Part 18: Tower of Mastery and Route 12

Main Walkthrough

Azure Bay Pokémon
  • Binacle - Uncommon, Rock Smash
  • Chatot - Common, Tall Grass
  • Dwebble - Sommon, Rock Smash
  • Exeggcute - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Exeggcute (Horde) - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Inkay - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Lapras - Rare, Surfing
  • Mantyke - Rare, Surfing
  • Slowpoke - Common, Tall Grass
  • Slowpoke (Horde) - Uncommon
  • Tentacool - Common, Surfing
  • Wingull (Horde) - Common
Azure Bay Fishing
  • Alomomola - Common (Super Rod)
  • Chinchou - Uncommon (Good Rod)
  • Lanturn - Rare (Super Rod)
  • Luvdisc - Common (Old Rod)
  • Octillery - Common (Super Rod)
  • Remoraid - Common (Good Rod)
An optional area, Azure Bay is located north of Route 12 and a mere stone's throw away from Coumarine City. You can go right on to Coumarine City and challenge the next gym, if you prefer, though there are things to see, do, and collect in Azure Bay. Why not make a detour?

Head north of the western exit from Coumarine City, surfing through the water. Don't forget the Water Stone in the inlet to your left along the way. This will bring you to Azure Bay, where the vast majority of the trainer Pokémon you'll encounter are Water-types. You'll discover as much once you hang a left and run into the first trainer. Another trainer is spinning in the water near the first.

Swimmer Kieran
  • Remoraid, level 27
  • Skrelp, level 27
  • Wailmer, level 27
Reward: 432 P

Swimmer Romy
  • Slowpoke, level 30
Reward: 480 P

Head north from Romy. The camera angle will shift, revealing a cluster of small islands. Head to the nearest one with two people standing on it. An old man here will give you Ampharosite, and the Fisherman will challenge you. There's also a Photo Spot on this island, and if you stand on the right side of it you'll be challenged to a Sky Trainer battle.

Fisherman Ewan
  • Clauncher, level 28
  • Carvanha, level 29
Reward: 1,624 P

Sky Trainer Indra
  • Sigilyph, level 31
Reward: 3,100 P

Sigilyph is mean. It likes to paralyze your pokemon and then use Charge Beam to take advantage of the Flying-type weakness to electric attacks. Try your best to kill it in one hit, or at least debilitate it. Pokémon that use the Levitate Ability to access the battle will have an easier time with this fight.

Surf to the east edge of the area of Azure Bay, until you hit dark water. Surf straight north to find an island where you can find a Star Piece in a rock. Just southwest of here you'll find a larger island with grass full of wild Pokémon as well as a Big Pearl.

Surf to the northwest end of Azure Bay and start making your way south. Along the edge is an island with a Dive Ball. Edge to the right a tad and you'll be challenged to a Sky Trainer battle.

Sky Trainer Elata
  • Fletchinder, level 28
  • Pelipper, level 29
Reward: 2,900 P

Fletchinder is more dangerous than it seems thanks to Acrobatics, though it's still very frail. Pelipper is decidedly more durable, but it can't hit as hard.

Carry on south across the shoals. You'll see a sign after some walking. There's a Heart Scale in the rock to the left of the breakable boulders on this island. Come back later and you can find this Heart Scale again.

Sail south along the western periphery of Azure Bay. You'll wind up on the west side of a large, grassy island. There's a rock in your way that looks like it's blocking your path entirely, but you can slip past it to get onto the island. In the grass you'll find a Deep Sea Tooth, a Deep Sea Scale, and, in the south, TM81 X-Scissor. There's also a Hyper Potion hidden in the rock in the grass.

Get back into the water and head back to the small island in the south where you received the Ampharosite. On the way you'll encounter a swimming trainer. She's patrolling in a rectangle just northwest of the grassy island.

Swimmer Isla
  • Corsola, level 28
  • Lanturn, level 28
Reward: 448 P

Enough skimming around the edges. Head for the large island in the middle. You can find a Splash Plate at the rear of the island, behind the cave; otherwise, just step inside.

Sea Spirit's Den

... empty. The cave is currently uninhabited. Come back much later, though, and you'll find something living here. Promise. This cave brings an end to your Azure Bay trip, so make your way back to Coumarine City. There's a gym to tackle.

Return Trip

The Sea Spirit's Den is actually the resting place of one of the three Legendary birds: Moltres, Zapdos, or Articuno. One of the three will appear after defeating the Champion and the Elite Four for the first time, depending on the starter you chose. Whichever Pokémon appears will not be immediately catchable here, however - you'll have to wander the Routes of Kalos, hoping to get into battle with it. Once you do, it will immediately flee, as well as register in your Pokédex. You can then use the Pokédex to track its location.

Head to the Route indicated on your Pokédex. The bird will probably move, but with some work (not using Fly is a good idea—it's better to just move back and forth between Routes until it moves into your area) you can run it down. Keep doing this and, eventually, the bird will return to the Sea Spirit's Den, where you can fight and capture it.

Part 20: Coumarine City and Coumarine City Gym

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