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Cheery? Cheery. No word better describes Emily, the blue-haired, would-be tailor of Pelican Town.  An eternal optimist who's virtually never without a happy grin on her face, Emily seems to look on the bright side of everything. Perhaps that optimism could do wonders for the ego of a certain admirer...


Emily lives at 2 Willow Lane with her sister, Haley. Out of all the villagers she may have the latest single schedule, as she's responsible for clearing up the Stardrop Saloon at the end of each night, serving as the waitress for much of the day. The long hours don't seem to bother her much, however, and she happily serves everyone who enters the Saloon.

Emily's birthday is on the 27th of Spring.

Likes and Dislikes

Emily wants to be a tailor rather badly, and she will be delighted if you bring her either Cloth or raw Wool. She's also a pretty huge fan of most gemstones, almost across the board, with a particular proclivity for Amethyst.

Emily is less enthusiastic about most foraged foods, and has a particular aversion for fish and fish dishes. Give her a Fish Taco at your own peril.


Emily's schedule is pretty set on most days: wake up at 9 am, come out of room around 12 pm, leave home for the Saloon at 3 pm, work the rest of the evening. Pretty simple. She only changes this schedule on Tuesdays, when she heads over to Pierre's General Store around 11 am to participate in some group exercise with the other ladies of Pelican Town.

Long story short, if you want to find Emily, check the Saloon after 4 pm or so. She'll be there.

  • At three hearts Emily will send you a recipe for Salad in the mail.
  • At four hearts you can get a cut scene with Emily in her house, before she goes to work. Dance.
  • At seven hearts Emily will send you a recipe for Red Plate in the mail.
  • In addition to the above, Emily shows up in a lot of Clint-centric cut scenes. If you want more Emily, work on befriending Clint.
Main Walkthrough