Part 21: Route 13 and Kalos Power Plant

Main Walkthrough

Ahhh, the big city. Thanks to your admirable efforts the power to Lumiose City has been restored, and you can now explore the whole of the area, not just the southern streets. Time to do some sight-seeing, starting with the epic Prism Tower.

Shauna doesn't give you much choice when you enter the city. Head towards Prism Tower in the distance. Approach the tower and watch the cut scene. Yaaaay. Prism Tower is now the Pokémon Gym of Lumiose City. We'll get to it shortly. (At the side of Prism Tower is a Pokémon Center. Nothing of note waits inside, though one person does mention Professor Oak, as well as his grandson. Hmm, intriguing.)

Now that Lumiose City in its entirety has been unlocked, you can explore the numerous plazas and avenues surrounding Prism Tower, which lays in the middle of Lumiose City. We'll start with the outer ring and work our way in, beginning from the Route 13 entrance in North Boulevard. (For the areas not covered in this section of the walkthrough, please check this article instead. It covers the south of Lumiose City, and two of the avenues.)

Occasionally while exploring Lumiose City you'll come across empty alleyways. These seem to be pointless little diversions, and they are... for now. Eventually they'll be part of a side story in Lumiose City. You can ignore them for now. 

Note that you can also now get around Lumiose City using Gogoat Shuttles. Look for blue signs on posts along the streets to summon a Gogoat Shuttle. It'll cost you 200 P per ride.

North Boulevard
  • Take a left down North Boulevard. There's a stand on the left side of the street that sells Lumiose Galettes. Buy one and you'll receive a Moomoo Milk, free of charge, once per day. Galettes can be purchased four times each day, at 3:00 am, 9:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 9:00 pm.
  • Down the street from the Galette stand and across from an alleyway is an office building. Something very creepy will happen on the second floor, while girls on the third floor will give you a Black Belt and a Protein.
  • Past the Route 14 exit is another Pokémon Center. You can buy Heal, Net, and Nest Balls at the second Poké Mart vendor.
  • There's a large building across from the Pokémon Center, no less than the Lumiose Museum. If you feel like paying $200 you can learn about each of the paintings in this area. A man with purple hair on the first floor will give you TM82 Dragon Tail.
  • Down the street, you'll find the Hotel Richissime.

Hotel Richissime

How posh. Mr. Bonding is in the lobby. Guess he couldn't afford a room. He'll give you the Bargain O-Power. Head to the fifth floor and a girl in a bathroom in the right suite will give you TM49 Echoed Voice.

Speak to the woman in the lobby, behind the desk with the older man. She'll offer to let you work at the hotel. You can do one of three jobs once per day:
  • Room Service: Work at the front desk, memorizing orders. Someone in the hotel will order food and you'll have to remember exactly what they ordered and then relay it to the kitchen. Get the order exactly right - write it down somewhere - and you'll earn an easy 2,000 P.
  • Making Beds: Make beds. Simple as that. Move from room to room and interact with each bed to clean it up. There are four beds on the floor, and the rooms are arranged in a square. This task is quite easy, even with other workers running accidental interference. Complete the bed-making within 75 seconds to earn 2,000 P.
  • Lost and Found: Enter a hotel room and look for missing items. This amounts to moving from one square to the next, constantly hitting A until you come across the missing item. Don't enter a square without first searching it or you might step on the missing item and destroy it. Find what's missing and you'll earn 2,000 P.
Continue to do these jobs and you'll earn more per job, up to 50,000 P. You can also earn less each day if you put in a substandard effort.

North Boulevard
  • Back to the street. Next to the Hotel is another building. A Scientist in the lobby wants to see a Pokémon with Aroma Veil, Flower Veil, or Sweet Veil. Show her one such Pokémon (Flabébé works, if you need an example) to receive a Star Piece. A little girl on the fourth floor will give you a Prism Scale.
  • Outside this building is a roller skater. She'll teach you how to backflip when skating. Ooo.
  • Beside the Route 16 exit is the Battle Institute. Once you beat the game you can come here and take Battle Tests. Right now it's little use to you.
  • Beside the Battle Institute is Lumiose Station. You don't have a pass, so you can't make much use of this place just yet. Keep it in mind for later.
Boulevard done. Head to the next main street to your right. It's down the second right on the approach to Prism Tower from Northern Boulevard. From this point on it is very difficult to keep your directions straight, so pay more attention to the names of the Avenues and Plazas when searching if you get lost.

