Main Walkthrough

Twist Mountain Pokémon
  • Beartic - Uncommon (Winter) / Rare (Spring, Summer, and Autumn), Walking, All Seasons
  • Boldore - Common (Spring and Autumn) / Uncommon (Summer and Winter), Walking, All Seasons
  • Cryogonal - Uncommon (Winter) / Rare (Spring, Summer, and Autumn), Walking, All Seasons
  • Durant - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
  • Excadrill - Common, Dust Clouds, All Seasons
  • Gurdurr - Uncommon, Walking, All Seasons
  • Heatmor - Uncommon (Summer) / Rare (Spring, Autumn, and Winter), Walking, All Seasons
  • Onix - Rare, Walking / Dust Clouds, All Seasons
  • Steelix - Rare, Dust Clouds, All Seasons
  • Woobat - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
Another post-game location, Twist Mountain lives up to its name. Not only are there three angles of approach that make the journey through Twist Mountain quite different, it also changes quite a bit based on what time of the year you're moving through the area. Your experience can be quite different depending on when, and how, you approach Twist Mountain.

You can enter Twist Mountain via Route 7, Clay Tunnel, and Icirrus City. Since Route 7 is the first entrance you'll find, we'll proceed inward from there.

Twist Mountain - Spring, Summer, Autumn

After a quick dip into a tunnel you'll emerge in the main outdoor area of Twist Mountain. You'll be at the top of the area, on some boardwalks, and you need to make your way down to the bottom. Start by heading north along the boardwalk. You'll hit a dead end with a Red Shard. In Winter there's a giant snow hill here, but for now you'll need to backtrack.

Head south and east from the entrance and you'll find a cave. Keep going a bit further east to find a Float Stone, then head into the mountain. A short way in you'll run into your first trainer.

Worker Cairn
  • Roggenrola, level 60
  • Graveler, level 60
  • Excadrill, level 60
Reward: 2,400 P

The path splits past Cairn. If you take the first path on your right you'll wind up outside, where a trainer awaits. He'll challenge you to a Triple Battle.

Veteran Carter
  • Tauros, level 64
  • Crobat, level 64
  • Carracosta, level 64
Reward: 5,120 P

Carter's little platform is a dead end, so head back inside. Down the next path to the east and north you'll run into another Veteran. Beyond her is a door back to the exterior, and along the northbound boardwalk is the next trainer to tackle.

Veteran Julia
  • Glaceon, level 63
  • Bastiodon, level 63
  • Rhyperior, level 63
  • Drapion, level 63
Reward: 5,040 B

Hiker Wade
  • Golett, level 61
  • Mamoswine, level 61
Reward: 1,952 P

North of Wade you'll find a path back inside the mountain. To the east is a trainer waiting to intercept you. Further east past him is a Dusk Stone. Proceed down the stairs near Gus and you'll emerge in another series of tunnels, where a second Worker is pacing back and forth. South of this second Worker is a Yellow Shard, hidden in a rock.

Worker Gus
  • Geodude, level 60
  • Steelix, level 60
  • Boldore, level 60
Reward: 2,400 P

Worker Patton
  • Machoke, level 61
  • Abomasnow, level 61
Reward: 2,440 P

To the left of Patton is a door back outside. To the north along the boardwalks you'll find the obligatory Nurse, who, when defeated, will restore your health. Sitting beside her is a Full Restore. West of Carol you'll find the next indoor section of Twist Mountain, along with TM91 Flash Cannon.

Nurse Carol
  • Blissey, level 62
Reward: 2,480 P

Head west in the next tunnel and you'll find two northbound paths. The first leads to the lower end of a ledge where you'll find a Rare Bone. To second leads to a trainer, guarding TM90 Substitute, who will challenge you to a Rotation Battle. If you check at the very end of the westbound tunnel you'll also find a hidden Ultra Ball.

Veteran Chloris
  • Gyarados, level 64
  • Kangaskhan, level 64
  • Archeops, level 64
Reward: 5,120 P

East of Chloris you'll wind up back outside. A trainer is waiting nearby.

Worker Cliff
  • Sigilyph, level 62
Reward: 2,480 P

The path splits here, and you can enter one of two doors along the boardwalk to the east. Go through the closer door and you'll wind up at an intersection, though your only real choice is to the north, as going east will loop you to the other door along the boardwalk. Go north and you'll find a patrolling trainer.

