Part 19: Azure Bay

Main Walkthrough

After traversing Route 12 and (potentially) checking out Azure Bay, you've arrived in Coumarine City. Coming close on the heels of your third gym visit, Coumarine City is home to yet another Pokémon League Gym. First, though, there's a segmented city to check out, and plenty of items to collect. Let's go exploring.
  • East of the entrance is a house. An old man inside will give you a Silk Scarf.
  • Just south of this house is a stall vendor who sells a variety of Incense. All are expensive, but they're also very helpful, mimicking many of the powers of items you'd otherwise have to hunt down in dungeons.
  • Check the stall just south of this one. It's empty, but a sign here will offer you a free Berry each day. Look behind this stall for a hidden Awakening.
  • The Fisherman just east of the stalls will give you the Good Rod. The kinds of Pokémon you can catch while fishing expands tremendously with the Good Rod, so don't miss out on this item if you're trying to fill out your Pokédex.
  • Follow the path north to the Coumarine Hotel. A girl on the left side of the lobby will give you a Lucky Egg if you have a good relationship with your lead Pokémon. The Lucky Egg increases the experience gained by the Pokémon holding it after you win a battle, and should not be missed. Also here, on the second floor, is the Game Director. Fill up the Pokédex and he'll eventually have something for you. 
  • If you come to the Coumarine Hotel on Thursdays you'll find a woman on the second floor who will give your Pokémon Careless Ribbons. On Sundays there will be a woman who gives Smile Ribbons instead.
Talk to the girl on the cape west of the Hotel. She'll give you a TM if you answer her question correctly. This question is random each day, and the answers to the questions are the TM you'll receive: 
  • "If the user is not holding an item, this attack inflicts massive damage." TM62 Acrobatics
  • "This move prevents the target from using its held item." TM63 Embargo
  • "Slower Pokémon get to move first for five turns." TM92 Trick Room
  • "It makes the target lose its ability to concentrate and lowers the target's Sp. Atk stat." TM100 Confide

Head back south from the Hotel to the monorail station. Watch the cut scene with Sycamore and Diantha and you'll receive HM02 Fly. Equip Fly on a Pokémon and you can backtrack to cities you've visited previously in an instant. Very handy - though you need to beat the local gym before you can use Fly outside battles.

Talk to the woman at the desk next to use the monorail. This will take you to the other section of Coumarine City, where there's more to find.
  • Talk to the man by the desk when you reach the connecting monorail station for a Metronome.
  • Next to the connecting monorail station is a Pokémon Center. Inside you'll find Mr. Bonding, who seems to have developed a sudden dislike for hotels. He'll give you the Befriending O-Power. 
  • There's a house beside the Pokémon Center, and a sign beside that. Check between the sign and the house to find a Max Repel.
  • Follow the main main west then head south, through the Route 13 gate. A man with dyed hair here will give you Black Sludge
  • There are two houses along the road south of the Pokémon Center. A girl in the left house will mimic the call of one of your party Pokémon. Identify which one and she'll give you a Poké Toy.
  • North along the main path you'll find the Pokémon Gym. Take a right before entering the gym to find a Sky Plate on the edge of a cliff.

Approach the Pokémon Gym and your neighbor will challenge you to a battle.

Pokémon Trainer Calem / Serena
  • Meowstic, level 31
  • Absol, level 31
  • Quilladin / Braixen / Frogadier, level 33
Reward: $3,300

Not that tough a battle, overall. Meowstic should be wasted quickly to stop it from setting up Light Screen so you can more quickly kill Absol. The starter is predictable. 

Coumarine City Gym

Coumarine City Gym is another climbing course, and you need to reach the top by climbing ropes. You'll figure out quickly that this gym is primarily a Grass-type challenge. Flying-, Fire-, Bug-, Ice- and Poison-type Pokémon and moves will do well here. Expect a very easy time if you've been training a Talonflame or a Charizard.

Climb the first rope. You're now at a split. West is a dead end, while east leads to a trainer.

Pokémon Ranger Chaise
  • Simisage, level 32
Reward: 2,560 P

Carry on until you hit a three-way split. Up the rope is a dead end; east is a trainer; west is the path forward.

Pokémon Ranger Maurice
  • Ferroseed, level 29
  • Lombre, level 29
  • Carnivine, level 29
Reward: 2,320 P

Keep following the course and it will bring you to a rope guarded by a trainer.

Pokémon Ranger Brooke
  • Roselia, level 30
  • Wormadam, level 30
Reward: 2,400 P

Onwards to the next split. West is a dead end, while to the east is a trainer and the path forward.

Pokémon Ranger Twiggy
  • Gloom, level 29
  • Exeggutor, level 31
Reward: 2,480 P

Keep climbing. You'll soon be facing off against no less than Ramos, the resident gym leader. Game on!

Leader Ramos
  • Jumpluff, level 30
  • Weepinbell, level 31
  • Gogoat, level 34
Reward: 5,440 P, TM 86

Ramos is tough, but hardly impossible. Jumpluff loves Acrobatics, and is not held back by an item, so don't put anything weak to Flying-type moves up against it. Weepinbell doesn't have enough HP to be much of a threat. Gogoat is probably the greatest threat here, as it can use both Bulldoze and Grass Knot to dish out a ton of damage. A Flying-type is ideal to avoid the effects of Bulldoze, and will probably be light enough that Grass Knot won't hurt a whole lot.

Win the battle and you'll earn the Plant Badge, which allows you to control Pokémon up to level 60. You can now also use Fly outside of battle. Ramos also gives you TM86 Grass Knot. Finish up and zip down the slide to the right of Ramos to leave. The adventure continues!

Return Trip
  • After you beat the Elite Four and the Champion, come back to Coumarine City look for Tierno on the northern cliffs, not far from the gym. He wants to see a Pokémon that knows a "Dance" move (Dragon Dance, Feather Dance, Rain Dance, etc.). Show him the one he wants and he'll give you a Heart Scale.
  • Speak to the Game Director in the Coumarine Hotel once you've completed the various regional Pokédexes of Kalos. He'll hand out Diplomas for each region.