To the north of the ladder leading back to VAST FOREST you'll find a pleasant little settlement. An oddball settlement of oddballs, OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE is a friendly place filled with new NPCs to talk to. We'll have a look around before getting down to business:

  • Just north of the entrance to OTHERWORLD is MARI's picnic blanket. Have a picnic here to watch some dialogue between the kids. Just north of the blanket is another MAILBOX that dispenses better (and more expensive) items than what you found in the FOREST PLAYGROUND. West of the blanket are two vending machines where you can buy TASTY SODAS.
  • To the northwest of the picnic blanket is a gift-shaped house. Inside you'll meet MR. DUCKIE, who wants you to track down his son. This triggers the WHEREABOUTS OF DUCKIE JR side quest. Sending DUCKIE JR home once you find him will earn you a DANDELION.
  • To the northeast of the picnic blanket is a house shaped like a sleeping dinosaur. Inside lives SMOL, the smallest centaur. Behold his many awards. If you check the book shelf in here you can fight a DUST BUNNY.
  • Further north you'll find a house shaped like a famous person named SWEETHEART. The house belongs to PESSI, a SWEETHEART mega-fan. PESSI and SWEETHEART... especially SWEETHEART... will be important. Eventually. Keep this house in mind.
  • Next to PESSI's home are large garbage bins. The first bin on the right has a CAN, appearing as a small, red sparkle. You can place the CAN in the RECYCLING MACHINE on the right to receive 5 CLAMS. Any other CANS you find can go in here too, along with other, pricier recyclables, such as CARDBOARD or BOTTLES. (You can skip the long recycling animation by pressing the button.) Placing five items in the RECYCLING MACHINE will earn you SEER GOGGLES, ten will get you a FLASHLIGHT, twenty-five will get you a CELLPHONE, and fifty will get you a UNIVERSAL REMOTE. The UNIVERSAL REMOTE is an excellent CHARM, so get recyclin'.
  • At the end of the northbound path you'll find a SPACE PIRATE hideout. Speak to the SPACE PIRATE GUY out front to learn of their troubles and gain access to their 'ship'.

To progress the story you'll need to deal with the space pirates. Before we do that, however, let's have a look at the rest of OTHERWORLD, namely the OTHERWORLD OUTSKIRTS. You'll find them down the path to the east of OTHERWORLD.


The OTHERWORLD OUTSKIRTS are, at least at the moment, largely optional. If you'd rather carry on with the story you can skip down to OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE. There are items and quests to be had on this road, however, so we'll trek east. You'll run into the following foes on the OTHERWORLD OUTSKIRTS:

  • WORMHOLE - Can summon in other enemies. Good for gaining EXP, bad if you're trying to get through an area while weak.
  • SPACE BUNNY - Pretty basic physical nuisance. Hits hard enough that it should be a priority.
  • U.F.O. - Fairly weak enemy that can mess with EMOTIONS and steal JUICE. Not a big deal, given their low health. If you run into big packs of them KEL'S REBOUND will wipe them out.
  • VENUS FLYTRAP - Pretty straightforward enemy that just attacks. Has a fair amount of health, so watch out. They're always stationed in one spot, and can't move.

Shortly after arriving in OTHERWORLD OUTSKIRTS you'll hit an intersection: 

  • If you go north from here you'll find the entrance to the JUNKYARD, an area that you can't yet enter. We won't bother with this path for now. 
  • If you look to the south you'll find a narrow, conspicuous pathway that will take you east if you walk through the wall. This leads to the home of TVGIRL, back in OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE, and she'll give you a STRANGE LIST of things to find in the JUNKYARD. Thus begins the STRANGE REQUEST side quest, which will earn you DYNAMITE when completed. Check her coffee machine once it is repaired for COFFEE.
  • If you look east, then north, you'll find a pond. Here you'll find DUCKIE JR, whose parents are looking for him back in OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE as part of the WHEREABOUTS OF DUCKIE JR side quest. If you look inside the tent, you'll find, uh... well, exuberance is what you'll find. Have a look.

The path to the east takes you out of this area. Look along the north of the path to find a STAR FRUIT SODA behind a bush. To the south is a narrow pathway with a looooot of traffic cones for OMORI to slice. Slice your way to the right to find a BLANKET, and slice your way to the left to find a weird face indented in the wall. Once you've been to ORANGE OASIS you can bash the face open to reveal JAM PACKETS. If you slice all the way to the LONE MOLE you'll earn an achievement, as well as anger from the mole.


Next up to the east is OTHERWORLD LAKE. There are plenty of things to check out:

  • There's a storage bin in the north where you can moonwalk. In here is a golden door, and someone inside it wants a password. You don't know it... yet. (Once you've completed LAST RESORT you can TAG in HERO to access the door, beyond which you'll find a GRAPE SODA, and can lounge with your friends to earn everyone +5 JUICE.)
  • Also in the north is a telescope. Feel free to check out OTHERWORLD at a distance.
  • The titular lake is in the south. You can't swim through it yet. Come back once OMORI is over his fear of swimming.
  • On the southeast corner of the lake is a dock with a bottle on the end. It poses a question; answer it however you like. Near the dock is a VENUS FLYTRAP that's blocking the way to a LIFE JAM.
  •  To the southwest of the lake is a path blocked by another VENUS FLYTRAP. Take it out and you'll find the path to FROZEN LAKE. You can fish for items, picnic with MARI, buy SNO-CONES (very expensive), kill Snow Bunnies, and visit an igloo while you're here. This area is more important later in the game, depending on your path through OMORI. For now, just grab the LIFE JAM from behind the igloo.

