After leaving WHITE SPACE as OMORI you'll have control of SUNNY, back in his house.  Someone will start knocking on the front door, in the living room. Go to the bathroom first and check the note from MOM on the mirror to brush SUNNY'S teeth. Do this every day for an achievement.

When you approach the door you'll find KEL standing outside. It sounds as though SUNNY is going to be moving in a few days, and KEL wants to hang out one last time. This part is crucial. You must choose 'OPEN THE DOOR' when prompted. If you choose 'DO NOTHING' you'll be placed on the OMORI ROUTE, blocking out the SUNNY ROUTE entirely. You'll need to do this twice more, as well, so make sure that you always choose to go outside with KEL when he comes knocking. (If you want to do the OMORI ROUTE, however... feel free to rebuff KEL. And skip this entire article!)


Step outside the house and you'll be in FARAWAY TOWN. A significant chunk of the SUNNY ROUTE takes place here, in the real world. It is worth noting that the stats, items, and general progression of your characters in FARAWAY TOWN and HEADSPACE do not overlap, so any leveling you previously did won't apply. It is also important to note that, despite their obvious similarities, OMORI and SUNNY are not the same characters in combat. SUNNY has different SKILLS, and is quite weak compared to his monochrome counterpart. (The same goes for KEL, though he's much stronger.)

There's a save point outside SUNNY'S HOUSE. Save, then start trekking east. KEL'S HOUSE is next door, but he won't let you enter. The next two houses are similarly of little use right now. Continue east to the next screen and you'll find an intersection; go south to see a little cut scene with a, uh, biker gang... of sorts... then head north. KEL won't let you go anywhere else.


You'll find yourself on the south side of a nice park. Check the sidewalk to the west of the entrance for TRASH, then head into the park. You'll find the following as you wander around:

  • Occasionally you'll notice one of the little monsters from HEADSPACE in FARAWAY PARK. They will vanish when you try to speak to them. Aw.
  • Near the tetherball pole in the north is an artist named MINCY who struggles with her own worth as a creator. KEL will do his best to encourage her. Encourage her yourself, every time you see MINCY, for a few extras near the end of the game.
  • Also near the tetherball pole is an OLD LADY manning a booth. She'll take any TRASH you find and give you $1.00 in exchange. There are several more bags of TRASH you can collect here: One on the east side of the park, one behind a fruit cart near the tetherball pole, and one beside the SMELLY HOBO near the basketball court.
  • There's an APPLE GUY running the fruit stand who loves APPLE JUICE. If you have any ORANGE JUICE in your inventory he'll angrily trash it... and then try to sell you APPLE JUICE. Buy five APPLE JUICE from him and he'll give you a RED HEADBAND.
  • There's a JOCK named JAY running around the basketball court. KEL knows him. Speak to him for a little scene.
  • There's an OLD HOBO in the park who will, if you speak to him enough times, ask you for money. Consider this an investment in the future if you give him any cash.

Head east from FARAWAY PARK when you're done looking around.


Next up is OTHERMART, a sizable grocery store with a few smaller stores attached. Check along the southern sidewalk for a COIN. If you throw the COIN into the fountain to the left of OTHERMART $1 will appear somewhere in FARAWAY TOWN. Where it appears depends on the day and time. (Though one won't appear right now, so save your COIN for later.)

There are two pieces of TRASH in the parking lot, but otherwise you can't look around much, as KEL insists you go into HOBBEEZ, the store to the left of OTHERMART. Inside KEL will decide to get a gift for HERO, who is apparently coming home from college tomorrow. Feel free to look around the store and see KEL's reactions to your choices, though ultimately what you want is on the bookshelf in the top-right corner of HOBBEEZ. Take HERO'S GIFT to the counter and pay $20 for it.

Once you've paid for the gift you can look around the store a little more freely:

  • Speak to the SHOPKEEP again and he'll offer you a PET ROCK for $10. Despite the name this is a handheld game that will allow you to play Rock, Paper, Scissors against a variety of opponents in FARAWAY TOWN. Equip the PET ROCK as a CHARM and an icon will appear over the heads of prospective opponents. You'll get a few items and achievements for battling PET ROCK players. (Also, KEL will battle you first. He always chooses rock. Go with paper every time for an easy win.)
  • Speaking of PET ROCKS, you can challenge the COLORFUL GIRL in HOBBEEZ. She chooses either paper or rock, so always choose rock to win.
  • Beside the bookshelf where you found HERO'S GIFT is a poster of a monster. You can choose to fight JACKSON, and a few punches will take it out. Once you've won a MERRY CD will fall out from behind the poster.
  • There's a toy capsule machine on the front desk. Pay it $3 and it will dispense random CHARMS that... don't do much. The only one that's useful is the CHIMERA KEYCHAIN. You probably don't want to spend your money on this right now.
  • In the top-left corner of the store is CAPT. SPACEBOY'S SPACE ADVENTURE, an arcade game. It's basically Space Invaders, but played horizontally. If you can earn more than 6,000 points the SHOPKEEP will give you some COOL GLASSES

