Main Walkthrough

Situated in the northwest of Paldea, West Province (Area Three) is connective tissue for a number of routes. The area is nothing special, but you'll need to cross through it to reach many important places. It's also full of good Pokémon, so you might as well give it a look before moving on.

West Province (Area Three) is connected to West Province (Area Two), Cascarrafa, the Asado Desert, Casseroya Lake, Glaseado Mountain, and the Dalizapa Passage. It also contains the gate to Area Zero, the forbidden central section of the island. Whether you're coming up from the east or west sides of Paldea, you'll wind up going through West Province (Area Three).

West Province (Area Three) Pokémon
  • Azumarill - Near sources of water
  • Bellibolt - Near sources of water
  • Bombirdier - Grasslands
  • Breloom - Grasslands (Terastallized)
  • Bronzong - Ruins northwest of Medali
  • Charcadet - Outskirts of Medali
  • Dachsbun - Outskirts of Medali
  • Dedenne - Outskirts of Medali
  • Deerling - Grasslands
  • Drifblim - Outskirts of Medali
  • Drifloon - Outskirts of Medali
  • Dunsparce - Grasslands
  • Eevee - Outskirts of Medali
  • Electrode - Outskirts of Medali
  • Fletchinder - Outskirts of Medali
  • Foongus - Grasslands
  • Gogoat - Rocky areas
  • Golduck - Near sources of water
  • Greavard - Ruins northwest of Medali
  • Honchkrow - Grasslands
  • Hoppip - Grasslands
  • Hypno - Ruins northwest of Medali
  • Jigglypuff - Outskirts of Medali
  • Jumpluff - Grasslands
  • Lilligant - Grasslands
  • Lokix - Rocky areas
  • Magikarp - Near sources of water
  • Marill - Near sources of water
  • Masbosstiff - Grasslands
  • Maschiff - Grasslands
  • Meowth - Outskirts of Medali
  • Murkrow - Grasslands
  • Oinkologne - Grasslands
  • Pachirisu - Grasslands
  • Persian - Outskirts of Medali
  • Pikachu - Grasslands
  • Primeape - Grasslands
  • Psyduck - Near sources of water
  • Sawsbuck - Grasslands
  • Scyther - Grasslands
  • Shroodle - Grasslands
  • Shroomish - Grasslands
  • Spidops - Grasslands
  • Staravia - Grasslands
  • Steenee - Grasslands
  • Sudowoodo - Grasslands (need to sneak up on them)
  • Tadbulb - Near sources of water
  • Tarountula - Grasslands
  • Tinkatuff - Ruins northwest of Medali
  • Toedscool - Grasslands
  • Tropius - Grasslands
  • Ursaring - Grasslands
  • Voltorb - Outskirts of Medali
  • Vigoroth - Grasslands

Areas of Interest
  • There's a ruins to the northwest of Medali where you'll find a different set of Pokémon from the rest of the plains.
  • There are a number of cliff ledges and paths behind Medali that run from southwest to northeast along the edge of the mountains. If you travel all the way southwest you'll enter a small chunk of West Province (Area One), and the Pokémon in the area will abruptly change. There are a few items to grab over here (a Dusk Stone and TM 055 Dig) that make the quick trip worth your time.

