Part 15: Geosenge Town and Route 11

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Reflection Cave Pokémon

  • Carbink - Rare, Walking
  • Carbink (Horde) - Rare
  • Chingling - Rare, Walking
  • Ferroseed - Rare, Ceiling Drop
  • Mime Jr. (Horde) - Common
  • Mr. Mime - Uncommon, Walking
  • Roggenrola - Uncommon, Walking
  • Roggenrola (Horde) - Uncommon
  • Sableye - Rare, Walking
  • Solosis - Uncommon, Walking
  • Wobbuffet - Rare, Walking
  • Woobat - Common, Ceiling Drop

Your first lengthy trip into an underground section, Reflection Cave operates similarly to Glittering Cave in Cyllage City. In addition to running into Pokémon everywhere you go, you'll occasionally see shadows on the ground that result in Pokémon battles when you step on them. Watch your step if your intention is to get through Reflection Cave with a minimum of battles.

Reflection Cave - 1F

Walk into the cave a short distance. A trainer will be staring at the reflective wall, which will allow him to see you sneaking past him. Battle time.

Backpacker Lane
  • Linoone, level 26
Reward: 1,040 P

Continue into the cave to the first split in the path. Head north and you'll find a Nest Ball. Head back south to the intersection and there will be a large rock formation to your right. You can walk along the top of the formation to find a Revive. South of the intersection you'll run into a patrolling trainer.

Battle Girl Hedvig
  • Throh, level 25
  • Hawlucha, level 26
Reward: 1,248 P

Head south from Hedvig. Upon a small platform is a Moon Stone. Backtrack to Hedvig and head to the east. The girl looking in the mirror on the wall ahead will challenge you.

Ace Trainer Monique
  • Doduo, level 24
  • Helioptile, level 25
  • Granbull, level 24
Reward: 2,500 P

Carry on east from Monique. There's a set of stairs. North of here is a dead end that you'll soon turn into a shortcut, though you'll need to trek downstairs for a bit first.

Reflection Cave, B1

A girl at the bottom of the stairs will restore your team's health if needed. East of here is a crossroads, and a trainer's waiting to challenge you before you can choose a path forward.

Tourist Monami
  • Nidorina, level 26
Reward: 1,872 P

Go east at the intersection. On top of a small rise you'll find a Black Belt. Backtrack and go south at the intersection. A familiar face is waiting for you in the form of Tierno, and he will give you TM70 Flash. If you use Flash in the field you'll cut down on the number of wild Pokémon that trouble your progress. 

Near the next set of stairs is an Escape Rope. Follow the path and you'll run into a string of four trainer battles with nothing of interest in-between.

Black Belt Igor
  • Sawk, level 28
Reward: 1,344 P

Psychic Franz
  • Chimecho, level 24
  • Golett, level 24
Reward: 1,344 P

Tourist Haruto
  • Nidorino, level 26
Reward: 1,344 P

Honeymooners Yuu & Ami

  • Vespiquen, level 26
  • Combee, level 26
Reward: 3,744 P

Slip past the Honeymooners and head east along the mirrored wall to find a Hyper Potion.
West of the Honeymooners you'll find stairs. At the top is a trainer guarding the southern path.

Ace Trainer Emil
  • Absol, level 26
  • Pinsir, level 25
Reward: 2,500 P

South of here, the path leads to a set of stairs that descend deeper into the cave. If you head west before going down the stairs you'll find an Iron, as well as more stairs that lead back to the ground floor. Up here is a trainer guarding the exit to Shalour City, your next destination. Use the Pokémon Center in Shalour City to heal up before continuing. You can also push a boulder into place to create the shortcut mentioned earlier.

Hiker Dunstan
  • Sandile, level 22
  • Dwebble, level 23
  • Diggersby, level 24
Reward: 1,344 P

Reflection Cave - 3F

Down to the third floor. Head north to the wall, then edge past the rise to your right and go up the stairs. You'll find an Earth Plate nearby. Walk west along the wall, watching the mirror in the north. You'll see a door in the wall to the south of you as you approach the far-left side of the tunnel. Through the door is TM74 Gyro Ball

Continue south through this small room. To the left of where you come out is a conspicuous bright spot on the floor. Nothing's here... yet. Make a note of this spot, then head back upstairs via the exit to the right and leave Reflection Cave behind. Your third gym battle awaits.

Return Trip

Remember that shiny spot? Come back here after beating the Champion and upgrading your Mega Ring. Visit the spot between 8 pm and 9 pm and you'll find Alakazite

Part 17: Shalour City and Shalour City Gym

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