Yep, you're back in WHITE SPACE again. There's nothing new to see this time, so pop through the door and into NEIGHBOR'S ROOM. AUBREY, KEL, and HERO are waiting. Team up! The snake on the stairs will give you 750 CLAMS as you leave.

Head to FOREST PLAYGROUND. MARI is quite happy to see OMORI, after his disappearance, though everyone is still worried about BASIL, who remains missing. The team resolves to check the forest to the west of their stump, despite the fact that there are spiders in the way. But first we have things to check, and dreamlike NPCs to see.


The only new thing to check in FOREST PLAYGROUND - aside from the poster near BOSS' hiding spot - is BERLY, who has a new quest for you: She wants AUBREY to smack VAN around. TAG in AUBREY as the leader and wallop VAN. By the time she's done AUBREY will gain 50 JUICE, which is a nice bonus... though she'll also be zeroed out. Eat some of MARI's candy before you leave.

Check out the SWEETHEART poster near BOSS, then head back towards the stump. (If you try to go south you'll be blocked, so... not yet.) You'll run into four LOST SPROUT MOLES that are on their way to a SWEETHEART concert. Beat them up to receive their SHOW TICKETS. You need to do this to explore anywhere else in HEADSPACE.


  • If you head back south towards BASIL's house you'll find his flowers not doing so well. Water them with the nearby watering cans to earn your party members some bonus HEARTs. If you make the trek all the way back to BASIL's home you'll find that it's not looking so great in his absence.
  • The TRAIN STATION is almost abandoned, which means you can now buy LEMONADE. (You may also want to check in on LEAFIE to see how you're doing with bunny murder, if you're still doing his side quest.) If you check north of the LEMONADE stand you'll find a SPARKLER and a PLUM JUICE on your right.
  • Also in the north of the TRAIN STATION is a TRAIN STATION JASH. With the TRAIN PASS you received from CAPT. SPACEBOY you can now board a train to ORANGE OASIS. This area may be a little too difficult for you at your current level, but if you want to give it a try, by all means.
  • If you hadn't seen it before, there's a PLUTO'S SPACELINE station down the path that leads to the eastern side of VAST FOREST.
  • Now that OMORI is past his fear of heights and you're past the PROLOGUE, you can visit PINWHEEL FOREST. You'll find it via a tall ladder on the eastern side of VAST FOREST.
  • The letter C for Hangman is sitting just north of the entrance.
  • To the right of the entrance is a stopped pinwheel. Climb onto the platform beside it and TAG in KEL. He can smack the pinwheel with trash and reveal some SPAGHETTI.
  • MARI has a picnic blanket in the north of PINWHEEL FOREST. Have a picnic to see some dialogue.
  • Near MARI's blanket is KITE KID, who is flying a kite. Duh. Disturb him at your peril!


Pretty simple fight. KITE KID can hit your characters, make himself HAPPY, and fix KID'S KITE. KID'S KITE just attacks your characters. Every time you knock out KID'S KITE it will just get restored to full health, so make it SAD to cut its attack power, then focus all your attention on KITE KID. Make your characters - or at least OMORI - SAD to maximize your attack power.

Defeating KITE KID and KID's KITE will earn you an achievement, and make kites appear nearby. You can then fly kites with KITE KID. How nice. (Though if you speak to him again he'll mention something ominous.)

OTHERWORLD has not changed much - okay, at all - since you left, aside from a few small snippets of dialogue here and there. You can safely return to VAST FOREST and continue the story.


Return to the stump and take a left. You'll wind up on a short forest path that will bring you to a spider web. Walk up to it and OMORI will face - and defeat - his fear of spiders, slicing the web out of your way. On to PYREFLY FOREST!