Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Xiao's level 1 friendship

Reward: Two Moon Cloves

Unlocks: --

In order to unlock this quest you first need to raise your friendship with Xiao to, at minimum, the second level. You can do this by tracking Xiao down and speaking to him or giving him Moon Cloves. Being a workaholic, Xiao spends much of his days behind the front desk of Town Hall. You can find him in various other places around town, but Town Hall should always be the first place you visit. The next most likely place to find him is on the cliffs to the north of the Church, which also happens to work into this quest.

Approach the cliffs and you'll find Xiao there, in meditation. He reveals that meditation is one of his secrets to maintaining a healthy life balance, and he always uses this spot to relax. Xiao invites you to join him, as a means of escaping your own troubles... though it won't take long for an argument between Runeheart and Reyner to ruin the tranquility. Xiao invites you to come back tomorrow to try again.

Return to the cliffs twice more. Each time you come back someone new will interrupt your meditation session. After the third such interruption Xiao will give up, and the quest will end with a few more Moon Cloves in your pocket.

Main Walkthrough