'll find a Silph's Fan, as well as a geography lesson.
  • On the east end of Iden you'll find a stream with a path leading down into the water. Follow it south and you'll find a circuitous route that will lead you to a chest containing three Utility Overdrives.

 You now need to speak to the villagers and see if they know anything about Lenne.

  • The man standing outside the eastern-most home will have a few things to say about Daimbert, the innkeeper of the White Rose Inn.
  • In the north of the village is a lizardy fellow who also has some things to say about the innkeeper, and they're not complementary.
  • Last, speak to the porcine innkeeper behind the bar at the tavern, near the Fast Travel Crystal. He, too, warns you about Daimbert. Uh oh.

Everyone will gather up and decide it's best to head back to the White Rose Inn. Make the trip back and you'll see Daimbert disappearing into the rear of the inn. Skirt around the western edge of the building to follow him and you'll wind up in a basement, where, it appears, Daimbert has his own private dungeon. Make your way deeper into the catacombs, grabbing two Jute Fibers and reading Daimbert's journal entries as you go. You don't need to worry about any ambushes...

... at least until the group finds Lenne, and Daimbert locks everyone in the same cell together. Daimbert will explain his sick plan, and gloat the entire time... though Sienna shuts him up by unlocking the cell door. Time to give chase.


  • Pudding - Strong to Earth, weak to Wind - Drops Snack
Daimbert will lock the door heading back north, forcing you to look elsewhere. Check to the east and you'll run into a squad of Puddings. Aside from an AOE Earth attack they're nothing special. They're guarding cells, and you can enter them to find a path down to... more Puddings.

South of the second Pudding squad you'll hit an intersection. Swing left to find 340a in a chest, then run east. Four more Puddings await. Beyond here you'll almost be out of the dungeon, but if you head back through the way you came in, past Daimbert's various research articles and through his underground patch of flowers, you'll find a cell guarded by four more Puddings. Inside the cell is a red chest containing a Metal Jerkin.

Pursue Daimbert outside. The group will corner him, but he has one more trick up his sleeve.


Type: Human
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Water
Steal: Gold Nugget

Poor, poor girl. Arlette looks more dangerous than she is, and though this fight can take quite a while it's not that difficult as long as you're careful. Arlette is quick, but her attacks don't do that much damage (especially if you have Fire Resistance on your characters) unless you've hit Overheat. Still, you need to be careful and watch everyone's HP. Arlette uses the following attacks:
  • Fire Flower, which hits one person for minor Fire damage
  • Blooming Fireworks, which hits everyone for minor Fire damage
  • Stagger, which Staggers one person and prevents them from taking their turn
  • Third Eye, which causes all damage to be absorbed by Arlette instead
  • Soul Infusion, which boosts all of Arlette's stats
The process here is typical for bosses. Debuff Arlette, particularly her Agility, then go to work whittling down her HP. Lenne is great for targeting Arlette's weakness with Water Thrust, and your other hard-hitters like Glenn and Sienna should do close to equal amounts of damage with neutral attacks. Swap out anyone who gets hit with Stagger, which won't happen too often, and heal up using Cleric Skills once the party gets a bit worn down. Completely go on the defensive and find ways to reduce Overdrive when Arlette uses Third Eye, as everything that hits her will only restore her health. Eventually Arlette will use Soul Infusion, boosting her damage output, but it won't make a huge difference.

You'll earn a Grimoire Shard for defeating Arlette. In the aftermath you'll watch a substantial number of cut scenes, and meet a ton of new people. They will all have their time to be important. For now, though, it's time the group finally complete their trip to Tormund.

Main Walkthrough