After the battle with AUBREY you'll emerge from the CHURCH and hit a time transition. FARAWAY TOWN is now bathed in the yellows of the evening sun, and there are new things to see and do before SUNNY and KEL settle down for the night.

Head back east, towards the main part of town. The last house on the right is AUBREY's, and as you're walking past she'll silently come out and dump the PHOTO ALBUM in the trash. Collect it and KEL will offer SUNNY a high five. Indulge him for an achievement.

At this point you're meant to return the PHOTO ALBUM to BASIL. First, though, let's have a little look around FARAWAY TOWN:

  • Check the house next to AUBREY's, with the white car out front. A CLUMSY MAN will answer the door and beg for your help. He's dropped his WEDDING RING down the sink. Interact with the sink to fish it out. You're now welcome to look around the house and meet his daughter, SARAH, the PONYTAIL GIRL. (SARAH's reading something scandalous, too, if you check her desk.)
  • You can now enter the house next to KEL's HOUSE. There's an ALL-AMERICAN GUY watching TV, though he can't find his TV REMOTE. Check under the backside of the couch to retrieve it. He'll give you ORANGE JOE as thanks. You can retrieve some TRASH from the floor beside the couch. There's an ALL-AMERICAN MOM in the kitchen who will give you some PIE, and you can speak to their daughter, CRIS, in her room on the second floor. Bring her three SEASHELLS over the course of the game and she'll make you a SEASHELL NECKLACE.
  • MIKHAEL - sorry, THE MAVERICK - is in FARAWAY PARK, and he challenges KEL to a race if you speak with him. KEL will whup his sorry butt. (Though MIKHAEL seems to have gained an admirer anyway.)
  • Enter HOBBEEZ and you'll find WRINKLY FOREHEAD, who is looking for a birthday present for his son JESSE. Look on the table to his right for SUPER ULTRA SPROUT MOLE EATER - REVENGE OF THE MOLES III. Give it to WRINKLY FOREHEAD and he'll give you a SEASHELL as thanks. He'll also invite you to visit his house sometime.
  • While you're in HOBBEEZ - and it's possible you did this during the day - you can get new dialogue from SHOPKEEP if you've fought, and defeated, four PET ROCKS players. He speaks of PET ROCKS VETERANS for you to take on. Sounds like a challenge. 
  • GINO'S PIZZA is the same as before, though if you've accepted the PET ROCKS challenge you can fight GINO in here. He uses a pretty even balance of rock, paper, and scissors, so you'll just have to get lucky.
  • MINCY is in OTHERMART, trying to draw fruit. Say you would eat the fruit she's drawing to flatter and encourage her. You can also speak to the CUTE GIRL in the candy shop for another PET ROCKS battle. She skews more towards rock, so paper will win the day. (Usually.)
  • The owner of FIX-IT is another PET ROCKS VETERAN. He's more of a scissors guy, so you might want to stick with rock.
  • If you're following this guide you've defeated three of the four PET ROCKS VETERANS. Go back to HOBBEEZ and you'll find that SHOPKEEP is the fourth. He likes paper; go with scissors. He'll give you a NOSTALGIC CD for winning, then warn you of a final VETERAN, the greatest in the world... who happens to the the OTHERMART LADY who sells FISH. She likes a balanced approach, so choose as you will. (Just spamming the button and doing something else until you win is a viable approach.) You'll receive a "YOU ROCK!" CAP for defeating the OTHERMART LADY, as well as an achievement.
  • Time for the east side of town. If you check out the RED-GLASSES LADY's house - assuming you've helped her previously - she'll invite you in for dinner. KIM will tell you to buzz off before you can enter. Ah well.
  • If you helped WRINKLY FOREHEAD in HOBBEEZ you'll be allowed into his home, which is next to BASIL's. There's not much inside, though if you knock on the door of his son's room long enough he'll yell at you. Yay...?

And that's all for FARAWAY TOWN, yet again. Head to BASIL'S HOUSE, the first home on the lower-east side of the main street. BASIL will shyly poke his head out and accept the PHOTO ALBUM, and his caretaker, POLLY, will invite KEL and SUNNY in for dinner. Everyone will gather around to look at the PHOTO ALBUM, which is extensive... but missing a lot of photos.

You can explore the house a bit once KEL goes off to help make dinner. Speak to BASIL a few times to see just how nervous he really is (he'll even watch you walk around the room), then head into the back of the house. If you check the mirror in the bathroom you'll see a reflection of SUNNY, and if you look in the far-left room you'll find BASIL's grandmother, in bed and obviously not doing well.

Inspect the white egret orchid beside the grandmother's bed once you're done looking around to bring BASIL into the room. He'll give SUNNY the PHOTO ALBUM. Follow him back to the main room and interact with the chairs to sit down for dinner. BASIL will excuse himself once he hears that SUNNY is moving. Save your game, then follow him. Without spoiling anything, speak to BASIL, then check the mirror. Despite BASIL's protests you'll need to leave the room.

Head back out to the main room. It's time to go, and you won't see BASIL again during this visit.


Once you're back outside it will be nighttime. You can wander the streets with impunity, but all of the houses are locked up and the only store you can visit is HOBBEEZ. (GINO'S appears to be open as well, but... ages 21+ only. Huh.) You'll find a few HOBOS in the park and cats all over the place, and that's about it.

Steer the boys back to SUNNY'S HOUSE. KEL is thankful that his old friend hung out, and says he'll be coming back for another adventure on the morrow. A nice end to the day...

... or at least it is until SUNNY steps into his home. Things are not looking pleasant inside. Explore and interact with the horrors inside to see some jump scares, and head to the kitchen to grab the KNIFE off of the counter. You can use the KNIFE to slice a path into the rear of the house. Keep climbing the stairs - it'll take a while - and...


This is another scripted fight. Use CALM DOWN to steady SUNNY, then keep using it - or attacking - until SUNNY learns FOCUS. Using FOCUS will end the fight.

The house will go back to normal. Ish. Look in the mirror in the bathroom to see that SUNNY isn't quite out of the woods yet, then head to his bedroom. Check the message on his phone, then jump into bed. A bit of creepiness ensues, and... hey, it's OMORI! Welcome back, bud.