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Even small communities need caregivers, and for Stardew Valley that caregiver is Harvey. The only doctor in town, Harvey provides detailed advice to his patients... though they don't always seem to pay any attention. Harvey accepts this cheerfully enough - he just wishes he had a few more patients, as he's running a bit close to the wire.


Harvey is the doctor of Pelican Town, and he lives at his Clinic, the first building you see when you enter Pelican Town from your farm. He's a cheery guy, though there are times when his mood seems a bit downcast. Though Harvey ministers to everyone in Pelican Town at least once in a given year (I'm pretty certain you can see the majority of the NPCs at his Clinic for checkups), he seems to spend most of his time alone, aside from occasional moments with his nurse, Maru.

Harvey's birthday is on the 14th of Winter.

Likes and Dislikes

Though Harvey pushes and prods everyone else into eating and drinking properly, perhaps his favourite thing to get his Coffee. He also likes Picked foods, particularly Corn, and enjoys alcoholic drinks like Wine, Beer, and Pale Ale. Like most people he can easily be bribed with precious gemstones from the Mines, as well.

Harvey is fairly neutral to a lot of greens, and most of your produce in general, besides perhaps Cheese, won't much appeal to him. He has next to zero interest in fish, and most of the stuff you'll forage from the beach will wind up rejected by Harvey.


Harvey's schedule is perhaps the most predictable of all the bachelors and bachelorettes. He works virtually every day at his Clinic, from 9 am to 3 pm, and when the day is done he usually heads to the Saloon for several hours before heading home. If you can't find him in one of those two places, try the following:
  • In Spring Harvey can sometimes be found in the small park on the west side of Pelican Town.
  • In Summer Harvey often heads to the larger park north of Clinic instead.
  • In Fall Harvey more often frequents the water's edge in the south of Pelican Town, near the cemetery and the Sewer.
  • In Winter... yeah. Just check the Saloon.
  • At two hearts you can enter George's house (west side of town square) to see a scene between George and Harvey. Agreeing with Harvey will earn his appreciation.
  • At four hearts you'll get a checkup from Harvey if you enter his Clinic during working hours (9 am to 3 pm). 
  • At six hearts you can trigger an aerobic scene with Harvey and several of the ladies of Pelican Town in Pierre's General Store. Agreeing not to rat Harvey out will be appreciated. Despite the normal workout day being Tuesday, you can pop in on seemingly any day to get the scene.
  • At eight hearts you can get a scene with Harvey in his Clinic, where he discusses his dreams. Poor guy.
  • At ten hearts, after giving Harvey a Bouquet, you'll get a letter from Harvey asking you to meet him at the train station. Head there first thing and you'll find Harvey waiting with a balloon he's rented. Yaaaay, up into the air! After this scene you can marry Harvey if you present him with a Mermaid's Pendant.
Main Walkthrough