Main Walkthrough

A returning character from Pokémon Generations IV and V, the international police officer named Looker is once again on a case. This time he's based in Lumiose City, and you need to help him investigate a gang operating out of the back alleys. Sounds like fun.

In order to trigger the Looker missions you must first visit the North Boulevard in Lumiose City, both after completing the game and upgrading your Mega Ring. This will trigger a Holo Caster message when you next visit Lumiose City. Fly or walk to the Pokémon Center and somebody should contact you and ask you to check out the Looker Bureau near Rouge Plaza.

Throughout the Looker Missions you'll need to travel around Lumiose City, and unless you have a fantastic sense of direction it's easy to get lost. Assuming you have a deep wallet - which you should by now - you can jump into a taxi and receive an easy ride to almost every place of note that's listed below. You'll make more than enough money performing these quests to handle your cab fare.

Chapter 1

Make your way to Rouge Plaza, the northern-most plaza in Lumiose City. Across from a restaurant watched over by martial artists is a small home. Enter it to find Looker, who will immediately try to recruit you. Agree to help Looker fight crime. 

Looker will now task you with hunting down five Looker Tickets, spread throughout Lumiose City, as a means of training your detective skills. He says he's left 'clues' as to their locations in his notebook, sitting on his desk, but, ah, he's made things rather obvious:
  • "In the Pokémon Center next to Magenta Plaza" - Magenta Plaza is the northwestern plaza in the city, and the Pokémon Center is on the path towards Prism Tower. You'll find the Ticket by the changing room.
  • "In Centrico Plaza, in the tower illuminating the city" - In Prism Tower itself, on the ground floor. It's to the left of the guy who always introduces Pokémon Gyms.
  • "On Vernal Avenue, at a shop selling medicines" - Vernal Avenue is the southern-most road in Lumiose City. The shop in question is beside the rare gems shop.
  • "On North Boulevard, 1F, in a place where people rest" - In the Hotel Richisme, east of the Pokémon Center on the North Boulevard. The Ticket is sitting near one of the eastern pillars.
  • "On North Boulevard, 1F, in a place filled with art" - The last Ticket is in the museum, across the street from Lumiose City's northern Pokémon Center. You'll find it on the first floor of the east wing, beside a woman on a chair.
Return to the Looker Bureau after finding all of the Tickets and agree again to be his partner.

Chapter 2

Next up is scoping out the darkened alleyways of Lumiose City. There are kids in them who may be up to no good. There are four alleys you need to check out. Make sure you speak to Looker until he gives you all of the locations.

South Boulevard, beside Restaurant Le Nah

The first alleyway you're looking for is to the right of the Restaurant Le Nah, a one-star restaurant on the eastern border between North and South Boulevard. Enter and you'll have to face off against several trainers. They're all really easy.

Preschooler Natalie
  • Swinub, level 53
  • Bonsly, level 53
Reward: 848 P

Preschooler Lily
  • Igglybuff, level 55
Reward: 880 P

Schoolgirl Callie
  • Rapidash, level 53
  • Leavanny, level 53
  • Kingler, level 53
Reward: 1,696 P

Schoolboy Macon
  • Spiritomb, level 55
Reward: 1,792 P

Looker will rush in to settle things, and you'll meet someone who is more important than she initially looks. You'll also meet a little Pokémon named Mimi, and you'll need to pursue her into the remaining alleyways of Lumiose City. Whenever you find Mimi you'll need to either Smile at her, Dance for her, or Sing for her. Anything else will bore her. If you don't appease Mimi you'll need to check the alleyways again and keep bouncing between the three until she likes you.

North Boulevard, across from the Galette Stand

The Galette Stand is way in the north of Lumiose. Head east of the stand and look on the right side of the street for the alleyway. There's a woman in green standing out front of the alleyway. Speak to Mimi in the alley and she'll run off again.

North Boulevard, across from Lumiose Station

The Station is just up the road from Restaurant Le Nah, on the border with South Boulevard. If you want to avoid getting lost you can use a taxi to jump right to the Station. The alleyway is across the street from the entrance.

North Boulevard, beside Café Triste

The Café Triste is near the Galette Stand in North Boulevard as you head west. Keep going west to find the alleyway. Mimi is within. Dance to endear yourself to the thing.

Check out all of the alleyways above until Mimi is happy. Mimi and her human friend Emma will join the Looker Bureau. Head to North Boulevard and wait for a call from Looker, then zip back to the Bureau.

Chapter 3

A long cut scene follows the beginning of this chapter. Follow Looker to Lumiose Station once he's done gabbing. There are three Pokémon battles waiting for you on the east end of the southern platform.

Lumiose Gang Member Sedna
  • Mandibuzz, level 58
Reward: 4,640 P

Lumiose Gang Member Eris
  • Pangoro, level 56
  • Bouffalant, level 56
Reward: 4,480 P

Lumiose Gang Member Nix
  • Druddigon, level 56
  • Krookodile, level 56
Reward: 4,480 P

Once you're through with these battles Emma will rush up and put things to rest with the Lumiose Gang.

Chapter 4

Head out to North Boulevard. Looker will call again. Head back to the Bureau, listen to Looker, then take a trip to the Lumiose Museum. It's straight ahead, onto North Boulevard, and to your right. Head up to the top floor and talk to the museum director in front of the graffitied painting. Leave again after he's done talking.

