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War. War is hell.

But, really, though, he's quite nice. Once you get to know him.


Kent is the husband of Jodi and father of Sam and Vincent. Appearing on the first day of your second year in Stardew Valley, he lives with his family at 1 Willow Lane. Kent seems like a man out of place, and will spend most of his days wandering around and staring at things, grumbling to himself. Such a cheery dude.

Kent's birthday is on the fourth of Spring. His is the first birthday of the year.

Likes and Dislikes

Kent is kind of a simple dude. He favours a few dishes, particularly Roasted Hazelnuts and Fiddlehead Risotto, and like his wife enjoys Crispy Bass now and then. Give him a solid Beer or Pale Ale and he won't complain, as well. Kent also likes most precious gems.

Kent has developed a rather vicious aversion to most things fishy, whether they're straight up fish or dishes made from fish. Maki Rolls and Sushi in particular should never be given to him unless you want to trigger a flash of PTSD.


Kent is a pretty predictable dude most of the year, and he doesn't do a whole lot. If he's not hanging out at home he'll go outside and either stand by the trees near his house, north and south, or somewhere along the river in the south of Pelican Town. Usually doesn't take long to find him. If he's in none of these places, try the beach.

Kent's schedule only really seems to change on Saturdays, when he'll head to Stardrop Saloon on Saturdays at 5 pm, and Sundays, when he'll head to Pierre's General Store for around 11 am. You can find him praying in the back and checking out the store.

  • At three hearts you can trigger a scene with Kent in his house. Tell him Jodi is not to blame for the best results.
  • At three hearts Kent will also send you the Crispy Bass recipe in the mail.
  • At five hearts Kent will start sending you Cherry Bombs and Bombs in the mail. They are, fortunately, not lit.
  • At seven hearts Kent will send you the Super Meal recipe in the mail.
Main Walkthrough