Main Walkthrough

Congratulations, Champion! You stand at the top of the Pokémon League! It's difficult to imagine a more prestigious position... so where do you go from here? According to Shauna, Professor Sycamore has an idea. 

Head for Lumiose City after you've beaten Pokémon X and Y and meet Sycamore at Lumiose Station on the North Boulevard. He'll give you a TMV Pass, allowing you to take the train to Kiloude City. Use the train on the ticketing machine and off you go.

Kiloude City isn't enormous, and you won't be catching any new Pokémon during your visits. It's nevertheless a city that you will revisit a number of times if you want to make the most of your team. Let's have a look around.
  • You'll arrive in Kiloude Station. Speak to the boy right next to where you appear. Answer 'Perfume' to his question and he'll give you a Max Revive.
  • Leave Kiloude Station. A man at the entrance will recognize you and give you the Vs. Recorder. You can use the Vs. Recorder to record your battles and upload them online.
  • Down the street to the east is the local Pokémon Center. Inside is a man called the Judge who will tell you the overall 'potential' of a Pokémon - namely, the progression of its stats, and in what areas it is strongest. Also here is a vendor who will sell you several powerful TMs, including Overheat, Wild Charge, Giga Impact, Reflect, and Light Screen.
  • Continue east down the street. In the bottom-right corner of Kiloude City is a house. A little girl inside will give you TM91 Flash Cannon. North of her house, up the stairs and on your right, is a Nugget.
  • In the center of town is the Battle Maison. You can fight battles in the Maison in exchange for Battle Points (BP) which you can then spend on a variety of prizes. Your opponents are randomized, and you can fight in a variety of different formats. Your Pokémon are automatically set to level 50 for every battle and cannot gain experience, so don't count on steamrolling through Battle Maison fights. The sheer number of useful prizes you can receive from spending BP is staggering, making this a great place to visit if you plan on playing a lot of multiplayer matches.
  • West of the Battle Maison is a house. Inside is a young man who will ask your opinion regarding flying or levitating Pokémon and Ground-type moves. He'll ask you a series of questions, all of which will ultimately lead you to a battle, regardless of your choices.
Ace Trainer Anton
  • Weezing, level 65
  • Bronzong, level 65
  • Eelektross, level 66
Reward: 6,600 P
  • North of Anton's house are two more. A girl in the left house will give you TM58 Sky Drop. The punkish girl in the right house wants to see a Kyurem, and if you show her one she'll give you DNA Splicers which you can use to combine Kyurem with Zekrom and Reshiram. You'll need to trade all three of these Pokémon from a Generation V game.
  • Run all the way northeast. Inside the house you'll find is the Friend Safari. Each owner of a 3DS receives a friend code, and you can visit the Friend Safaris of each person you register in your 3DS as a Friend. Each Safari will have its own unique Pokémon to capture. In short, the more Friends you have registered, the more options for catching Pokémon. Check the bush to the right of the Friend Safari to find a hidden PP Up.
  • In the north of Kiloude City is a small park with a pond in the center. There's an Artist here who wants to paint something very specific, based entirely on the clothes you're wearing. Guys will have to make their outfit as colorful as possible, using bright tones on all parts of their body, before speaking to her. In exchange, she'll give you the Bamboo Sprig Hat. Girls are a bit more specific, as the artist wants them to be "feminine and lacy"; try visiting the boutique in Anistar City. Girls get a Sundae Dress.
  • Check the small patch of flowers up and to the right of the Artist to find a Max Revive.
And that's Kiloude City. All done? Not quite. Participate in a few battles in the Battle Maison, then check the park with the artist again. You'll find Calem / Serena waiting, and they want to battle.

Pokémon Trainer Calem / Serena
  • Meowstic, level 66
  • Vaporeon / Flareon / Jolteon, level 66
  • Altaria, level 67
  • Clefable, level 68
  • Absol, level 68
  • Chesnaught / Delphox / Greninja, level 70
Reward: 7,000 P, Absolite

Your neighbor hasn't changed much, and by now you'll have plenty of countermeasures to get rid of their Pokémon. Clefable is the exception, and you'll have to cope with Focus Blast and Moonblast while mashing away at its high health. Poison is a good way to mow through it. Absol will become Mega Absol when it first enters the arena, though that shouldn't change your strategy all that much.

In addition to the Absolite you'll win for beating your neighbor, they'll tell you that Sycamore has learned something new about Mega Evolution. Check out the sundial in the north of Anistar City and you'll find Sycamore. He will upgrade your Mega Ring, allowing you to detect the remaining Mega Stones spread throughout Kalos. 

Main Walkthrough