Main Walkthrough

Route 1 Pokémon
  • Audino - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Basculin - Common, Surfing / Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Dunsparce - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Herdier - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Jigglypuff - Rare, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Scrafty - Rare, Dark Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Stoutland - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Watchog - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Wigglypuff - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
The place where it all begins in Pokémon Black and White, Route 1 is, fittingly, one of the last new places you'll explore in Black 2 and White 2. The trainers and wild Pokémon hereabouts are quite powerful, though if you've come this far you shouldn't have much trouble.

The landlocked path between Route 1 and Nuvema Town is quite simple, and you'll run into two Backpackers as you head south. A girl in the grass will give you a Potion, and up and to the left of her is a hidden Ultra Ball.

Backpacker Jill
  • Omanyte, level 62
  • Anorith, level 62
  • Shieldon, level 62
  • Archeops, level 62
Reward: 1,488 P

Backpacker Shane
  • Kabuto, level 62
  • Lileep, level 62
  • Cranidos, level 62
  • Carracosta, level 62
Reward: 1,488 P

If you continue south you'll be in Nuvema Town in no time. This isn't all there is to see on Route 1, however, assuming you brought along a Pokémon that can Surf. Skim along the west side of the Route and you'll find a small stretch of land where you can debark. From here you can sail a short ways west to reach the rest of Route 1.

West of your landing point is a Full Restore. South of here you'll find dark green grass, along with two Ace Trainers running in circles. Hidden in the grass patrolled by the female Ace Trainer is a Protein.

Ace Trainer Sean
  • Durant, level 66
  • Espeon, level 66
  • Honchkrow, level 66
Reward: 3,960 P

Ace Trainer Cheyenne
  • Heatmor, level 66
  • Umbreon, level 66
  • Mismagius, level 66
Reward: 3,960 P

South of the Ace Trainers are two Rangers, one on patrol while the other posted by a fence. Check along the thin path to the southeast of the Rangers to find a Prism Scale. 

Pokémon Ranger Audra
  • Wigglytuff, level 64
  • Girafarig, level 64
  • Vilepume, level 64
Reward: 3,840 P, Lum Berry

Pokémon Ranger Rick
  • Vigoroth, level 64
  • Stantler, level 64
  • Victreebel, level 64
Reward: 3,840 P, Lum Berry

That's all for Route 1. In the south of this area you'll find a gate to Route 17, which in turn leads to Route 18, the end of your post-game trip through the older sections of Unova. For now we'll skip it and head back to the mainland, where Nuvema Town awaits.

Nuvema Town

Ahh, home, sweet not-home. Nuvema Town is quite small, so there's not a ton to see.
  • The first house to the south of the entrance is the home of Black and White's protagonist, who is off on a journey somewhere. Their mother will be happy to restore your team to full health in their absence. Check beside their bed on the second floor for a King's Rock.
  • The bottom-right house is Cheren's home. His father will give you a Berry Juice.
  • The bottom-left house is Bianca's home. Just north of the house, hidden on the path, is a Zinc.

Your last stop is the big house in the northwest of Nuvema Town. This is Professor Juniper's laboratory, and she'll analyze your Pokédex. If you've seen every Pokémon in the Unova Pokédex - aside from event-specific entries like Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect - she'll give you a Permit. You can use the Permit to fly from Mistralton City to the Nature Preserve, a special area with a ton of Pokémon to catch. She'll also give you the Oval Charm if you complete the Unova Pokédex, and the Shiny Charm if you complete the National Pokédex.

In addition to Juniper you'll also find her father in the lab. Speak to him and he'll check how many Pokémon you've caught. Regardless of your count he'll give you the Super Rod, the only Fishing Rod in Black 2 and White 2. You can now go back to previous Routes and fish in normal water and little whirlpools alike to catch more Pokémon.