Route 14: Laverre Nature Trail Pokémon
  • Bellsprout (Horde) - Common
  • Carnivine - Rare, Tall Grass / Swamp
  • Ekans (Horde) - Rare
  • Goomy - Uncommon, Swamp / Rare, Tall Grass / Surfing
  • Haunter - Rare, Tall Grass / Swamp
  • Karrablast - Rare, Tall Grass / Swamp
  • Quagsire - Common, Swamp / Surfing - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Shelmet - Rare, Tall Grass / Swamp
  • Skorupi - Uncommon, Tall Grass
  • Skorupi (Horde) - Uncommon
  • Stunfisk - Uncommon, Swamp / Surfing
  • Weepinbell - Uncommon, Tall Grass
Route 15 Fishing
  • Barboach - Common (Good Rod)
  • Poliwag - Common (Old Rod)
  • Poliwhirl - Uncommon (Good Rod) / Common (Super Rod)
  • Whiscash - Uncommon (Super Rod)
Five Badges down, three to go. With Lumiose City conquered you're now headed off to the east end of Kalos to get your remaining Badges. Be prepared for some gross weather, as Route 14 is a swamp that will slow your progress at every step.

Head through the gate to Route 14, across from the Pokémon Center on North Boulevard. A cut scene with your rivals ensues, followed by a battle.

Pokémon Trainer Calem / Serena
  • Meowstic, level 35
  • Absol, level 35
  • Chesnaught / Delphox / Greninja, level 37
Reward: 3,700 P

Your neighbor strikes back. This fight is really not that bad if you're accustomed to fighting them, which you should be after the previous fights. Meowstic sets up a Light Screen defense while the other two use their strongest attacks. Exploit the usual weaknesses to bring them down.

Have a look around the small playground near the gate once everyone takes off. To your left is a sandpit, and in the middle of the sand is a hidden Super Potion. Beside the swing set on the right you'll find a Rare Candy down a small, narrow path. North of here is grass and water, and even just wading through the swamp will get you into Pokémon battles. Beyond both is a trainer.

Pokémon Ranger Melina
  • Arbok, level 35
  • Pyroar, level 37
Reward: 2,960 P

Just east of Melina is a fallen log. Inspect the clump of leaves beside it for a Tiny Mushroom. Head east of the log, then north at the turn. You'll find a Cleanse Tag and a dead end. West of Melina you'll see a Big Mushroom sitting in the next watery clearing, penned in by more wood. To the north is the next trainer.

Pokémon Ranger Nash
  • Goomy, level 38
Reward: 3,040 P

Head east. You'll quickly run into a creepy trainer. This lot specializes in Ghost-types, so you'll have a general idea of which Pokémon should take the lead.

Hex Maniac Anina
  • Litwick, level 34
  • Haunter, level 34
Reward: 1,080 P

North of Anina is a clearing that's dominated by water. Check out the west side and you'll find deeper water to Surf across. Do so to find a Hyper Potion. You can also take the longer walk across, though doing so will probably run you into a roaming trainer.

Pokémon Ranger Reed
  • Poliwhirl, level 35
  • Fraxure, level 36
  • Loudred, level 34
Reward: 2,880 P

North of Reed is a girl looking at the swamp. Talk to her for TM06 Toxic. Surf across the water she's staring at to find a Damp Rock. East of this girl is a thin path that will lead you to a dainty little Fairy-type trainer who is guarding a Roseli Berry tree. Also near her is a tree to Cut down, and the path beyond will take you to TM61 Will-O-Wisp.

Fairy Tale Girl Imogen
  • Floette, level 33
  • Slurpuff, level 35
Reward: 1,120 P

Backtrack across the water and head west. When you hit land you'll find your rivals outside the 'scary house' - more of a tourist attraction, really - and once the scene is done everyone will scatter. Look south of the house, through the swamp, to find a Spell Tag sitting near a ledge leading to an earlier area. Hidden in a broken piece of stone to the north of the Spell Tag is a Revive.

That's all for Route 14. Return to the swamp to the east of the scary house, then veer north. As the sky above clears you'll wind up in Laverre City, home of your next gym battle. Ready to face some Fairy-types?