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Mother of two and wife to an absent husband, Jodi is an upbeat, cheery woman with a slight undertone of dissatisfaction. She likes her life well enough, but there are times when she seems a little bored, and she's all too happy to find distractions from her stay-at-home existence. Maybe you can help her with that a bit.


Jodi lives at 1 Willow Lane with her sons, Sam and Vincent, and, starting in the second year, her husband Kent. She spends most of her days either doing housework or wandering around downtown Pelican Town, spending much of her outside time with her friend Caroline. Though not the friendliest person initially, Jodi warms up to your farmer pretty quickly.

Jodi's birthday is on the 11th of Fall.

Likes and Dislikes

The way to Jodi's heart is through her stomach, and she likes an array of prepared dishes. Perhaps the easiest to Craft are Pancakes, though she also likes Chocolate Cake, Vegetable Stew, Crispy Bass, and Rhubarb Pie, with a slightly less preference for Pizza and Salad. She's also all too happy to accept any gems you pitch her way, though Diamonds will get the best response.

Jodi isn't a huge fan of 'raw' items pulled straight from your farm, and most fruits and vegetables get apathetic responses. She particularly dislikes foraged items. If it's not prepared in a kitchen, she's not interested.


Jodi's schedule is pretty set throughout the year. She spends much of her time at home, particularly as the weather gets colder in Fall and Winter, though she'll go out occasionally to fraternize with Caroline in the town square, usually in the early afternoon. Every Tuesday she'll spend noon to 6 pm at Pierre's General Store, exercising with the ladies of Pelican Town, and on Sundays she'll also visit the General Store to pray from 11 am to about 2 pm. Occasionally she'll head to JojaMart to shop, as well.

Generally speaking, if you're looking for Jodi, check her house first.

  • At three hearts Jodi will send you the Fried Calamari recipe in the mail.
  • At four hearts Jodi will come to your house and give you the Fish Casserole quest, requiring you to bring her a Largemouth Bass.
  • At seven hearts Jodi will send you the Ice Cream recipe in the mail.
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