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A grandmother with a heart of gold! What a surprise. One of two octogenarians living comfortably in Pelican Town, Evelyn is the ray of sunshine that completely counteracts her dour husband. A lover of flowers and baker of Cookies, Evelyn is friendly from the start, and pretty much immediately insists you call her 'Granny'. D'aw.


Evelyn lives at 1 River Road with her husband, George, and her grandson, Alex. Evelyn spends her days either puttering happily around at home or in the town square, tending to Pelican Town's assortment of flowers. She seldom goes very far from her house, though she still makes a point to push George out to every festival.

Evelyn's birthday is on the 20th of Winter, one of the last in the year.

Likes and Dislikes

As a lover of flowers Evelyn likes to receive them, though she's much more a fan of cultivated flowers - Tulips and Fairy Roses - than anything you can pick up in the wild. She also likes Chocolate Cake, because who doesn't like Chocolate Cake, and will wash the Cake down with... Beets. Yum. Evelyn will happily accept much of your produce, particularly Honey, Milk, and Mayonnaise, and likes gems - though give her Diamonds for the best results.

Evelyn seems to harbour an intense dislike for fish and dishes that somehow involve fish. She also doesn't like anything you've foraged unless it's a flower.


Evelyn has a fairly basic schedule, though it's at least more complex than her husband. Evelyn is up by 8 am, earlier than most of Pelican Town, and when she's not wandering around her home she tends to the flowers to the southwest. She heads home by 4:30 or 5 pm each day. Her schedule only varies wildly on the 2nd of a season, when she visits Harvey's Clinic for a checkup at 11 am.

  • At three hearts Evelyn will start sending you gifts in the mail. She usually favours Cookies.
  • Speaking of Cookies, if you visit Evelyn at four hearts you'll hit a cut scene, and she'll give you the recipe for Cookies.
  • At seven hearts Evelyn will send you the recipe for Rice Pudding in the mail.
Main Walkthrough