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Ahh, the town drunk. Every community's got one, most likely, and for Stardew Valley that drunk is Pam. Out of work and having very little to do besides drink her days away, Pam is a bit of a wreck - but she's still a friendly soul, once you get to know her, and all it takes is a drink or two. Just... don't try to clean up her trailer for her.


Pam lives in the Trailer on the east side of Pelican Town, beside the river, with her daughter Penny. She spends the majority of her days wandering somewhat listlessly around Pelican Town, seldom going much further from her house than the nearby JojaMart. She's a bit on the moody side, and depending on where you find her she may not even speak to you. (She's usually in the Saloon when she won't speak up.)

Pam's birthday is on the 18th of Spring.

Likes and Dislikes

She likes booze! What a surprise. Gifting Pam with Beer, Pale Ale, or any kind of Wine will earn her immediate approval, as will any of the fruits that you can use in the Wine. She also likes a variety of tasty food items and dishes, particularly Cheese or things made with Cheese. Gems typically go over well. She also has a random love of Parsnips.

Pam has next to no interest in fish besides shellfish from Crab Pots. Also, despite her affection for Cheeses, Pam reacts badly to Eggs.


Pam's schedule is quite predictable. Upon waking up she'll lounge in her Trailer for several hours, not leaving them house until 12 pm. When she does leave she almost always heads to JojaMart for several hours, though you can occasionally catch her wandering into Pierre's or poking around other places in town as well. Pretty much without exception she heads to the Stardrop Saloon as evening approaches, between 4 pm and 5 pm, and will remain there until closing time.

Once you repair the bus Pam resumes her duties as bus driver, and she'll take up a post at the Bus Stop from 10 am until 5 pm each day, unless it's raining. Once her shift is done she heads straight for Stardust Saloon. Note that even though Pam stops working at 5 pm, you can remain in the Calico Desert for as long as you like each evening.

  • At three hearts Pam will send you the Cheese Cauliflower recipe in the mail. She'll also occasionally send you Energy Tonics, Batteries, or Beers.
  • At seven hearts Pam will send you the Stuffing recipe in the mail.
Main Walkthrough