Main Walkthrough

A curious blend of grasslands and snow, the Dalizapa Passage will likely be one of your first tastes of Ice-type Pokémon while exploring Paldea. A connecting route that will take you north if you travel extensively along the eastern seaboard of the island, the Dalizapa Passage is one of two methods for reaching Glaseado Mountain. You don't necessarily have to come through here, but the chances are good you will anyway - and you'll find a ton of Pokémon to catch along the way.

The Dalizapa Passage is connected to Zapapico, which itself is found on the western edge of East Province (Area Three). The western portion of the Dalizapa Passage will take you to West Province (Area Three), where you'll find the town of Medali, and Glaseado Mountain.

Dalizapa Passage Pokémon
  • Axew - Rocky terrain outside Zapapico
  • Cetoddle - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Cubchoo - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Deerling - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Deino - Path to Medali
  • Dugtrio - Path to Medali
  • Dunsparce - Path to Medali
  • Espathra - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Flittle - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Gastly - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Gogoat - Whole area
  • Greavard - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Greedent - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Hariyama - Whole area
  • Haunter - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Houndstone - Path to Medali
  • Larvitar - Path to Medali
  • Lycanroc (both forms) - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Litleo - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Lokix - Rocky terrain outside Zapapico
  • Lucario - Path to Medali (Terastallized)
  • Magnemite - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Magneton - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Makuhita - Whole area
  • Medicham - Path to Glaseado Mountain
  • Mudbray - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Mudsdale - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Nacli - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Pyroar - Whole area
  • Sableye - Path to Medali
  • Salandit - Path to Medali
  • Salazzle - Path to Medali
  • Sawsbuck - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Scovillain - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Skwovet - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Sneasel - Grasslands outside Zapapico (Terastallized)
  • Snom - Whole area
  • Snorunt - Whole area
  • Teddiursa - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Tinkatuff - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Torkoal - Path to Medali
  • Ursaring - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Vigoroth - Grasslands outside Zapapico
  • Yungoos - Path to Medali

Areas of Interest
  • There's a mound of rocks splitting the path to the northwest of Zapapico. If you climb up onto it using your mount you'll find a bunch of items and numerous Pokémon not found down on the ground.
  • Also northwest of Zapapico the main road will split at a pair of road signs. If you follow the western path you'll wind up on Glaseado Mountain almost immediately. If you continue northwest you'll head towards Medali, one of the game's Victory Road stops, and you'll need to travel through several caves to reach the town. It's along this path that you'll find the Dalizapa Passage's Pokémon Center.
  • The path from the Pokémon Center branches. If you stick to the main cave path you'll emerge near Medali in short order. If you take a side passage through the first cave you'll still wind up near Medali, but you'll find a bunch of valuable items along the way. If you take the ramp near the Pokémon Center you'll find a path up to Glaseado Mountain.
  • When you emerge from the cave into West Province (Area Three) you'll still technically be on the Dalizapa Passage until you reach Medali. The Pokemon you can find along this relatively short stretch of road more or less completely overlap with those found in West Province (Area Three), so if you want to see what you can catch in the area you should check out that guide instead.

