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What a stud. The resident jock of Pelican Town, Alex is every bit the football star you'd expect: a little brainless, more than a little egotistical, utterly self-involved, and the slightest hint of a jerk towards other people. But there's a lot more to Alex beneath the veneer of bravado, and this young man is saddled with some crippling insecurities... not to mention a deep-seated sadness.


Alex lives at 1 River Road with his grandfather, George, and grandmother, Evelyn. Alex is fairly obsessive about his physique, and much of the time you see him he'll be working on toning himself or discussing just how awesome he is with a football gridball. Alex doesn't stray too far from home on most days, so he's pretty easy to find - though you may want to befriend him quickly, as he likes hanging out in his room and pumping iron. When he's not at home he seems to like hanging out with Haley.

Alex's birthday is on the 13th of Summer.

Likes and Dislikes

Alex seems to like hearty meals most, and you can win him over with either a Complete Breakfast, or, a little more easily, a Salmon Dinner. He's also willing to accept most food items that require a bit of preparation, including Pizza, Pancakes, Sashimi, Hashbrowns, and Spaghetti. Eggs go over well with Alex, as do most gemstones.

Alex isn't too interested in most foraged items, nor fish. Though he likes the beach well enough, most of the stuff you'll pick up off of the sand won't interest Alex.


Alex's schedule doesn't change a whole lot over the course of the year. Most of his days consist of getting up, wandering out of his room for a bit, and then either going back inside to lift weights or heading outdoors to stand by the pen where his dog, Dusty, lives. Occasionally he'll head over to Haley's house for a visit, but not very often. His schedule changes a touch during two seasons:
  • During Summer Alex spends much of his time either at the beach, in the mornings, or working at the ice cream stand to the west of the Library, from 1 pm until about 5 pm.
  • During Winter Alex will leave home in the morning and head to the Spa, where he works out in the men's change room for much of the day. You're out of luck if you're a girl, in other words, though you can still catch him heading to or leaving the Spa each day.
  • At two hearts you can trigger a cut scene with Alex down on the beach, during Summer. He shows you just how bad you are at sporting the sports.
  • At four hearts you'll trigger a scene with Alex when you enter Pelican Town. Here you finally get to see what his danged dog looks like. (Also, the secrets of his terrible, horrible past.)
  • At five hearts you get a scene with Alex in his house, regarding books. Alex needs to be in his house at the time.
  • At six hearts you get another scene with Alex in his house. No shirt!
  • At eight hearts you'll get a scene with Alex down on the beach, during the morning. Since Alex only visits the beach during Summer, I assume you need to get it done during Summer.
  • At ten hearts, once you've given Alex a Bouquet, you'll get a letter requesting your presence for a date at the Stardrop Saloon. Head there after 8 pm for a romantic dinner for two. You can thereafter get Alex to marry you if you give him a Mermaid's Pendant.
Main Walkthrough