After a brief slog through the muck of Route 14 you've wound up in Laverre City, a pleasant little burg that's much cheerier than the lands surrounding it. Your sixth Pokémon League challenge is waiting here, though the town itself deserves some inspection before you go battling any trainers. Shall we have a look around?
  • Speak to the little boy looking at the mushrooms near the Route 14 entrance. He'll give you TM41 Torment. Check the mushrooms themselves for a Tiny Mushroom.
  • Next to the entrance is a clothing store. Buy to your heart's content, as you likely have a surplus of money by now.
  • There's a small path between the clothing shop and the adjacent shack. It leads to an Ether.
  • The Pokémon Center is to your right. Mr. Bonding is inside, and he'll give you the Encounter O-Power. Also here is a Poké Mart vendor who will sell you various items for increasing your base stats. If you don't like Super Training then this vendor is the quickest, easiest way to boost EVs.
  • Between the Pokémon Center and the Route 15 gate is a man in a black suit. He wants to see tiny Pokémon. Show him one and he'll give you a Poké Doll. A Goomy from the swamp will fulfill his needs. You can continue to show him tiny Pokémon daily for more Poké Dolls.
  • Head north through Laverre City, across the bridge. The first building you see is the Pokémon Gym. We'll come back to it.
  • Go east of the Gym. Inside the shack you find is a man who will teach your starter one of three moves: Grass, Fire, or Water Pledge. They're fairly powerful, and become even more powerful if paired with another Pledge move.
  • Go west of the Gym. Just above the No Surfing sign you'll see a patch of path that's covered in grass. Check it for a hidden Ultra Ball.
  • Go north to the next line of shacks. There's a woman standing outside them who will give you Gengarite. If you've managed to evolve a Gengar for yourself it can tear through Laverre City Gym with Gengarite attached.
  • Inside the right shack is a woman who will tell you which Pokémon used to collect each Pokémon League Badge...
  • ... and inside the left shack is a man who will give your Pokémon Effort Ribbons if they've accumulated enough EVs.
  • Head east of the shacks, behind the Gym. Outside a café you'll find a woman who wants to see BIG pokémon. Show her one and she, too, will give you a daily Poké Doll. You need something over 9 feet long, so an Onix or Steelix should work. Also outside the café is a clump of mushrooms that you can check for a Leaf Stone.
  • The café itself is home to a variety of travelers who can help fill your Pokédex. You'll need to pay to visit each section and receive new entries.
North of Laverre City is the Poké Ball Factory. You can't enter it yet, thanks to Team Flare. We'll be coming here after we trounce the Laverre City Gym. Speaking of which...

Laverre City Gym

Laverre City Gym is home to a platoon of Fairy-type trainers. If you're largely familiar with Generations I to V of Pokémon, there's a good chance you won't know what to do against Fairy-types, and X and Y has not done a lot to prep you for fighting them up to this point. Fairy-type Pokémon are best fought with either Poison- or Steel-type Pokémon, neither of which are generally considered offensively strong. They work great here. Fairy-types themselves are strong against Dark-, Fighting-, and Dragon-type Pokémon, so make sure you leave all three types out of your active team when you enter this place. Dragon-types in particular get slaughtered by Fairy-types, as Dragon-type moves don't affect Fairy-type Pokémon at all.

Laverre City Gym features a set of teleporting tiles. You'll have to navigate them correctly to reach the Gym Leader. The map included shows where each of the teleportation pads lead. If for some reason you can't see the map, you want to take the left pad, the bottom-left pad, the bottom-left pad, the bottom-right pad, and the top-left pad, in that order. These will teleport you to the Gym Leader.

Along the way, predictably, you'll run into various gym trainers. Their stats and positioning are included below. You'll run into all four if you use the directions noted on the map.

Furisode Girl Kali (Middle)
  • Dedenne, level 38
  • Azumarill, level 38
Reward: 2,736 P

Dedenne is simply too frail to be much trouble. Azumarril is another matter, as it loves to use Aqua Ring to continuously heal its HP, and is good at absorbing attacks. Something super effective like Electric- or Poison-type is preferable here, especially if you can use the poison status to offset Aqua Ring's healing.

Furisode Girl Linnea (Bottom Right)
  • Aromatisse, level 40
Reward: 2,880 P

Potentially very annoying. Note the gender of her Pokémon and send in a female, as it'll otherwise use Attract and gum up your attacks. Otherwise not that bad.

Furisode Girl Blossom (Middle Left)
  • Klefki, level 37
  • Kirlia, level 37
  • Granbull, level 37
Reward: 2,664 P

Furisode Girl Katherine (Top Right)
  • Slurpuff, level 40
Reward: 2,880 P

Enough of the small fry. Time for a nice 'ol boss battle.

Leader Valerie
  • Mawile, level 38
  • Mr. Mime, level 39
  • Sylveon, level 42
Reward: 6,720 P, TM99

The battle against Valerie is a good test of how well you know Fairy-types. Mawile loves to use Crunch after bolstering itself, while Mr. Mime and Sylveon will spam Dazzling Gleam, a rather painful Fairy-type move. Ground-type moves are good for wiping out Mawile, while Mr. Mime and Sylveon should fall fast to Steel-type moves or a straight-out neutral beating. Try to take out Mr. Mime quickly, as he likes to set up Reflect and lower the damage its team takes. If you can't stop Mr. Mime before it uses Reflect, wait out the move's duration before knocking it out. Sylveon's attacks are a fair bit stronger, and you don't want it protected.

Winning the battle with earn you the Fairy Badge, allowing you to use Pokémon up to level 80 without difficulty. You'll also receive TM99 Dazzling Gleam. That's six down.