Items and NPCs of Note 
  • The golden, randomized items you can find in this area include Max Revives. These are well worth the effort to pick up when you see one. You can also find Shiny Stones for evolving Pokémon in this area.
  • Check atop the rocks on your right just as you leave Zapapico and you'll find TM 016 Psybeam.
  • The path splits as you head northwest out of Zapapico. If you go off the beaten path you'll find TM 105 X-Scissor, sitting near a tree.
  • Climb onto the mound splitting the path out of Zapapico and you'll find several items, including TM 014 Acrobatics.
  • If you take the path to Medali you'll find a cave. Outside it are three Max Ethers. Inside you'll find a Rare Bone, as well as an HP Up, an Elixir, and TM 031 Metal Claw on the ledges to each side of the main path. Your mount will need boosted jumping power to reach these latter items.
  • If you check the ledge on your right as you enter the cave leading to Medali you'll find a side path. It leads to a large room with a trainer, and if you climb to the upper levels you'll find ledges and free-standing rocks leading to TM 101 Power Gem and a Rare Candy. You'll need to do some fancy jumping to reach the Rare Candy. At the top of this room you'll find a passage to another room with several items, including TM 017 Confuse Ray. Continuing to follow the path out of this chamber will lead you to TM 006 Scary Face and a Rare Candy before dumping you out near the exit to the plains surrounding Medali.
  • Near the Dalizapa Passage's Pokémon Center you'll find a Pokémon League rep. He wants to see you defeat four trainers in the area, and he'll give you an Expert Belt as a prize for completing this task. Note that two of the trainers in the caves (I believe Mihai and Triana) do not appear to count towards this prize.
  • North of the Pokémon Center is a ramp up to Glaseado Mountain Path. To the left of the ramp you'll find a Max Ether. If you go up the ramp and explore the rocky terrain surrounding the path you'll find an Ice Rock, two Elixirs, and TM 106 Drill Run
  • If you look to the south before exiting to Glaseado Mountain from the Pokémon Center path you'll see a ledge way off on its own. You can get to it by climbing onto the mountain and dropping down onto the ledge. You'll find a Protein and TM 112 Aura Sphere on the ledge.
  • Just outside Medali, sitting beside a tree, you'll find a Max Ether.


Sara the Musician
  • Toxtricity, level 35
Location: On the path out of Zapapico
Reward: 3,500 P

An Electric- and Poison-type, Toxtricity's power is badly offset by its massive weakness to Ground-type moves. You know what to do.

Teo the Student
  • Paldean Tauros (Blaze Breed), level 36
Location: On the path leading into the cave to the northwest of Zapapico
Reward: 1,584 P

This version of Paldean Tauros is a Fighting- and Fire-type. It hits hard, but you have many options for taking it down.

Mihai the Student
  • Hariyama, level 38
Location: Cave path to Medali
Reward: 2,280 P

Hariyama is a hefty opponent that can greatly boost its power with Belly Drum. Use a Psychic-, Fairy-, or Flying-type move to quickly take it down once it cuts its health with Belly Drum.

Triana the Student
  • Gothita, level 38
Location: Northern side path in the cave leading to Dalizapa Passage's Pokémon Center
Reward: 1,216 P

Gothita can hit hard, but it's not that fast and can't take much abuse. Dark-, Bug-, and Ghost-type moves will take down this Psychic-type.

Hiker Helena
  • Gastrodon, level 39
  • Gastrodon, level 39
Location: Rocky path up from the Pokémon Center to Glaseado Mountain
Reward: 2,340 P

Gastrodon is extremely weak to Grass-type moves. This is the only weakness Gastrodon has, so if you don't have a Grass-type move handy you'll need to brute force your way through the fight.

Sandra the Student
  • Blissey, level 39
Location: Rocky path up from the Pokémon Center to Glaseado Mountain
Reward: 2,340 P

Blissey can't hit hard, but it's a defensive beast. Fighting-type moves are the way to go. Barring that, using physical moves in general. (And be prepared for a lovely amount of experience for winning the fight.)

Hiker Leire
  • Crabominable, level 39
Location: Rocky path up from the Pokémon Center to Glaseado Mountain
Reward: 2,340 P

A Fighting- and Ice-type, Crabominable can hit very hard but is quite slow. Psychic-, Flying-, Fairy-, Steel-, Fire-, and Fighting-type moves will all end this fight quickly.

Andre the Courier
  • Corviknight, level 38
Location: On the road to Medali once you emerge from the mountains
Reward: 3,496 P

A sturdy Flying- and Steel-type Pokémon. Fire- and Electric-type moves can take Corviknight down.

Hiker Mar
  • Mudsdale, level 32
Location: On the road to Medali once you emerge from the mountains
Reward: 1,920 P

An imposing Ground-type that can do plenty of damage. Grass-, Ice-, and Water-type moves are your best bet.