Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Getting to Know You, visit Meadow Range, go to sleep

Reward: Milkshake Recipe, Milkshake

Unlocks: Messy Garden cleaned

Potion Permit isn't just about healing patients. It's also a game about getting to know them, and learning about their unique, sometimes sad stories. Getting to Know You started you down the path to meeting the many people of Moonbury, and The Kind-Hearted Chemist will show you how to properly befriend fols.

Complete Getting to Know You, then head to the Meadow Range and begin Clearing the Landslide. Once you've done this, head back home and hop into your bed for a snooze. The next day Martha will show up at your door and tell you to become better friends with the people of Moonbury. This requires the use of Mooncloves, and is the focal point of The Kind-Hearted Chemist.

In order to complete The Kind-Hearted Chemist you need to become friends with three of the villagers in Moonbury. Any three will do, so long as you move them to the second level of friendship. There are two ways to accomplish this:
  • The first is simply to speak to the townsfolk on a regular basis. Each day you can speak to a villager and receive a small boost to your friendship score with them. This method only works once per day, and is quite slow on its own - but if you see someone walking by, you might as well chat with them.
  • The second way to befriend a villager is to give them Moon Cloves. Moon Cloves are given to you by villagers whom you've cured of an ailment. You can then pass the Moon Clove on to someone else. As with chatting, you can only give a Moon Clove to a villager once per day.
It is worth noting that the people of Moonbury will only properly interact with you if you're in their good graces - in other words, if there's a green thumbs-up in the top-right corner of your screen. If there's a red thumbs down they won't talk to you, likely because someone came in for treatment and you didn't heal them in time. Tend to your patients properly and you'll put yourself back in the good books of the villagers.

Once you've maxed out the first level of friendship with a villager they will post a request on the Bulletin Board in the Town Square. Check the Bulletin Board and you'll be asked to meet the villager somewhere, usually their home, between specific hours on specific days of the week. Do so and they will give you a quest. The quest can range from something simple - in Martha's case, for example, you just have to meet her in the Town Square - to something a bit more complex, such as fetching an item from another villager or collecting specific materials. Completing their quest will move your relationship with that villager to the second level.

Do this with three villagers, then track down Martha again. (Martha can be one of the people you befriend, even.) She'll give you your reward on the spot, and the quest will be complete.

Go home and have a nap. When you wake up and approach your Cauldron Mayor Myer will show up, congratulate you on making the community a better place, and take you outside. The people of Moonbury have taken it upon themselves to clean up your yard a bit. This will keep happening as you continue to help the town, so keep on befriending people if you want to see things improve.