Head to the east side of OTHERWORLD LAKE once you're done looking around. Right beside the exit are some FRIES in the bushes. If you continue east you'll come to CATTAIL FIELD.


CATTAIL FIELD consists of a series of narrow pathways. You'll run into one new enemy as you explore the area:

  • SHARK PLANE - Heavy-duty enemy with strong melee attacks. Not strong enough to kill a character in one hit, but it can come close. Heal often, and consider making 'em SAD.
Given the all-over-the-place nature of CATTAIL FIELD, it's easiest to outline this area via bullet point:
  • A short trip east of the western entrance you'll find a hole in the ground with a ladder. This leads to the SPROUT MOLE COLONY, which we'll cover below.
  • In the southwest corner of the area is a barn. It's currently locked. You'll need to remember where it is for later.
  • In the north of CATTAIL FIELDS is a very tall woman named PO, whom KEL admires. Southwest of PO is a CAN, and south of her is a STAR FRUIT SODA.
  • Head east from PO and you'll find a clearing with someone named ALIANA, who's admiring the view. To the left of this clearing is a MANGO SMOOTHIE.
  • South of ALIANA is CHELLE, who lost his DONUT. It's sitting nearby. Also here is a JOKE on a billboard. You'll need a JOKE BOOK to write it down, and you can't get one yet.
  • Along one of the eastern paths, closer to the south, you'll find SMORES.
  • In the southeast, not far from the path to OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE, you'll find MR. SCARECROW. He has lost his crow buddies. You'll find one of them just west of MR. SCARECROW, the second to the north of the entrance / exit to OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE, and the third just south of the entrance / exit to OTHERWORLD LAKE. HERO needs to lead the party to appeal to the crows, so you can't complete this quest just yet, though when you can you'll receive a 5-LEAF CLOVER.

That's all for CATTAIL FIELD. If you head to the southeast corner of the area you'll find the path back to OTHERWORLD'S entry point, where the gang climbed up the ladder. You can head back to OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE from here. First, though...


Descend into the depths of OTHERWORLD and you'll come upon SPROUT MOLE COLONY, home to a group of perfectly-amiable SPROUT MOLES. No enemies here, which is nice. You'll find the following in this little settlement:

  • East of the entrance and down the first ladder you find is some CARDBOARD.
  • Further east, on the next screen, and up a ladder you'll find a larger room with DEAD BATTERIES at the far end. Also in this room is the tip of a ladder, and if you climb down you'll find a CAN. The SPROUT MOLE here mentions having a brother in another SPROUT MOLE colony, which you'll visit later in the game. This guy is part of a side quest, so don't forget his location!
  • West of the entrance you'll find more CARDBOARD. Go up the ladder near the CARDBOARD to find a COMPUTER PART.
  • Head west one screen and you'll find two more pieces of CARDBOARD, a RUBBER BAND, and a LIFE JAM

And... yeah, that's it for the SPROUT MOLE COLONY. The other SPROUT MOLE settlement is much more impressive.


Head back to OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE and enter the home of the SPACE PIRATES. At the top of the stairs inside you'll find SPACE BOYFRIEND, who has fallen ill after the loss of his beloved SWEETHEART. One of the pirates tries to soothe SPACE BOYFRIEND with music, only to learn that his SPECIAL MIXTAPE is missing. Agree to help find the mixtape and one of the pirates will give you a JUNKYARD KEY. The pirate will also open a path to the JUNKYARD near SPACE BOYFRIEND's bed.

The next room will be a straight path filled with planets. You can interact with the earth, and if you choose to disturb it...


Yep, fighting the whole planet. THE EARTH isn't too difficult, though if your characters have less than 30 HEART they will probably be taken out by THE EARTH's attacks. It will also inflict SAD on characters, and it can use its 'ultimate attack' to slam the whole party. Inflicting SAD on THE EARTH will prevent its attacks from hitting too hard. You can then put ANGRY on one or two characters and going to town on the planet. AUBREY's HEADBUTT is especially good here if you make her ANGRY first. THE EARTH's ultimate attack comes out a lot once it is weak, so make sure you can dish tons of damage late in the fight.

You don't get anything in particular for defeating THE EARTH, aside from plenty of EXP and CLAMS. (And an achievement. So... good for you!)

 Once you emerge from... space... you'll be back on the OTHERWORLD OUTSKIRTS, down a path we skipped earlier. A short trek to the east will bring you to a four-way intersection, though the eastern path ends pretty quickly. Over here you'll find MAESTRO, busy looking through the trash, and near him is a BACKPACK. Going south will bring you to the main path of OTHERWORLD OUTSKIRTS. The JUNKYARD is to the north.