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The golden girl of Stardew Valley, Haley likes the nice things in life, and is the 'girliest' of the girls you're apt to meet while living near Pelican Town: she dresses well, likes hanging out on the beach, enjoys a good tan, and acts a little spoiled compared to her sister. There's more to Haley than just the superficial stuff, though - you just need to peel back a few of the layers and see what she really wants out of life.


Haley lives at 2 Willow Lane, in the south of Pelican Town, with her sister Emily. Haley's a bit of a wanderer, and seems to spend her days either quietly tagging the movements of Alex or meandering around Pelican Town in general. Occasionally you'll find her taking pictures of the landscape, betraying her true passions in life.

Haley's birthday is on the 14th of Spring. Given the complexity of some of her likes, you'll have a reeeeally hard time taking full advantage of her first birthday.

Likes and Dislikes

Haley is a bit of a fan of junk food, and absolutely loves Cake, particularly Pink Cake. She'll also accept Ice Cream and Pizza if you don't have any Cake. Fruit Salads and Sunflowers make for slightly lower-maintenance gifts, and once you open up Calico Desert you'll quickly discover that she loves Coconuts. Haley can also be bribed into liking you with flowers and precious gemstones.

Haley dislikes virtually everything grown on your farm before it gets tossed into a recipe, and foraged items besides flowers receive no better a reception. She really, really hates fish.


Haley generally sticks to a familiar schedule for most of the year, getting up around 10 am and leaving the house around 11 or 12 am each day. If Haley's not by the fountain near the Community Center in the north she's usually by Marnie's Ranch, taking pictures. She only seems to stay at home on rainy days, though Haley doesn't go outdoors as often in the Winter, either.

The only major seasonal exceptions for Haley seem to come in the Summer. When she leaves home in the morning Haley's likely to head to the beach for a few hours, and when that's done she'll head to the ice cream stand in the east to hang out with Alex for a few hours.

  • At two hearts you can get a scene with Haley and Emily if you enter their house during the day, when both of them are still at home. Dang, they're just cushions.
  • At four hearts you'll get another scene at Haley's house. Show off your mighty strength. Again, she needs to be home at the time.
  • At six hearts you can get a scene with Haley down on the beach, during the day. She's lost a bracelet, and you need to find it for her.
  • At eight hearts you'll get a scene with Haley near Marnie's Ranch, where she's taking pictures of the cows. Again, another daytime scene, though I don't think it's restricted by season.
  • At ten hearts, after giving Haley a Bouquet, you can get a scene with Haley at her home. She'll invite you into her dark room, and... stuff happens. Kiss her for the best results. After this scene you can persuade Haley to marry you with a Mermaid's Pendant.
Main Walkthrough