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It stands to reason that an area as remote and woody as Stardew Valley would have a carpenter, and Robin is that carpenter. It's her job to provide the people of the Valley with 'round-the-clock woodworking services, and she does her duty with a smile and a few quick taps of her hammer. Just don't expect her to work on Tuesdays, she does aerobics on Tuesdays.


Robin lives at the Carpenter's Shop with her husband, Demetrius, and her two kids, Sebastian and Maru. Robin spends most of her days behind her counter, waiting for orders, though if you place any calls for new buildings or upgrades to your house she'll happily rush out the next day and get to work. Robin's one of the first people you'll meet in Stardew Valley, and assuming you want to expand your services you'll probably see her fairly often.

Robin's birthday is on the 21st of Fall.

Likes and Dislikes

Robin loves food, and perhaps the easiest, most appreciated gift you can get her is Spaghetti. Cheeses are also enjoyed, particularly Goat Cheese, and she loves Fruit, particularly Peaches. Milk and Pizza get good receptions as well. As for non-edible items, Robin enjoys foraged and cultivated flowers alike, and will happily take any precious gemstones you own off of your hands.

Robin tends to hate foraged vegetables, and vegetables in general get a bit of a 'meh' from her.


Robin's schedule is pretty set throughout the year, and on every day except Tuesdays she stands behind her counter from 9 am to 4 am, offering construction and merchanting services. On Tuesdays she heads into Pelican Town and participates in exercises at Pierre's General Store until 4 pm, after which she heads home. Occasionally in the evenings you can find her going on walks to the east of her house, though she never goes very far, and on Fridays she'll head into Pelican Town with Demetrius to visit the Stardrop Saloon for a few hours.

Robin's normal schedule is interrupted whenever you place an order for a new building or upgrades to your house, and she'll spend entire days on your farm. She only goes back to normal activity on Tuesdays.

  • At three hearts Robin will occasionally send you Wood in the mail.
  • At six hearts you can get a scene with Robin in her house. She'll give you Crafting blueprints for the Flute Block and the Drum Block.
  • At seven hearts Robin will send you the Pumpkin Soup recipe in the mail.
Main Walkthrough