Hiker Hunter
  • Larvitar, level 61
  • Probopass, level 61
Reward: 1,952 P

Through the doorway north of Hunter you'll find another trainer waiting at the bottom of some stairs. To the west of him is a Dusk Ball, and stuck in a rock just south of the Dusk Ball is a Rare Bone. The exit is to the south of these two items.

Worker Victor
  • Glalie, level 61
  • Beartic, level 61
Reward: 2,440 P

When you emerge from the tunnels you'll be at the bottom of the pit in the middle of Twist Mountain. There's a vending machine down here if you need some restorative items, and the trash can beside the vending machine contains a Full Restore. You now have two options for where to go, both of which leads to exits. We'll take the longer, less direct route first, and that's via the pathway at the lowest point of the pit.

Through the door at the very bottom of the pit you'll find a Worker, facing a wall. Speak to him and he'll give you a Fossil. He'll do this once per day. The Fossils he gives you can be changed into Pokémon in Nacrene City's Museum. You can receive Helix Fossils, Dome Fossils, Old Ambers, Root Fossils, Claw Fossils, Skull Fossils, and Armor Fossils from this guy.

To the west of the Worker you'll come to a cave with a conspicuous, icy lump. This is an Ice Rock, and it will allow you to evolve an Eevee into a Glaceon if you level it within this chamber. Very nice. In the southeast corner of this chamber is the exit to Clay Tunnel, in the northeast is TM71 Stone Edge, and in the north is the path onward.

In the next series of tunnels you'll find several boulders that you can push with Strength. Start with the boulder accessible from the west, pushing it north and then using the ledge on the left to push it east. This will let you get at the central boulder, which you can push south and into a hole. Last up is the eastern boulder, which you need to nudge north twice, west once, north once, and then over to the hole in the west.

At the end of this boulder-pushing puzzle you'll run into Regigigas, a Legendary Pokémon and the head of the Legendary Titans. If you come here normally it will just be a statue. Come through here after catching Regirock, Registeel, and Regice, however, and it will spring to life and battle you. The three Regis are all found in Clay Tunnel, though you need access to both Black 2 and White 2 to catch all three. (Or, if you have older Pokémon games, you can trade from those.) Whether you can catch it or not right now, Regigigas is the end of the road for Twist Mountain.

Head back to the exterior pit, assuming you don't plan on exiting through Clay Tunnel. The doorway to the northeast in the pit will bring you to a four-way intersection. There's a Worker here who will ask you one question a day about heavy machinery. Answering all five will earn you the Heavy Machinery Pro Medal. The answers are 'Virbank City', 'Yellow', 'Third Question', 'Driftveil City Gym', and 'Two'.

Heading north of the Worker will take you to a dead end that's only filled in during the Winter, and west is a much shorter dead end, forcing you east. You'll emerge at Icirrus City, ending your trip through Twist Mountain... at least, that is, until the area is filled with snow.

Twist Mountain - Winter

Twist Mountain in the Winter is largely the same as the other seasons until you reach the bottom of the pit, though you can skip over significant sections of the tunnels thanks to the fallen snow. At the bottom of Twist Mountain you'll find many of the tunnels buried with snow, and you can't access a few areas. One of the exceptions is the doorway on the east side of the pit, which is inaccessible during the rest of the year. Inside you'll find a trainer guarding a Big Nugget.

Veteran Zach
  • Weavile, level 63
  • Rampardos, level 63
  • Toxicroak, level 63
  • Aggron, level 63
Reward: 5,040 P

The other exception is up the big hill in the north of the pit and along the boardwalk to the right. Take a left when you hit a juncture inside and you'll be forced back outside. Go right and you'll find a conspicuous set of stairs leading to a bare ledge. There's a Rare Candy hidden on the ledge. South of this spot you'll see a roaming trainer.

Worker Ryan
  • Smoochum, level 60
  • Claydol, level 60
  • Kadabra, level 60
Reward: 2,400 P

South of Ryan you'll hit an intersection. To the left you'll find a dead-end ledge with an Eject Button. To the right you'll hop off a smaller ledge. Going out the door to the south will take you back out to the main pit of Twist Mountain, while heading deeper, down the stairs, will bring you to the Icirrus City exit.