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Part Nine: Treno

Main Walkthrough

- After regaining control of Zidane and company, head towards the enormous sand storm to the west of Burmecia. It's hard to miss. A cut scene follows, and you'll wind up at the base of an enormous tree.

- Approach the base until you find a sealed portal. Go up the stairs to the right of the portal to find a switch that will open up Cleyra's Trunk for you. You'll start running into enemies upon entering, so be ready for a scrap. Vivi's Blizzard magic (and Blizzara, if you stole an Ice Staff earlier in the game) is pretty effective in here in general.

- Head north through the next room; there's a chest on your right containing a Phoenix Down. You'll find a sign nailed to a tree in the next room, and just south of it is a chest containing Magician Shoes. North of, and just behind the tree, you'll find a hidden chest containing an Ice Staff. The exit's on the right.

- You're now on the outside of the great tree, and right beside the entrance to the area is a vine you can climb. Ignore this for a few moments and run up the path instead. Back in the tree you'll find an Ether in a chest, and near it is a small hole in the wall. Put your hand in the hole to trigger a stream of sand into the chamber below. This will fill the chamber, as well as give you a reason to go up the vine.

- Carry on two rooms west until the path forces you upward. Look in a chest on your left for a Needle Fork, then begin to climb. There's a chest containing a Tent on your right, and to the left you'll find the Moogle Monev, hanging out in his little house. You may have a letter from Alta for Monev. Continue up the ramp.

- The path splits further up, at a sign pointing to Cleyra; go left first to find a chest containing a Flame Staff. Go right and keep climbing.

- After a quick bridge crossing you'll wind up in a room full of rocky columns. There's a chest containing Desert Boots behind the first column on your right, and if you go up a small hill behind and to the left of this same column you can find a hidden Mythril Vest. Go up the ramp on the right and you'll find a chest containing a Remedy. Carry on down the middle of the room to find a rear passage leading to a chest containing Mythril Gloves, and, past that, a lever you can pull to redirect some sand.

- Head back to the column-filled room and go down the left passage. There's a Potion in the next room up, and because you stopped the flow of sand you can go up the hill on your right to get at an Elixir. In the last room on this trail you'll find a series of sandy whirlpools that will threaten to pull you into the ground; mash X to avoid getting sucked in. The two chests here contain a Hi-Potion and 900 gil.

- Make your way to the west side of the whirlpools and down the next hallway to find a ladder. Pass under the ladder and check to the left for a chest containing Gysahl Greens. Climb the ladder and you'll pass out of danger and into the realm of Cleyra Settlement.

Part Eleven: Cleyra

Main Walkthrough