Head back outside once you're done looking around. KEL will suggest heading to FARAWAY PARK again. Do so and you'll find none other than BASIL being picked on by a biker girl named KIM. (That you, BERLY?) Things escalate swiftly when KEL jumps to BASIL's defense, as AUBREY, who appears to be in charge of the gang, decides to pick a fight.


Have SUNNY attack AUBREY. That's all you need to do to end the fight. Yeesh.

After the fight AUBREY and her HOOLIGANS will leave in a hurry, and KEL will confiscate SUNNY's STEAK KNIFE. Say hi to BASIL and he'll timidly agree to let you walk him home. Get on the right side of the street and head south two streets, then take a right. BASIL'S is the first house you reach...

... though before SUNNY and KEL can leave, BASIL pleads for help. AUBREY has his PHOTO ALBUM and won't give it back. KEL promises to retrieve it for him. With this objective in mind, you can now freely explore FARAWAY TOWN without much interference from KEL. Let's have a look around:

  • Once you have control of the pair again you can explore the rest of BASIL's street. Most of it is unremarkable, though if you knock on the door furthest to the east ARTIST will come out and invite you in. She'll ask you to critique her painting several times. Agree with what she says. It's part of an achievement. You should also pet the dog, LUCAS, because he's a GOOD BOY.
  • Head down the western street, opposite BASIL's. There's TRASH to the side of the first house. At the end of the road you'll see a line of people walking west, and if you follow them you'll come to a CHURCH. You can't enter it yet.
  • Go down the street to the east of SUNNY's. There's a RED-GLASSES LADY in front of one house, looking for the GARDEN SHEARS she bought - and promptly lost. You'll find them one house down to the east. Return them to the RED-GLASSES LADY and she'll let you roam her house. There's not much to see, though if you check the bedrooms you'll find a photo of KIM and AUBREY sitting on a nightstand.
  • On the same street as the RED-GLASSES LADY is a YELLOW BUN GRANDMA. She needs you to go to the PHARMACY and pick up some meds. Agree and she'll give you a PRESCRIPTION and an ID CARD. Bring back her medication and you can enter her house. In one of the back rooms you'll find a CREEPY GUY - and some TRASH - and you can challenge him to PET ROCK. Use rock to beat him easily. He'll give you a FEDORA.

  • Head back to OTHERMART PLAZA, which you can now explore. We'll start with the GUITAR GUY out front of GINO'S. He's trying to save up money to go on the road. You can choose to throw him some cash. If you give him at least $30 he'll be satisfied, and make plans that will have an affect on later days of the game.
  • In the tree outside OTHERMART is an ORANGE CAT. You can feed this feline a FISH, purchased for $10 from OTHERMART. You'll get... TRASH in exchange. Keep doing it for the next three cycles, however (evening, day, evening) and you'll get something of value instead.
  • Head inside GINO'S. Speak to the PIZZA MAN behind the counter and you can buy, well, PIZZA, among other things. If you check the sign to the left of the counter the PIZZA MAN will offer you a job delivering pizzas. You'll need to decipher the PIZZA MAN's awful handwriting to determine where the pizzas are supposed to go. The houses are somewhat randomized, so you're on your own for this minigame. You'll get $20 for completing your deliveries, and will earn an achievement if you make no mistakes. (You'll also get an achievement if you just interact with SUNNY's delivery bike and give up.) You'll get an OTHERWORLDLY CD for your first stab at the job, successful or not.
  • Speaking of the CD, you can play it - and other soundtracks - in the jukebox in GINO's. Beside the jukebox is RAI, who will comment on any songs you play. RAI also has a PET ROCK, and is eager to fight. RAI favors paper, but can use the other two positions as well. Scissors is your best bet.
  • Out front of OTHERMART is ORANGE GUY. He will sell you ORANGE JUICE. Good for him. Buy five ORANGE JUICES and he'll give you an ORANGE HEADBAND. If you have any APPLE JUICE in your inventory he will destroy it, just like APPLE GUY. A rivalry for the ages.
  • Check out OTHERMART itself. The store is large, though there's less to do than you'd think. You can buy MEAT and FISH from the back counters, and a variety of confectionaries from the candy store to the east. The PHARMACIST in the west will give you GRANNY'S MEDICINE if you decided to help the YELLOW BUN GRANDMA earlier. You can also buy BANDAGES and FIRST AID KITS here. You'll be getting into fights soon, so stocking up on these restoratives is a good idea.
  • While in OTHERMART you can also get a job. The OTHERMART LADY selling FISH has a HELP WANTED sign up, and if you check it you can get a job killing HOUSEFLIES and WASPS with a FLYSWATTER. Run around OTHERMART, get into fights, and kill what you find. WASPs hit a lot harder so target them first. Once you've cleared out the store the OTHERMART LADY will give you $20.
  • Next to OTHERMART is FIX-IT, a hardware store. Right now all you can buy here are FLOWERS. Check the HELP WANTED sign by the front desk and the FIX-IT GUY will offer you a job: He wants SUNNY to reorganize the tools on the shelves so everything is in the right spot. This job is easy, but quite tedious. (Like actual retail.) You'll earn $30 for getting the inventory back in order.
  • I
    f you speak to the indecisive couple in the paint aisle of FIX-IT they'll get SUNNY to pick out a wall color for them, and then invite him to visit their home in two days. Sounds good. Just north of them is a GRUFF GUY who needs to vent, and will invite you to his home to watch him... repair a leak. Yay? If you take him up on his offer - his home is right by the CHURCH, with the red truck out front - he'll give you $1. You can also find two pieces of TRASH in the main room.
  • In the rear of FIX-IT you'll find a door to the gardening center, and there will be two familiar phantoms nearby. Check the top-right corner of the area for a SEASHELL.
  • Just outside FIX-IT are two bags of TRASH.

