Part 14: Route 10

Main Walkthrough

One field of menhirs later, you've arrived in the happy little burg known as Geosenge Town. There's not a ton to see here, and for now Geosenge Town will serve as just another waypoint on your journey. Let's have a quick look around before we move on to Route 11.
  • The Pokémon Center is to the left of the entrance. Inside is an old man, near the changing rooms, who will give you TM66 Payback.
  • Around the back and to the left of the Pokémon Center is a Soft Sand.
  • Across the street from the Pokémon Center is the Hotel Marine Snow. Mr. Bonding, O-Power extraordinaire, is once again hanging out on the second floor. He'll give you the Speed  O-Power.
  • Check the rear of the Hotel, by the back fence. Obscured by the roof is a Timer Ball.
  • Northwest of the Pokémon Center is a small house. The Scientist inside will give you an Everstone.
  • Just south and to the right of the central monument in Geosenge Town (three giant menhirs) is a Photo Spot.
  • In the northwest corner of town you'll see a Team Flare guy. He'll disappear, and if you follow him you'll find a dead end. Gee, could something be hidden down this path? Whoooo knows.
Try to leave through the eastern exit after seeing the Team Flare Grunt disappear. A girl you'll recognize will skate up and challenge you to a battle.

Leader Korrina
  • Lucario, level 25
  • Lucario, level 25
Reward: 4,000 P

This may not be a proper gym battle, but Korrina's still relatively tough if you send something weak to Fighting-types against her Lucario. Their Power-Up Punches give them a hefty amount of attack power if you let them use the move too many times Ironically, your best choice for combatting her Pokémon is another Fighting-type, or, barring that, a Ground- or Fire-type. These Lucario aren't at a high level, so they don't have access to their truly brutal attacks just yet.

Heal your team if you took a beating, then follow Korrina east out of town. Route 11 awaits.

Route 11: Miroir Way Pokémon
  • Chingling - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Dedenne - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Hariyama - Uncommon, Tall Grass
  • Nidoran Female (Horde) - Common
  • Nidoran Male (Horde) - Common
  • Nidorina - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Nidorino - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Sawk - Uncommon, Tall Grass - Pokémon X only
  • Staravia - Uncommon, Tall Grass
  • Starly (Horde) - Rare
  • Stunky - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Stunky (Horde) - Uncommon
  • Throh - Uncommon, Tall Grass - Pokémon Y only
Simple path to start out. Head south to meet a trainer. (Despite what you may think, the Hiker isn't a trainer.) Right beside the Psychic is a tree that drops Sitrus Berries.

Psychic Emanuel
  • Solosis, level 24
  • Sigilyph, level 24
Reward: 1,344 P

Go up the stairs beside the tree. At the top is a small crystal formation. Check it for a Super Potion. Past a small patch of grass at the top of the stairs is a trainer.

Battle Girl Gerardine
  • Mienfoo, level 28
Reward: 1,344 P

Up the stairs you'll find a tree to Cut down, to the left of another set of stairs. You can get at it by slipping past the top of the crystal formation. Go north through the next grass field after slicing the tree out of your way and you'll find a dirt ramp. Slide down it to get at TM69 Rock Polish.

Make your way back along the main path until you return to the spot where you chopped down the tree. There are two trainers to the north and a grassy patch on your right with a Hyper Potion. Climb up the stairs to your right until you're in a rocky area. There's a Sky Battle ahead if you approach the northern precipice here. You can also find a Thunder Stone in the left crystal formation.

Sky Trainer Yvette
  • Emolga, level 23
  • Wingull, level 23
  • Staravia, level 24
Reward: 2,400 P

This is a surprisingly dangerous fight. Emolga has the potential to burn your Flying-types down in an instant with electric attacks, and Static is just plain dangerous as an Ability. It also knows Acrobatics, which hits really hard. Wingull isn't too bad, but its Water Pulse can confuse your Pokémon and cause a lot of trouble. Staravia comes in third, but it's still a threat. Keep your Pokémon healed, and try to take this girl on with at least two Flying-types. It's hard to win with just one unless it's a really high level.

Back to the path. There are two trainers who want to fight in front of a cave.

Brains & Brawns Frank & Sly
  • Mr. Mime, level 26
  • Machoke, level 28
Reward: 2,912 P

These two are a dangerous combo. Try to wipe out Machoke before Mr. Mime can set up Light Screen and limit your damage. Afterward, you can attack Mr. Mime with relative impunity, though watch out for Psybeam.

That's all for Route 11. Next up: Reflection Cave.

Part 16: Reflection Cave

Main Walkthrough