Jaune Plaza

Off to the side of the plaza, in an alley, is a small house. No items, but hey, this is Trevor's house.
Take the north path from here to find Hibernal Avenue.

Hibernal Avenue

There's a three-star restaurant here where you can dine and battle. You'll have to come back once you've beaten the Champion, though. Across the street from the path to Jaune Plaza you'll find Rouge Plaza.

Rouge Plaza

Head down the narrow street leading back to the Northern Boulevard from this plaza to find a restaurant manned by karate dudes. They won't let you in until you're 'famous'. In other words, come back here once you've beaten the Champion. Also here is a small home where a man speaks of a 'tenant'. Hmmm. You won't get to learn who this is until you've beaten the game.

Return to the plaza and head west to find Autumnal Avenue.

Autumnal Avenue

A restaurant here will allow you to battle a series of Triple or Rotation Battles in a row for the steep price of 15,000 P. The money's worth it, though, because not only will you earn a substantial portion of your cash back from the four battles, you'll win a prize at the end. Manage to complete each battle without losing your Pokémon, in the described number of turns, and you'll earn more of said prize. For example, I completed all four Triple Battles in the required number of turns, without losing any Pokémon, and won 20 Big Mushrooms. You can sell such items for a hefty sum.

Next to the restaurant is a store. The vendor will sell you all of the specialty Poké Balls found in the game. Tell the girl in here that you like round things and she'll give you a Luxury Ball.

West of here is Magenta Plaza.

Magenta Plaza

Not much to see here, other than a questionable café. It will be important later in the game, but not for a little while. Continue west.

Estival Avenue
  • Look for a café filled with roller skaters. A girl in here will teach you the 360 skating trick.
  • Across the street from the café is a Loto-ID. Once a day you can get a ticket which will compare to the ID numbers of your Pokémon. Match one of your Pokémon with an ID number and you'll win a prize. Matching one digit will get you a Moomoo Milk; matching two digits will get you a PP UP; matching three digits will get you a PP Max; matching four digits will get you a Rare Candy; and matching all five digits will get you a Master Ball.
  • Near the Loto-ID store is the office of a magazine. Alexa will act as a guide for the city, and you can read a memo on the desk to learn about the traveling Editor-in-Chief.
Continue west and you'll hit Bleu Plaza.

Bleu Plaza

There are a few trainers in here whom you can challenge. One's in the plaza itself, one's in the street leading to Prism Tower, and the last is in a narrow alleyway.

Chef Kamaboko
  • Pidgeotto, level 30
Reward: 600 P

Waitress Paget
  • Kirlia, level 30
Reward: 600 P

Owner Toro
  • Diggersby, level 30
Reward: 600 P

Further west you'll hit Vernal Avenue, which was covered in the previous guide for Lumiose City. It's worth a visit regardless. Further west from Vernal Avenue is the last of the plazas, Vert Plaza.

Vernal Plaza

Similar to Bleu Plaza, Vernal Plaza is a hangout for trainers. Or, uh, just one. Besides her you'll find a café with little of interest inside.

Pink Girl Lillian
  • Krokorok, level 30
Reward: 600 P

Beating up Lillian's Pokémon will bring your trip through Lumiose City's smaller districts to a close, at least for the moment. There's more to be done in this grand metropolis later in the game. In the meantime, you have a gym to challenge and a Badge to collect.

Return Trip

The three-star restaurant on Hibernal Avenue will no longer scare you off after beating the Champion. Here you can partake of a Double Battle, a Triple Battle or a Rotation Battle set for $100,000. As usual, you're expected to complete the battles within a certain period of time. Depending on how well you do, you'll get a certain number of Balm Mushrooms. The better you adhere to the turns listed before each battle, the more Balm Mushrooms you get. Between prize money and selling Balm Mushrooms, you can make a killing at this restaurant.