You'll get two calls once you're outside. Head back to the Bureau and Looker will outline a plan to deal with the problem. Agree to the plan, then leave and head for the alleyway across from the Galette Stand. There's a trainer waiting.

Suspicious Trainer "???"
  • Jellicent, level 58
  • Volcarona, level 60
Reward: 8,400 P

These are strong Pokémon, but this is a bad combo for their side. Let Jellicent use Rain Dance before taking it down. You can thereafter use boosted Water-type moves to massacre Volcarona.

The Suspicious Trainer will run off just as Looker arrives. He'll heal your Pokémon before you leave. Head to Café Triste, just down the street to the left, and you'll get into another fight in the alleyway.

Suspicious Child "???"
  • Whimsicott, level 57
  • Granbull, level 57
  • Mawile, level 57
Reward: 1,824 P

Next you'll need to head to the alleyway across from Luimose Station, though there's no fight waiting for you this time. Looks like someone else was already burgled. You'll be redirected to the final alley, in South Boulevard. You'll find it on your right from your current alley and just beyond the screen transition between North and South Boulevard. This fight will end the chapter in dramatic fashion.

Suspicious Lady "???"
  • Persian, level 60
Reward: 960 P

Chapter 5

Head to North Boulevard to get a call, then travel back to the Bureau. This time you'll get into a battle upon arrival.

Butler Chalmers
  • Braviary, level 62
Reward: 4,960 P

Depart for Hotel Richissime, just down the street from the Bureau on North Boulevard. Head up to the top floor and look in the room to the left. Another fight awaits, though despite the identity of the battler it's pretty easy. She'll point you towards your next destination.

Pokémon Trainer Malva
  • Pyroar, level 63
Reward: 12,600 P

Lysandre Labs

Make tracks for Café Lysandre, in Magenta Plaza. Make sure you're all healed up, then head inside. Choose "Hidden Floor" in the elevator. Immediately after leaving the elevator you'll be challenged to a battle.

Scientist Sonia
  • Elgyem, level 60
  • Klinklang, level 60
Reward: 4,320 P

This floor is similar to one you faced earlier in the game, where you needed to use navigational pads to get around. Hop on the top transport pad to your left, then get on the green pad to the north to teleport to another party of the room. Take the second green pad in the next room to the north, then jump on the next two northbound direction pads. There's another trainer waiting at the end.

Scientist Ernst
  • Weezing, level 61
  • Heliolisk, level 59
Reward: 4,248 P

Weezing is horrid since it can, and will, use Explosion to murder one of your Pokémon. Something with a high Defense score is ideal. Heliolisk isn't as bad, though Thunder can still do some damage if you're unlucky.

Jump on the pad to your right, then the next one to the south. Walk east once you arrive. There are three pads that are close together; jump on the top-right pad that's pointed east. Keep following the directional pathways beyond to find another trainer. She should be familiar.

Lumiose Gang Member Sedna
  • Mandibuzz, level 62
Reward: 4,960 P

Hop on the pad to the left of Sedna. Walk between the four pads once you stop and head southwest to face another familiar trainer.

Lumiose Gang Member Eris
  • Pangoro, level 60
  • Bouffalant, level 60
Reward: 4,800 P

Hop on the green pad to the southwest of Eris. It will zip you to the southeast corner of this maze. Another trainer waits to the north.

Scientist Justus
  • Muk, level 62
Reward: 4,464 P

Hop on the green teleport pad next to Justus. Trainer ahead!

Lumiose Gang Member Nix
  • Druddigon, level 59
  • Krookodile, level 61
Reward: 4,880 P

Follow Nix into the room to the north. The Poké Balls in here sadly aren't items. Inspect the shelves for things to read. Check them all, then talk to Nix. You have to check them all or you won't be allowed to leave. After Nix takes off, approach the next two people to show up. You'll be facing a string of familiar battles from earlier in the Looker Missions, all basically the same as last time.

Pokémon Trainer Essentia
  • Jellicent, level 64
  • Volcarona, level 66
Reward: 9,240 P

Pokémon Trainer Essentia
  • Whimsicott, level 63
  • Granbull, level 63
  • Mawile, level 63
Reward: 8,820 P

Pokémon Trainer Essentia
  • Persian, level 66
Reward: 9,240 P

At this point Looker will show up, and you can speak to him for a quick heal before the final fight against Essentia.

Pokémon Trainer Essentia
  • Crobat, level 68
  • Malamar, level 70
Reward: 9,800 P

Ah, finally some new Pokémon. Crobat is tricksy in negating stat boosts, but is otherwise not that bad. Malamar is fairly straightforward, if powerful, with Night Slash and Superpower. Neither is a huge problem.

That's it for Lysandre Labs. Head out to North Boulevard from the Looker Bureayuand you'll get another message. Head back to the Bureau and watch the cut scene that follows. As you try to leave you'll run into Nix, who will tell you to go to the Museum. Head to the top floor of the Museum and speak to the director again. When you leave the Museum you'll receive a message sending you to the Lysandre Café in Magenta Plaza, where the Looker Missions will come to a close.

... except, of course, for one final, optional battle, back at the Looker Bureau.

Pokémon Trainer Essentia
  • Crobat, level 73
  • Malamar, level 75
Reward: 10,500 P