Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 32+

Recommended Pokémon Types: Ground, Psychic, possibly Steel (see below)

The potential third on your list of Team Star conquests, the Poison Crew is squirrelled away in an area all their own. You'll likely be a good chunk of the way through the game by the time you get here, so hopefully you'll have a good idea of how to handle Poison-types by this point. If not... well, be prepared for status ailments.

The Poison Crew's Base is locared in Tagtree Thicket, a relatively tiny forest to the northwest of East Province (Area Three). Under most circumstances you'll need to travel north along Paldea's eastern coast to reach it. You can also come at it from the west, if you wish, and soar down into Tagtree Thicket from Glaseado Mountain. Your choice. The base is located on the west side of Tagtree Thicket.

Upon arrival at the front gate (and you'll be forced to enter at the front gate) you'll need to battle... some kid?

Pokémon Trainer Youssef

  • Gulpin, level 30
  • Shroodle, level 31
Reward: 1,612 P

This boy might not be a member of Team Star, but his Pokémon go down as easily as any Grunt's. Ground- or Psychic-type moves will do nicely.

Now that the... guard... is out of the way, you can get on with your attack on the base.

Star Barrage - Navi Squad

Unsurprisingly, given that this place is called 'The Poison Crew's Base', you'll be facing a bevy of Poison-types when you take on the Navi Squad. In the vast majority of cases secondary typing won't get in the way of their weaknesses, so you can toss out Ground- and Psychic-types aplenty and demolish the base's Pokémon. A Steel-type with a Ground-type move will also suffice, since Poison-types do almost nothing to Steel-types.

  • Amoonguss (Grass- and Poison-type)
  • Clodsire (Poison- and Ground-type)
  • Foongus (Grass- and Poison-type)
  • Gastly (Ghost- and Poison-type)
  • Grafaiai (Poison- and Normal-type)
  • Grimer (Poison-type)
  • Haunter (Ghost- and Poison-type)
  • Paldean Wooper (Poison- and Ground-type)
  • Seviper (Poison-type)
  • Shroodle (Poison- and Normal-type)
  • Varoom (Steel- and Poison-type)
  • Venonat (Bug- and Poison-type)
  • Venomoth (Bug- and Poison-type)
Defeat thirty Pokémon in ten minutes and Team Star will call out one of its commanders to battle you instead.

Atticus of Team Star
  • Skuntank, level 32
  • Muk, level 32
  • Revavroom, level 33
  • Navi Starmobile, level 32
Reward: TM 102 Gunk Shot

A fair step up from previous Team Star bosses, Atticus will deploy three Pokémon rather than one before engaging you in battle with his vehicle. Skuntank and Muk both have high defenses and annoying moves, while Revavroom just hits harder in general. All three are quite vulnerable to Ground-type moves, and given that Skuntank will demolish Psychic-types you're best off using a Ground-type Pokémon for this fight. A Steel-type with a Ground-type move is not recommended, however, as Muk and Revavroom both have Ground-type moves that can ruin your day.

With the other three Pokémon out of the way you'll need to battle the Starmobile. It's a straight Poison-type that will slam into your party members with Noxious Torque, a move that's capable of poisoning your Pokémon. If it happens, it happens. Ground- and Psychic-type moves will do fine here, and if you throw out a Steel-type for this fight Noxious Torque just straight up won't do any damage. (Though the Starmobile can use Flame Charge as a backup, the move just doesn't hurt much.) Do enough damage and Toxic Spikes will automatically get thrown onto the field, though by this point you should be close enough to winning that they won't matter.

Defeat Atticus and you'll receive the usual flashback, ending your fight against the Navi Squad of Team Star. You'll receive a badge and a TM for your efforts, and Cassiopeia will unlock more TM recipes for you. Penny will also show up and give you a fisful of Materials for crafting TMs. 

You can now explore Team Star's Base at your leisure. There are a few things to grab:
  • On the east side of the base, near the perimeter fence and sitting in the grass, is a Rare Candy.
  • Also on the east side of the base, closer to the tents, is a small, shallow pond. TM 092 Imprison is sitting in the middle of the pond.
  • In the south of the base you'll find a Poison Tera Shard sitting on a rock near a tent.
  • On the west side of the base is a tent that's up against the rocky cliffs surrounding the area. TM 042 Night Shade is behind the tent.
  • In the northwest of the base is another shallow pond. There's a Pearl String on your side of the water and TM 090 Spikes on the other side.

Main Walkthrough