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The jewel of the Calico Desert, Sandy doesn't get out much. Confined day and night at her small post in Sandy's Oasis, the remote store located in the Desert, she yearns for customers, gossip, and company in general. Yet she refuses to move to Pelican Town, for some reason, so clearly she likes the quiet... or maybe it's something to do with that weird Casino in the back of her store.


Sandy lives at the Oasis, her store in Calico Desert, and you can't access the store until you've repaired the bus at the Bus Stop near your farm. Sandy only comes into Pelican Town for the occasional festival, and spends the rest of her time trying to sell you Seeds whenever you enter her shop. She's friends with Emily, and they may mention one another from time to time.

Sandy's birthday is on the 15th of Fall. The first time you see this on the calendar you may wonder who the devil she is, and rightly so.

Likes and Dislikes

Sandy is starved for colour out in the Desert, and she absolutely loves receiving gifts of wildflowers from Stardew Valley. Bringing her a Daffodil, Sweet Pea, or Crocus will make her day, and you may want to store a few for off-season visits. She likes other flowers, as well, though to a lesser extent, and likes any fruit you may bring her from your trees or gardens.

Sandy hates fish, which may explain why she lives away from most major sources of water.


Sandy's schedule is pretty set, and she remains in Sandy's Oasis for the entire year, rain or shine. You can find her there each day until 8 pm, when she closes shop for the night. She'll occasionally come into Pelican Town for festivals, but if you want to become friends with her you'll pretty much have to dole out 500 gold for the privilege of seeing her.

  • Once you hit three hearts Sandy will occasionally give you Milk if you speak to her behind her counter. She may also send you Cactus Fruits in the mail.
  • At seven hearts Sandy will send you the Tom Kha Soup recipe in the mail.
Main Walkthrough