Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Dean's level 1 friendship

Reward: None

Unlocks: Dean level 2 friendship

The portly, somewhat fumbling member of Moonbury's Police Department, Dean can be a little difficult to track down at times. You're most likely to find him at the Police Department or loafing at his home in the north of town, but Dean spends much of the day not doing a lot in other parts of town. Moonbury Park in the southwest is one of his more popular haunts if you can't find him anywhere else.

Once you've maxed out your first level of friendship with Dean he'll post a notice on the Bulletin Boards around town, pointing you towards the Police Department. Head there between 8:00 and 22:00 on any day of the week to trigger the cut scene with Dean, where he confesses to an eating problem. He'd like some alchemical aid to cut down on his habits.

You'll need to create an Appetite Suppressor to give Dean what he wants. It's a thirteen-square template that forbids you from using Water materials. A little tricky, but you've handled worse. Here are some suggested ingredients for completing the Appetite Suppressor:
  • Place either a Bear's Claw or some Konjac in the three-square space at the bottom of the template. Bear's Claws are dropped by Honeypaws, while Konjac blooms after you complete the Annoying Bugs quest. Both are found in Meadow Range.
  • Set some Spores on the left side of the template. Spores are dropped by Greedbonnets, located throughout Meadow Range.
  • Place a Copper Nugget beside the Spores. Copper Nuggets are mined from the rocks in Meadow Range.
  • Last, place a Rigid Pelt on the right side of the template. Rigid Pelts are dropped by defeated by smashing the Pangols of Meadow Range with your Hammer.

Take the Appetite Suppressor to Dean. He seems to think this will be a cure-all, but... hopefully he'll figure out otherwise with time. Delivering the Potion will end the quest, raising your relationship with Dean to the next level.