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Stardew Valley is a bit short on children, and Vincent comprises exactly one half of their complement. A cheery boy with a mischievous side that seems to mirror that of his brother, Vincent spends his days wandering around Pelican Town, playing, and receiving lessons from his tutor. He's a fairly carefree and innocent boy, and his brother, knowing more about the world, would like to keep it that way.


Vincent lives 1 Willow Lane with his mother, Jodi, and brother, Sam. Starting in the second year he'll also be joined by his father, Kent. Vincent is a relatively free spirit, and he wanders around Pelican Town and other parts of the Valley rather liberally, usually alongside his best friend Jas and, on some days, his teacher Penny. Vincent is pretty friendly from the start, much more so than Jas.

Vincent's birthday is on the 19th of Spring.

Likes and Dislikes

Vincent's young, so it's not too surprising that he likes sweets, the top of the top being Pink Cake. He's also a big fan of Cranberry Candy, and if you want a cheaper, easier alternative to either you can give him Grapes. Vincent likes tree-grown fruits in general, and will also happily accept Pizza, Ice Cream, Cookies, and anything else sweet that you might have.

Vincent has no use for greens. Don't give him vegetables. Despite his love of sweet stuff, he also abhors Joja Cola.


Vincent likes to wander, and depending on the day he'll usually leave home around 9 am and hit the park in the north, the fountain, or, in Summer, the beach. Vincent typically comes home between 6 and 7 pm, just as it's getting dark. He's easier to find on rainy days, as he stays inside the whole day and plays in his room or in the living room.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays Vincent is found in the company of Penny and Jas. Typically she takes them to the Library to study, bringing them home in the evening, though occasionally you can find them in the fields near Marnie's Ranch or at the park in northern Pelican Town instead.


Vincent typically figures into the events of other characters, primarily Sam and Penny, and doesn't seem to have events of his own. (That I've found, anyway.)

Main Walkthrough