Part 2: Route 2 and Santalune Forest

Main Walkthrough

Route 3: Ouvert Way Pokémon

  • Azurill - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Bidoof - Uncommon, Tall Grass
  • Bunnelby - Uncommon, Tall Grass
  • Burmy - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Dunsparce - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Fletchling - Uncommon, Tall Grass
  • Marill - Common, Surfing
  • Masquerain - Common, Surfing
  • Pidgey - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Pikachu - Rare, Tall Grass
Route 3 Fishing
  • Corphish - Uncommon (Good Rod)
  • Crawdaunt - Rare (Super Rod)
  • Goldeen - Common (Good Rod)
  • Gyarados - Common (Super Rod)
  • Magikarp - Common (Old Rod)
  • Seaking - Uncommon (Super Rod)
The journey continues! You've successfully explored Santalune Forest, and now you're on your way to the city of the same name. First, though, you have another Route to traverse. There are a few new Pokémon to collect, as well. They're noted above. (The Pokémon marked 'Surfing' and 'Fishing' aren't available for a little while, so don't worry about them. You'll get your chance to explore water soon enough.)

North of where you come out of Santalune Forest you'll hit a trainer battle. There's another just past him, as well. You can avoid both by walking through the tall grass opposite where they're standing.

Preschooler Oliver
  • Caterpie, level 2
  • Azurill, level 4
Reward: 64 P

Preschooler Ella
  • Pichu, level 5
Reward: 80 P

Go down the stairs to the north of Ella. Note the bush north of the bottom of the stairs. You'll be able to Cut this down eventually and get at the item behind it, though not just yet. South of these stairs, and the bush, is yet another trainer to fight. 

Schoolgirl Bridget
  • Bidoof, level 6
Reward: 192 P

Jump down the cliffs by Bridget to find a Super Potion. On your way back up through the grass you'll meet another trainer. North of him is your destination, Santalune City.

Schoolboy Brighton
  • Pansage, level 3
  • Pansear, level 3
  • Panpour, level 3
Reward: 96 P

Santalune City

First thing's first: Heal your Pokémon. Your first Pokémon Center of the game is right near the entrance of Santalune City. You can also purchase more items from the Poke Mart in the back, though spending cash on the X items isn't advisable. They're expensive, and you don't really need them at this stage in the game. You can also change your clothes here...

... and you can buy more clothes in the Boutique next to the Pokémon Center. It's not a great idea to splurge on extra clothes this early in the game, however, as money is a precious commodity and they're quite expensive. This particular Boutique sells a range of hats for your trainer.

Besides the Pokémon Center there are some items to pick up as you explore Santalune City:
  • In the home directly west of the central fountain there's a man who will trade you a Farfetch'd for a Bunnelby.
  • There's a boy in the home directly east of the fountain who will give you a Great Ball.
  • Up a hill in the northwest of Santalune City you'll find a small café with a flower box out front. Check the flower box for a Super Potion.
  • In the north of Santalune City is a Trainers' School. Here you can brush up on the basics. An older man inside will give you a handful of X Attacks and X Defenses.

That's all for Santalune City. There are two exits, one leading to Route 4 and the other to Route 22. If you want to do more training you can head to Route 22 and explore a bit. Route 22 ultimately leads to Victory Road, an end-game location that you can't challenge yet. We'll have a look at it in the next article. Route 4 is blocked entirely until you complete the Pokémon League Gym in Santalune City. 

Return Trip - Route 3
  • On the other side of the patch of water to the left of the entrance of Route 3 is a Dawn Stone. You'll need to be able to Surf to reach it.
  • The tree you can Cut is blocking a Revive.