Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Reach level 2 friendship with Socellia (see below)

Reward: Black Truffle Pasta, Black Truffle Pasta Recipe, Moon Cloves

Unlocks: --

(I'm not 100% sure how to unlock A Joyful Tradition. When it appeared I'd reached the first level of friendship with both Socellia and Victor, who are involved in the resulting cut scene. I suspect befriending Socellia is the key factor here. I also visited the Monastery around 5:00, which may or may not be important to triggering the quest.)

Take a trip to the Monastery in the north of Moonbury, near the Church. Socellia, Victor, and Russo are busy discussing a celebration, and they want Socellia to cook something special for the occasion. You immediately offer to help gather ingredients for making the recipe.

To complete this quest you need to unearth five Truffles. The only way to do this is to lead your dog to buried Truffles and let the dog dig them up. Your dog will automatically dig up dirt mounds once you've maxed out your friendship with the pooch. You can do this by petting and feeding your dog daily. The more the dog likes the food you feed it, the more of a boost your relationship will receive.

Truffles are buried in two places on Glaze Iceberg:
  • In a clearing north of the North of the Glaze Iceberg Fast Travel point.
  • In a clearing south of the North of Glaze Iceberg Fast Travel point. If you see Marigolds you're in the right place.
Note that your dog won't dig up anything if it's hungry. Make sure you have food for your dog in case it gets hungry.

Bring the five Truffles to Socellia and she'll cook up a nice meal for the people of Moonbury. Once the event is over and everyone has left Socellia will give you an extra something as a reward, and the quest will end.