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Everything for art! An aspiring artist with dreams of supporting herself through creative endeavours, Leah is much like your farmer: tired of city life, she came to the country to seek out a happier path. She struggles to make ends meet, though, and Leah toils endlessly in her Cottage on her works of art, fretting that they won't be good enough to display in public.

Also, she has an ex. You may have to punch them.


Leah lives in her Cottage, a short walk southeast of Marnie's Ranch. If she's not at her Cottage working she's typically out wandering around. The only member of the community she seems to associate with on a regular basis is Elliott; otherwise she sticks to herself most of the time. Leah's a bit of a wanderer, so it can be tricky tracking her down on any given day. Giving Leah Salads from the Saloon is a quick way to gain access to her Cottage, where she can be reliably located early each day.

Leah's birthday is on the 23rd of Winter, one of the last in the year.

Likes and Dislikes

Leah's a vegetarian, and she likes getting anything pulled straight out of the ground. Foraged food goes over well, though she likes prepared dishes more, particularly Salad, Stir Fry, and Vegetable Stew. She's also a fan of Cheese.

Leah doesn't like meat, so giving her fish is a no-go scenario. She also tends not to like the valuable gems that most other citizens enjoy so much, the only exception being Diamonds. Leah particularly dislikes bread products, so Bread and Pizza are right out.


Leah begins each day at her Cottage, waking up at 10 am and sculpting for several hours before leaving home and wandering around. Where she goes varies a bit by season:
  • In Spring Leah will spend a lot of time in the woods to the west of her Cottage, either drawing or looking at the water. You may need to hunt around a bit to find her. She'll head back towards her Cottage around 6 pm.
  • In Summer Leah heads to the beach to draw and seagaze instead, again heading home around 6 pm.
  • In Fall Leah heads into town and spends time near the Blacksmith shop, watching the water.
  • In Winter Leah spends more time in her Cottage than normal, though by 4 pm she usually heads out to go to the Stardust Saloon for the evening's revelries.
In addition to the above, Leah will head to Pierre's in the mornings on some occasions (usually Mondays, from what I've seen) and visit the Saloon on rainy days. The most predictable place to find her, besides her Cottage, is on the southeastern road in and out of Pelican Town.

  • At two hearts you'll receive a cut scene in Leah's Cabin, during hours when she's there. You'll learn that she's a rather dedicated artist. You can also suggest she put on an art show or sell her art online, resulting in a different event later.
  • At four hearts you'll receive another cut scene at Leah's Cabin, where she'll talk about her ex.
  • At six hearts Leah will show up at your house with a Leah's Sculpture for you.
  • At seven hearts you'll receive a cut scene by entering the area around Leah's Cottage, during the day.
  • At eight hearts you'll get an invitation from Leah to come see her art show, at 3 pm that day, in Pelican Town. Alternately, if you told her to sell her art online, you'll get a cut scene by visiting her home while she's there.
  • At ten hearts, after you've given Leah a Bouquet, you'll get a scene with her if you enter the area surrounding her house after 11 am on a nice day, and not during Winter. Leah will get into an encounter with her old flame, and you can react... however you want, really. After this scene plays out you can marry Leah with a Mermaid's Pendant.
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