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Part Ten: Cleyra's Trunk

Main Walkthrough

- You'll be greeted by some Cleyrans upon entering Cleyra. You have the option of being escorted around the settlement or exploring by yourself; you might as well turn the escort down, as you'll be looking everywhere yourself anyway.

- Head up the stairs and into town, to the east or the west. You'll get the Don't Hate Me and No Yummy-Yummies! ATEs (the latter if you have Quina in your party). You can further get I-I Haven't Hurt Anyone! and There's a Mushroom! after exploring a bit, and if you head back to the entrance after watching There's a Mushroom you can find Quina on your right, staring at a sandy whirlpool. He'll jump in; Zidane will follow; you'll wind up near chests containing Magician Shoes and a Silk Robe. You also need to make your way back to town with just Zidane and Quina in your party, so...

- That done, it's time to look around:
  • Walk up the stairs from the entrance of Cleyra. Just to the right of the second set of stairs you can find a hidden Phoenix Pinion.
  • If you head north one screen from the entrance along the western path you'll see two Burmecian soldiers, loitering to the left of a small shelter. Check the shelter for Thunder Gloves.
  • If you head north one screen from the entrance along the eastern path you can find an Ore just to the right of the entrance onto the next screen.
  • There's an Inn in the middle of Cleyra where you can stay for the night. The Moogle here, Mopli, has a letter for Zidane from Ruby. Check the bottom-right corner of the Inn, beside a chest, to find 1,250 gil, and check the dresser upstairs for an Ether. Right out front of the Inn is Dan, a Burmecian you saved earlier in the game, and he'll sell you Weapons and Armor.
  • Check the stairs to the east of the Inn to find a hidden Remedy.
  • Northwest of the Inn you can find a dancer standing near a waterfall. She will sell you items. Check the mushrooms to the right of her for a Phoenix Pinion.
  • In the far north of Cleyra is a large cathedral where you ultimately need to go. Check the flowers on the right side of the shrine for an Echo Screen. Check the grass just south of here, on the other side of the path, for Gysahl Greens.
  • Pop into the cathedral and check the left side of the doorway for a Yellow Scarf.
- Speak to the two attendants inside the cathedral, then head to the Inn. Just before you enter a panicked Burmecian will rush up, a cut scene will trigger, and you'll have to run back to the entrance to battle a boss.


A throwback enemy, the Antlion can be fairly nasty. Though it can cast Fire and inflict drain on your party, the Antlion's primary damage-dealing attribute is its Counter Horn, allowing it to immediately counter any physical attack with a painful strike of its own. The damage from these attacks adds up quickly. It can also use Sandstorm, which reduces everyone to double-digit health and blinds the lot. Painful. 

It's not wise to attack Antlion normally, so rely on magic most of the time. Vivi should take centre stage and cast Blizzara after Blizzara at Antlion while everyone else either heals or uses their best offensive moves that aren't straight physical attacks. Freya's Jump command is probably your best choice. 

Zidane can Steal Annoyntment, a Mythril Vest, and a Gold Helm from the Antlion.

- Dancing! Also, many cut scenes. You won't regain control for a little while. Once you do you'll be in control of Freya. Check with the High Priest in the cathedral to receive an Emerald, then head to the Inn. You'll find Stiltzkin waiting, and this time he'll sell you a Hi-Potion, an Ether, and a Phoenix Pinion for 444 gil.

- Head to the entrance of Cleyra. The rest of the party is waiting, and Zidane will reclaim control of the party. Head back down Cleyra's Trunk and, along with the normal battles, you'll start running into Alexandrian Soldiers. They're not amazingly tough enemies, and will go down easily if you equip the Man Eater Ability. Keep going until a cut scene drives you back to town.

- Back in Cleyra you'll find the town under attack by Black Mages. Save two of the Cleyrans from one of the Mages, then again from three Soldiers. Check the pit where you fought the Antlion earlier for Mopli, the save Moogle, and Stiltzkin. This time Mopli will ask you to send a letter along, this to Serino. Save up and head into town.

- Your trip through Cleyra is a mini game of sorts in that you need to correctly direct the fleeing Cleyrans and Burmecians out of danger. If you give them the proper directions they will survive, and upon reaching the cathedral in the north the survivors will give you prizes. The directions you need to give to save them all are as follows:
  • Let's head right!
  • Let's go left!
  • Cross the bridge to the right!
  • We're not safe yet
After several cut scenes you'll wind up in the cathedral. Speak to the citizens you saved and, assuming you got them all, you'll receive a Remedy, a Phoenix Down, a Nymph Card, an Elixir, a Zuu Card, an Ether, and a Phoenix Pinion. Save with Mopli, then head outside.


Hey, it's the general again. Beatrix is pretty much exactly the same as the last time you fought her, and you only need to survive ten rounds before the battle ends. The primary difference here is that Beatrix seems to use the auto-killing Shock move a lot more often, so be prepared to burn through Phoenix Downs keeping your team alive. Zidane can Steal a Phoenix Down, Thunder Gloves, and, rarely, an Ice Brand from Beatrix.

Red Rose

After an epic cut scene you'll wind up on the Red Rose, Queen Brahne's personal airship. (Also, Quina leaves the party if s/he was with you in Cleyra. Don't worry, s/he'll be back, amazingly enough.) Just before you get off the airship you'll see a Moogle named Serino on the upper deck; make sure to give her the letter from Mopli before you take off. She'll give you a letter to Moodon. Snag it, then follow Vivi and Freya to Alexandria.

Part Twelve: Alexandria Castle

Main Walkthrough