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A relatively tiny area that nevertheless serves as an important thoroughfare, Tagtree Thicket is a must-visit location in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The home of a Team Star Base that takes up roughly one third of the terrain, Tagtree Thicket isn't likely to be a place you'll be visiting for long - but there are enough good items and Pokémon among its trees that you should commit to a decent search.

Tagtree Thicket is located in the northeast of Paldea, and is accessible from East Province (Area Three). You'll know you're headed towards the entrance if you see huge Team Star banners while exploring the northeast of East Province (Area Three). There also a second entrance in the north of East Province (Area Three), across the river that runs through both regions.

Tagtree Thicket Pokémon
  • Barboach - Pond on the north side of the river
  • Basculin - Pond on the north side of the river
  • Bellibolt - Near the river
  • Buizel - Near the river
  • Clodsire - Pond on the north side of the river
  • Combee - North side of the river
  • Dunsparce - Near Team Star Base
  • Flamigo - Near the river
  • Foongus - Grassy areas
  • Grafaiai - Whole area (Terastallized)
  • Greedent - Near Team Star Base
  • Impidimp - Whole area
  • Komala - Near Team Star Base
  • Magikarp - Near the river
  • Makuhita - Near cliff edges
  • Mimikyu - North side of the river, near a Team Star tent
  • Murkrow - North side of the river
  • Oinkologne - Whole area
  • Oranguru - Whole area (Scarlet only)
  • Paldean Wooper - Pond on the north side of the river
  • Passimian - Whole area (Violet only)
  • Pawniard - Near the river
  • Psyduck - Near the river
  • Shroodle - Whole area
  • Skwovet - Near Team Star Base
  • Spidops - Near Team Star Base
  • Tadbulb - Near the river
  • Tarountula - East side of the area
  • Toedscool - Near Team Star Base
  • Venomoth - Whole area
  • Vespiquen - North side of the river

Areas of Interest
  • In the southwest of Tagtree Thicket you'll find a Team Star Base, the subject of Storming the Poison Crew's Base. There are some good items inside the base, so you should take out the base while you're in the area.

Items and NPCs of Note 
  • Like most areas, there are random items appearing throughout Tagtree Thicket. Most valuable among them are Sweet Apples, Balm Mushrooms, and Big Mushrooms.
  • North of the entrance to the area you'll find a Calcium and, past that, a Max Ether. Stick to the eastern boundary of Tagtree Thicket to find them both.
  • A short walk northeast of the entrance to the Team Star Base you'll find TM 091 Toxic Spikes.
  • On the east side of the river running through the region you'll find a cliff's edge, just south of the water. On the edge of the cliff is a trainer and a Leaf Stone. At the base of the cliff and to the east you'll find an HP Up.
  • On the east side of the cliff you'll find a hill leading down to a ledge. At the end of the ledge you'll find TM 139 Misty Terrain.
  • On the other side of the bridge and to your left as you head north through the area you'll find a Zinc.
  • North of the bridge and in the northwest corner of the area you'll find a lone Team Star tent. Sitting beside the tent is TM 081 Grass Knot. A short walk further north of the tent you'll find TM 046 Avalanche.
  • If you follow the path north of the bridge that's headed east you can find two Max Ethers and a Protein just to the side of the path, among other items. North of this path you'll find a small cliff with an Iron at its base.
  • North of the path on the north side of the bridge you'll see a pond. Across the water you'll find TM 095 Leech Life. If you can't swim to it you can drop down onto the TM from the ledge above.
  • North of the northeastern exit to East Province (Area Three), sitting by a rock in the grass, is TM 061 Shadow Claw.


Malak the Student
  • Mimikyu, level 26
Location: On the east side of the forest, at the top of a cliff that's south of the river
Reward: 1,144 P

A Ghost- and Fairy-type. It will steal your moves, use Shadow Sneak to go first, and... not a whole lot else. Ghost- and Steel-type moves will take it down, though keep in mind that its Disguise Ability will ensure that you always need to commit to a minimum of two attacks.

Pol the Courier
  • Pelipper, level 27
Location: North of the bridge over the river running through the area
Reward: 2,484 P

A bit of a pain in the butt to beat most of the time, Pelipper goes down quickly to Electric-type attacks.

Unai the Student
  • Jumpluff, level 32
  • Pupitar, level 32
  • Umbreon, level 32
Location: North of the river, in the grass near the boundary cliffs of the area
Reward: 5,120 P

The tough guy of the region. Jumpluff can use the painful Flying-type move Acrobatics, Pupitar favors the Ground-type Stomping Tantrum, and Umbreon likes the Normal-type move Double Edge. All three attacks are quite painful if they land. Jumpluff is a quick kill with Ice-type moves, Pupitar goes down to Water- or Grass-type moves, and Umbreon falls to Fighting- or Fairy-type moves.