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Bitter, caustic, temperamental, crusty. All words to describe George, the curmudgeonly 'Get Off My Lawn You Damned Kids' style old man of Pelican Town. Yet George is not without his own kindness, and once you get to know the elderly coot he reveals that he has a good reason for being as annoyed with life as he is.


George lives at 1 River Road with his wife, Evelyn, and grandson Alex. He spends the majority of his days at home, cursing at the TV and being generally unpleasant to anyone who walks in on him. If you don't enter his house you might not even know George exists most of the time, which, depending on your personality, might very much be to George's liking. He still gets out for festivals, however, and probably enjoys them more than he lets on.

George's birthday is on the 24th of Fall.

Likes and Dislikes

George likes prepared food, and you won't get a better response than with some Fried Mushroom - though Leeks come almost as close. Beyond those two top-shelf items he likes any Soups you can prepare, as well as a variety of standard meal items like Pizza, Salad, Ice Cream, and Cookies. A bit of Wine can't hurt, either.

Though George likes Leeks, he doesn't have much love of any other foraged items. Flowers get rebuffed pretty swiftly, and he's not that keen on most fish, either.


George has an incredibly simplistic schedule, and he spends the vast, vast majority of his time indoors, at home. You're only likely to see him go anywhere on Sundays, when he heads over to Pierre's General Store in the afternoon to attend church, and on the 23rd of each season, when he goes to Harvey's Clinic during the day. The chances of not finding George at home are, therefore, pretty danged low.

  • At three hearts George will send you a recipe for Fried Eel in the mail.
  • At six hearts you can learn why George is in a wheelchair.
Main Walkthrough