Phew. All done for now. Head back to FARAWAY PARK. It's almost the same as before, though now you can challenge the PRETTY BOY on the bench to PET ROCK. (Go with scissors.) If you check the bottom-right corner of the park you'll see a tree shaking, and a guy named CHARLIE is standing nearby. Approach CHARLIE to start a dialogue. He'll knock ANGEL out of a tree, and the pair will attack.


Not much to say here. Both opponents are physical, though neither does much damage - and CHARLIE usually won't attack at all. Beat up ANGEL for a quick win.

ANGEL will try to act tough once he's beaten, but the act won't last long. He'll point the boys to OTHERMART, where ANGEL's 'master', MIKHAEL, is apparently on a date. He should know where AUBREY is. You'll find THE MAVERICK by the fountain, outside OTHERMART. KEL asks for assistance, but MIKHAEL wants to fight instead. Fine.


MIKHAEL is another pushover, though he has more health than ANGEL or CHARLIE and hits a bit harder. He can also make your characters ANGRY, though that will likely make the battle easier. Don't mind his tough talk.

THE MAVERICK won't tell KEL where AUBREY is unless he's addressed by his new title, so, forget him. KEL suggests looking for KIM instead. Head into OTHERMART and go east to the candy store to find her. She's busy stealing candy, along with VANCE. The pair will run off. Leave OTHERMART to encounter them again. KEL tries to buy them off with candy, but...


Another easy fight, though tougher than the last two. The brother and sister duo can make your characters SAD, which is a bit of a nuisance, and VANCE can hit both characters at once, but you shouldn't have any trouble regardless. KIM usually does more damage - and has less health - so you may want to focus on her first. As long as you have 40+ HEART at any given time your characters will be fine.

KIM will begrudgingly reveal that AUBREY is hanging out at the CHURCH. Once she and VANCE take off you can head there yourself by going south along the lower streets of FARAWAY TOWN and taking the lower, eastbound street. KEL notices that there's a sermon underway, and suggests you wait... but SUNNY seems fine with walking right in.

Enter the CHURCH and position yourself behind AUBREY to start a dialogue. Things start off quiet, but that doesn't last for long - and when all is said and done, AUBREY is ready to rumble.


Though AUBREY is the toughest of the HOOLIGANS, this fight still isn't that bad. So long as he's awake KEL will bear the brunt of AUBREY's attacks, and since he's ANGRY throughout the fight he'll be taking a lot of damage. Put SUNNY on healing duty with BANDAGES and FIRST AID KITs while KEL attacks. AUBREY's headbutts can do upwards of 70 points of damage, so make sure KEL has around 80+ HEART, just to be safe.

AUBREY will run off after the fight. Before you chase her down, check the doors in the north of the CHURCH. They lead to a graveyard. There's a particular gravestone with a white orchid beside it in the northwest corner of the graveyard. You can interact with it to see a sizable dialogue with KEL.

Once you leave the CHURCH through the main doors the time will change, and FARAWAY TOWN will shift into the evening.