Items and NPCs of Note 
  • If you're entering the area from West Province (Area Two) you'll travel northwest towards Medali. Along the path you can find several items, including a Max Ether.
  • Check the northern Pokémon Center in Medali and you'll find a Pokémon League rep who wants you to defeat five trainers in West Province (Area Three). He'll give you an Amulet Coin if you complete his challenge.
  • Overlooking the bridge from West Province (Area Two) are a pair of rocky cliffs. If you get up onto the southern cliff you'll find TM 011 Water Pulse. On the northern cliff - which you can reach by gliding from the taller southern cliff - you'll find TM 002 Charm. Not far from this second TM is a PP Up, on a lower rock ledge.
  • Southwest of Medali is a small pond. You'll find TM 105 X-Scissor sitting on a rock by the pond. West of the pond is a tree with TM 012 Low Kick sitting at its base.
  • Check the ruins to the northwest of Medali and you'll find a Dawn Stone.
  • A short walk northeast of Medali, off to the right of the road leading to Casseroya Lake, you'll find a Max Ether. If you follow the cliff edges north you'll find TM 004 Agility.
  • If you look along the edge of the river separating this area from Casseroya Lake you'll find a number of items. On the east side you'll find a Max Ether and TM 131 Pollen Puff.
  • Northeast of Medali is a squiggly passage carved into the ground. On the south side of the passage, up on ground level, is a Max Elixir and TM 052 Snowscape.
  • In the far northeast of the route you'll find a bridge to Casseroya Lake. Look along the cliffs south of the bridge before crossing and you'll see a raised section of land. TM 009 Thunder Fang is sitting atop it. You'll need to have enhanced your mount's jumping abilities to reach the TM.
  • If you cross the northeast bridge to Casseroya Lake you won't actually reach the lake until you descend to the waterfront. Check the flat area beside the hill leading to the waterfront and you'll find a Max Revive, a short distance from the top of the hill. On the hill you'll find a Protein, and just before you hit the dividing line between the two areas you'll find a Fairy Tera Shard.
  • If you ignore the northeast bridge to Casseroya Lake you'll continue up the slopes towards Glaseado Mountain. Along the way you'll see a waterfall, and on the other side is a Rare Candy. You can leap and glide over to it if your mount is sufficiently upgraded. West of here and back on the main path you'll find a path leading to TM 066 Body Slam.
  • Behind Medali you'll find the winding mountain path leading up to the closed gate to Area Zero. Along the way you'll find a Max Ether. East of the gate and down a slope you'll find TM 096 Eerie Impulse. To the southwest of the gate you'll find a number of ledges of varying elevations, upon which you'll find items including an HP Up and a Max Elixir.
  • If you continue to travel southwest along the paths from the Area Zero Gate you'll find a Rare Candy, an Elixir, and a Zinc, shortly before you come within view of Cascarrafa. Following this path will bring you back into West Province (Area One). If you look back towards West Province (Area Three) you'll see a flat space at the top of a rock that's sitting by itself, atop which is TM 111 Giga Drain. You'll need to be able to glide to reach it.


Salma the Model
  • Zorua, level 29
  • Drifblim, level 29
Location: Near the bridge from West Province (Area Two)
Reward: 2,900 P

Zorua will disguise itself as Drifblim to start the battle, then transform when struck. Drifblim is just Drifblim. Neither are terribly difficult. A Fairy-, Fighting-, or Bug-type move will handle Zorua, while Ghost-, Electric-, Rock-, or Ice-type moves will take down Drifblim.

Coral the Student
  • Dedenne, level 29
Location: On the path from West Province (Area Two) to Medali
Reward: 1,276 P

Dedenne is a pretty nondescript Electric- and Fairy-type Pokémon. Ground- and Poison-type moves will take it out.

Sheila the Musician
  • Pawmo, level 30
Location: In the field to the southwest of Medali
Reward: 3,000 P

Pawmo is a quick, but otherwise unremarkable, Electric-type. A swift Ground-type move will annihilate it.

Tomas the Janitor
  • Swalot, level 29
Location: Ruins to the northwest of Medali
Reward: 2,668 P

A bulky Poison-type. A Psychic- or Ground-type move will do it in.

Elsa the Waitress
  • Persian, level 29
Location: On the road between Medali and Casseroya Lake
Reward: 2,668 P

Persians are all over the place. This one is just a bit stronger than the rest. Fighting-type moves will take it down.

Emilio the Student
  • Paldean Tauros (Combat Form), level 29
Location: Near the bridge leading to Casseroya Lake
Reward: 1,740 P

A Fighting-type. Painful, but simple. Psychic-, Fairy-, and Flying-type moves work nicely.

Daniel the Office Worker
  • Sneasel, level 32
  • Zangoose, level 32
Location: At the end of a curving path to the northeast of Medali
Reward: 2,944 P

An Ice- and Dark-type, Sneasel gets destroyed by Fighting-type moves. Zangoose is a Normal-type and will fare no better against a Fighting-type Pokémon.

Ander the Waiter
  • Bergmite, level 30
Location: Along the path leading northeast out of Medali
Reward: 2,760 P

A solid little Ice-type, Bergmite will quickly be demolished by Fire-, Fighting-, and Steel-type moves.

Hiker Estela
  • Whiscash, level 31
Location: Along the path to Glaseado Mountain in the northeast of the route
Reward: 1,860 P

A Water- and Ground-type, Whiscash is extremely vulnerably to Grass-type moves. It will use Amnesia to steeply raise its Special Defense, so you may want to use a physical attack.

Backpacker Nil
  • Leafeon, level 38
  • Farigiraf, level 38
Location: Along the path to Glaseado in the northeast of the route
Reward: 2,280 P

Leafeon is a Grass-type Pokémon with an unfortunate number of weaknesses. Bug-, Fire-, Ice-, Flying-, and Poison-type moves will all bring Leafeon down. Do so quickly, as well, before it can use Leech Seed to steal HP. Farigiraf is a Normal- and Psychic-type that is susceptible to Dark- and Bug-type moves, and is pretty powerful as well. Make sure you don't use Ghost-type moves, as Farigiraf's Normal-type side will render them useless.